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Emma is four months old and the first child for Cortney and Donal McCarthy, Sunrise, Fl. While pregnant with Emma, Cortney’s doctor found the placenta to be abnormal and discussed the po... more


Updated posted by Lindsey Dryer 7 months ago

Emma's gaining strength, but she is still under intensive care while waiting for a liver. Many people have begun initiatives for the McCarthys, so we're going to set a new goal! Thank you for your relentless support.


Updated posted by Lindsey Dryer 8 months ago

Emma was transferred to University of Miami's Holtz Children's Hospital for a liver transplant. She is first on the national list for a pediatric liver, so please continue to send your amazing prayers and thoughts!!


Updated posted by Lindsey Dryer 8 months ago

Message from Cortney:

I would like to thank everyone for all those amazing prayers that are going on. This is extremely hard for me and I wish I could fix her myself. There isn't a second that goes by that my heart doesn't ache for her. She is the most amazing and precious little one I know. She will be transported tomorrow to Jackson Memorial to be evaluated for a liver transplant. Please just keep those prayers coming so that she will be coming home soon so I can hold her and never stop giving her kisses...
Thank you again everyone,
Love Cortney, Donal, and baby Emma

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Created by Lindsey Dryer on August 8, 2013

Emma is four months old and the first child for Cortney and Donal McCarthy, Sunrise, Fl. While pregnant with Emma, Cortney’s doctor found the placenta to be abnormal and discussed the possibility of a genetic syndrome. Due to in utero complications, Emma was born 7 weeks premature. Cortney spent her days and nights with Emma in the NICU, and Donal balanced visiting Emma, going to work, and taking care of their home. Emma surprised everyone with her growth and strength, and she was able to go home after 2 weeks. A cyst was discovered on her liver, but the doctor believed it was nothing more than that. Surgery was scheduled for the beginning of July, and everyone remained optimistic.

Unfortunately the cyst was found to be a malignant tumor, and further screening led to an additional tumor. Emma was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, cancer of the liver. Within two weeks, Emma had been operated on twice. Both surgeries were traumatic for Emma. The first surgery required an incision the width of her belly, which produced much discomfort for her during recovery, requiring morphine. The second surgery led to cardiac arrest during the operation and required multiple emergency blood transfusions during recovery. Emma is currently in PICU at Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital and in a sedative state to remain calm and comfortable. Once she has regained her strength, she will begin receiving chemotherapy.

Your support will alleviate medical costs and everyday expenses. Donal has spent countless hours away from work to visit Emma and Cortney during Emma’s numerous hospital stays. Emma will be under the care of doctors and screened for the next ten years, at least. Every gift matters and would be greatly appreciated.
With love,
Lindsey Dryer, Cortney's Cousin

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Mallory Mangrum

4 months ago


Hi Courtney, We are so praying for the needed transplant, and a swift and complete recovery for little Emma. Please know that you and Donal and Emma are always in our prayers. From your favorite customers - Schloss Reisling & Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese Olives. Love You!



Stacey & Michael Reid

6 months ago


Hoping you will have your baby home in your arms soon strong and healthy :-)



Marylee Thornton

6 months ago


Hi Cortney,Donal and Emma: I am a high school classmate of your Aunt Sharon's, and co-worker of your Aunt Jeanne and cousin Bryan. Bryan sent me this link and I want you to know that my family and I are keeping you all in our prayers and we would love to meet you all someday in person. Love from the Marylee Thornton and family.



The South FL Group Northwestern Mutual

6 months ago




7 months ago



Arash Farsi

7 months ago



Carlton Smith

7 months ago



Jenna Ulbrich-Cupertino

7 months ago


Love Daniel, Jenna and Hunter Cupertino.



Austin Northcutt

7 months ago


We're thinking of you and your family, Collen!



Jimmy and Carol

7 months ago


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