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I am riding Coast-to-Coast for the 4th time in support of the Half-Homeless, people who have lost their homes and are living in their cars. Your support of TJAA is vital to tens of thou... more


Updated posted by Thomas Lynn Jessop 3 months ago

Greetings Everyone,

I am off the road for a few days. My intestinal problems and killer headache came back Monday morning. Dad took me to the ER and they couldn't figure out what is wrong so they checked me into the hospital here in Richmond Virginia. I spent my first night in my whole life in the hospital.

They are taking really good care of me but this is no fun! They wake me up to check my vitals every few hours and have taken my blood for testing 7 or 8 times. They have an IV in each arm.

They finally found out what I have it's an infection called C.Diff that usually only old people or folks who have been in a hospital get. But a few cases like mine of young healthy people have started getting it. They have me in a private room in isolation and are giving me a special antibiotic that should knock it out in a few days.

Thank God for WiFi, my tablet and Netflix, daytime TV would drive me mad. They are keeping me for a bit longer but I will be up and on the bike again soon!

Please include me in your prayers.

Bye for Now




Updated posted by Thomas Lynn Jessop 4 months ago

Greetings from Washington D.C.

I have been REALLY busy! Lots of meetings and research and emails. We are making progress.


PLEASE go to our Pitition2Congress page and send a letter to the President and Congress, it is fast, easy and free.

You can really help me help the Half-Homeless. Thank You!!!


Me with Senator Dianne Feinstein

Me with Senator Mike Lee

Me with Senator Amy Klobuchar


Updated posted by Thomas Lynn Jessop 4 months ago

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share my TJAA Facebook post from today with you in case you didn't see it.

Holy Weather Challenge!

After more than 2,800 miles of cycling and 3 months on the road it is only 219 miles to Washington D.C. And I have a major weather event trying to stop me.

Dad was really concerned and considering just driving the rest of the way. Then he read his Today's Scripture; “I will lift up my eyes to the hills — from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1–2) and realized that as we lift up our eyes to the coming hills, (the Appalachian mountains and toughest part of the ride), we need to look to God to help us.

So today I ask all of you to not just pray for us, but to ask your friends to pray for us, call your friends and ministers and ask them to pray for us. Ask to have the safe completion on this leg of my journey mentioned and prayed over in your church.

And let me know what you have done here on our page. It is your support and prayers that have gotten me this far, I need you now more than ever.

We have 360 Likes on our page right now, like the degrees of a full circle, each of you have been an important part of this mission. I am so grateful to you all, you are helping me help the new American Middle Class homeless, the Half-Homeless. God Bless You All!

As my friends and most committed supporters I ask you all to hear this request and do what you can. Again I am so grateful to all of you.

Bye for Now


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Created by Thomas Lynn Jessop on July 29, 2013

I am riding Coast-to-Coast for the 4th time in support of the Half-Homeless, people who have lost their homes
and are living in their cars. Your support of TJAA is vital to
tens of thousands of new American Middle Class Homeless.
Thank You!


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Christ Church Unity

9 days ago


Thank you for the blessings you brought to our congregation with your presence.



Patricia Heller

14 days ago


So proud of you, Thomas. Sending you prayers and thanks for all of the good work you are doing on behalf of so many who need help.



Barbara Greene

19 days ago


Bravo Thomas! I am so proud of your efforts...keep on biking! Barbara



Larry Schellink

19 days ago


Ride on Thomas. The Light of God surrounds you!




21 days ago



Trish Waddle

21 days ago


I've seen your van twice in Destin, Fl. Have enjoyed following your ride. God Bless.




21 days ago




29 days ago



Debra Cohen

3 months ago


met you at Unity Church in Richmond today. You are doing a good thing. I am happy to be able to help you a little



G. Gibbons

3 months ago


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