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Marineland Canada is a notorious captive marine mammal park located in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. It has one of the worst records in the world for deaths of orcas, dolphins and beluga... more


Created by Mike Garrett on July 21, 2013

Marineland Canada is a notorious captive marine mammal park located in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. It has one of the worst records in the world for deaths of orcas, dolphins and beluga whales. Details of animal abuse and neglect were brought forward by 15 employees in 2012 in a widely published expose in the Toronto Star newspaper. Marineland has a 50 year history of systematic abuse of animals, people, the environment and the legal and political systems.

I've been served with a 1.5 million dollar lawsuit by Marineland. Their suit follows several weeks of me standing on public property and offering leaflets to people exiting. At the very beginning of this peaceful action of public protest the owner of Marineland John Holer, was captured on video threatening me with violence in an attempt to intimidate me from exercising my fundamental freedoms guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

During these leafleting actions the Niagara Regional Police have been called on several occasions by Marineland and have observed my presence outside the park. At no time have I ever been subject to a criminal investigation, ticket, arrest or detention due to my opposition to Marineland. I have never received an order from any member of the police to halt my actions.

In their claim against me Marineland has made numerous false and unproven accusations about my activities near the park. Along with monetary damages they seek to limit my abilities to engage in peaceful and legal opposition against Marineland.

Marineland is a giant corporation with limitless resources to engage and entangle me in frivolous and lengthy litigation. They seek to not only crush my opposition to the park but any other person in the future who would consider standing up against them and also expressing their rights of freedom of speech.

I am one average citizen who has taken up a fight against Marineland and I need your help in this battle. If they can successfully sue me into shutting up and staying away then they can and will do this to anyone. I need your help to retain proper and competent representation in order to fight this bully on behalf of all of us. As you probably know legal representation is very expensive and is certainly beyond my family’s means.

For everyone who believes this is a just cause, please help me by donating whatever you can and sharing this appeal. Thank you so much for all your support.

Listen to an interview with me on Niagara radio about this lawsuit:

Details of the Marineland Investigations by the Toronto Star:

SEAWORLD & Marineland:

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Thanks Destiny you can e-transfer using: mikegarrettdefensefund@gmail.c om

posted by Mike Garrett 2 months ago

You rock! This is awesome. What's the email address for an e- transfer?

posted by Destiny Autumn 2 months ago

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! Go get them. Fight that evil company. You are doing the right thing

posted by Ashley Lesniak 3 months ago

Go Get Em!

posted by Yuri Vlasov 8 months ago

Please support us in our fight against Marineland. We appreciate even the smallest of donations. :)

posted by Christina Garrett 9 months ago

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