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Convert or die! This is the last year for 35mm film distribution. After more than 95 years of motion picture distribution on printed film stock, all major studios have announced inte... more


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What a whirlwind of things happening. So many contributions and other support! Just added the lump sum to the total to show where we are!


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The rewards punch cards are going out soon to those who ordered them so far!


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Created by SkyVue DriveIn on July 18, 2013

Convert or die!
This is the last year for 35mm film distribution. After more than 95 years of motion picture distribution on printed film stock, all major studios have announced intent to cease using film in the near few months. Likewise, Kodak and Fujifilm, the two companies that produce motion picture film, have ceased production.
New digital equipment is required in order to play a new film that will be sent to theaters on a hard drive. Theater operators are forced to make the change or go out of business.

What we've done so far:
Our outdoor speakers have been replaced and upgraded. Our new digital FM radio transmitter is on the way. We have a 25% start on our projector fund.

But time is running out!
The final summer season of film is coming to an end very soon! We need to aggregate the funds now in order to continue showing first run feature films.
This is an effort to keep our current admission and concession pricing. There is price NO planned increase. We want to continue offering families the best value for their entertainment dollar.

What you can do:
Our plan to purchase the needed equipment is to pre-sell ticket and concession packages in order to aggregate funds to get the equipment here and operating. Packages can be redeemed any time after the closing date of the funding drive. So come on out and see a movie with us, buy a few extra tickets for later or for gifts, and tell all of your friends and neighbors..

What your business can do:
One of the exciting new additions a new projector will bring is the introduction of our intermission countdown clock. This is an on-screen timer showing how much time is left before the start of the next movie. This is a great time for planning a restroom run or for grabbing a soda refill or another slice of pizza. To fill the remainder of our 70 ft. screen, we will imbed local business advertising of potential interest to our customers. Your business gets huge exposure for very little cost and helps keep the drive in open.
As a reminder, we will not place ads before the first show. Our posted start time is when the move starts, not a "˜bait-you-in' to watch other things gimmick. Therefore, time slots are limited.

If the reward level buttons do not fit your needs or you just want to help out, click the "Donate a different amount" button. Leave a comment for us!

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