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My name is Tiffany Young I am 30 years old and have a family of 6. When I was 24 I woke up one morning and was not able to move at all and was blind I was like this for 8 days in the hos... more


Updated posted by Tiffany Young 13 hours ago

Well so much has been going on im ready to scream I have appt. with my specialist tomorrow and thursday because they are taking my insurance Friday and I need the help to get up there $260 so if you can share or anything right now im desperate and dont know what else to do.............


Updated posted by Tiffany Young 28 days ago

Ugh I am $100 short of being able to get to my appt. on the 20th I am already over all this .....


Updated posted by Tiffany Young 1 month ago

Ugh back to this again I am struggling very hard and I have to get to my Dr. appt. on March 20th costs around $250 for there and back and a hotel stay do to the long travel I NEED HELP PLEASE share if you would!!! Thank you all

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Created by Tiffany Young on July 24, 2013

My name is Tiffany Young I am 30 years old and have a family of 6. When I was 24 I woke up one morning and was not able to move at all and was blind I was like this for 8 days in the hospital before getting any movement or sight back total stay of 12 days in the hospital and they couldnt figure out what was wrong. About a month later my 2 year old niece found me laying in the middle of the living room floor she thought I was play sleeping I had actually had a seizure and blacked out in the floor 911 was called when they got to the house they said if I would have not been found just a few min later I would not have woke up my blood pressure had bottomed out and I was almost dead. That is then when they ran all sorts of tests finding out I have Chiari Malformation 1, Syringomyelia, and Severe Hydrocephylus. 22 days after my diagnosis I went in for the Decompression surgery all in which failed then they placed a VP shunt in my brain that has not worked either. I am down to being able to do nothing my mom moved in with me to help with the kids and some of the bills. My doctor is 5 hours away so making trips there costs a great deal of money. In Sept. of 2012 I also got custody of my nieces I wouldnt have it any other way but it surely did not make things any easier. In Feb. Jason got injured at work and we have been fighting with work and workmans comp since then just trying to get a pay check. And now my specialist on top of everything that is going on wants to perform a surgery on me that is very new and I would only be his 2nd patient doing it they will be going into the spinal cord and cutting out a nerve root. I am not so happy about that but if it will help me get some of my life back and possibly help others there is no other choice. These surgeries cost alot of money and then the trip cost on top of that these are surgeries I have no choice but to have to help save my life and maybe just maybe one day get some of it back but they are also surgeries that I have a better chance of dying then coming out ok . I am asking for help I have never asked for anything and now I am because I dont have a choice I have to be able to get there I do want to see my kids grow up ......Thanks in Advance

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Oh my sweet, how I wish I could leave even $5 , but I'm in the same sort of state myself, the other side of the ocean in the UK. Just without the IH. I truly wish you all the best, and if I am ever in a place where I can help you, I will. Until then, I'll pass on yours, and every other Chiari/Syringomyelia story out there. Xxx

posted by Emmie Selwood 8 months ago

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Deeper Impact

28 days ago


We haven't forgotten about you, Tiffany... You are still in our prayers.



Renita Belveal

2 months ago



Renita Belveal

3 months ago




6 months ago



charles mcferon

7 months ago


not much,,hope it helps though



Adam Paris

7 months ago




7 months ago



Aimee Zemanek

7 months ago


it's not much, but hope it helps.



Duann Bacon

8 months ago


Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding... have Faith :)



Ben Somers

8 months ago


Not much but I hope it helps. I'm just passing on what others have given me.


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