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On 6/19/2013 my husband, Mateo Parra went to the REX Hosptal ER with a leg edema & slight kidney infection. He was treated, given antibiotics, & sent home. A few weeks later he starte... more


Updated posted by Nykolas Danger 9 months ago

Today is Mateo's first full day back at work. He did a 4 hour stint on Sunday just to get back in the swing of things. He was really sick this morning & throwing up a lot. I can't wait for him to get off the antibiotics (took the last one this morning) because they are really wrecking his digestive system. That's pretty much the main issue right now. His surgery scar is mostly healed up and not causing him anymore pain. The infection has also gone down a lot.

He goes back to the surgeon this week (and his gen practitioner) to follow up. Hopefully everything is moving on schedule! We'll know more once that happens.

Thank you again for your continued support via donations, word of mouth, sharing, kind words, cards, letters, etc. It means more than you know to the both of us. This has been a really difficult year.


Updated posted by Nykolas Danger 9 months ago

Mateo has been at home now for several days. He's been in a lot of pain, although it seems to be less now, and still throwing up constantly. He's hoping to go to work next week but it all depends on how he feels.

On top of all of this, our oldest cat died yesterday. Trying to figure out what to do with "funeral preparations.

Please keep sharing this page and keep those donations coming! Thanks everyone for your support


Updated posted by Nykolas Danger 9 months ago

Mateo is back from the hospital and healing on schedule!! His ultrasound was clear & there was a small mass (they aren't worried about it) showing on his CT scan. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, from donating to sharing the page. We couldn't do it without you!!


Created by Nykolas Danger on July 14, 2013

On 6/19/2013 my husband, Mateo Parra went to the REX Hosptal ER with a leg edema & slight kidney infection. He was treated, given antibiotics, & sent home. A few weeks later he started complaining about a "bump" on his back side. It had complety impaired his ability to move or even sit down.

I forced him to go to the REX Hospital ER again late on 7/7/2013. He was immediately rushed past triage. The little "bump" was actually the start of a foot long abcess that went down his leg. He had emergency surgery around 2am to drain it.

While he was recovering in the hospital, he contracted MRSA which is a bacterial infection resistant to most antibiotics. They put him on Vancomycin, one of the strongest out there. He recovered well & was released on 7/11/2013. Only 3 hours after he was released, REX called him & said there was a mistake in his blood work & he had to go do it again. We went back to the hospital, he gave more blood, and we went home. Two hours later, he gets a phone call...turns out it wasn't a mistake. He has to go back to staying at the hospital again.

His Vancomycin levels were dangerously high and it was causing his kudneys to shut down. He started to go into renal failure on 7/12/2013. He is still in the hospital and we aren't sure when he's getting out. This was all avoidable. The hospital pharmacy had been sending twice the Vancomycin so they had been double dosing him. The hospital caused his kidneys to fail!

On behalf of Mateo (I am his husband after all), I am asking for donations to help pay medical bills - his insurance plan has a high deductible, plus bills at home like rent, power, & water. He has the only income in the house & will miss a full pay period or so. We cannot afford for that to happen. Especially if he gets to recover at home.

The goal may be high but please help me so I can HELP HEAL MY HUSBAND.

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Patsy Destruction

8 months ago


Love you both, and can't wait to see you on the east coast! Mateo, I'm thinking all the best things for you. All my love, Patrice



April Richardson

8 months ago


Get well soon!



clara saurus

8 months ago


BOOM! Get better soon, lots of love!



Cathy Marshall

8 months ago


Love you guys. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.



Theo Czerevko

8 months ago




8 months ago (Offline Donation)




8 months ago (Offline Donation)



Lanya Shapiro

8 months ago


Glad you asked, and glad to help in some small way. Hope you're back to feeling good very soon!




8 months ago (Monthly Donation)



Kim McKenzie

8 months ago


Hoping you recover quickly, Mateo!!!


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