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Thank you for visiting our Gofundme page. We are the family and friends of Ryan Garcia. This page was established solely to help pay for Ryan's defense. In our effort to be respectful to... more


Updated posted by Judi Rein 13 days ago

Praise God! An attorney that has been following the case has come forward and has offered his services to Ryan pro bono. He has been able to convey some vital information to the D.A. Stay tuned.....


Updated posted by Judi Rein 19 days ago

Fortunately social media has shed some very honest light on this case. Other light remain hidden because names and faces are deliberately veiled. Most people who are following this case have done some of their own investigative research, and they haven't fallen into the lies. Funds are still being raised for a child already buried and thankfully laid to rest. Hospital bills already paid off, by admission of the family.

Thank you Alyssa for remaining positive. There is much more to be sad, but not quite yet.........


Updated posted by Judi Rein 2 months ago

The D.A thinks she is breaking him down by delaying the results of the autopsy. He is just getting stronger! Mentally, physically, spiritually. The D.A. was allowed to stand in on the actual autopsy while Ryan's attorney's must wait for her to "share discovery". This is our system.

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Created by Judi Rein on July 10, 2013

Thank you for visiting our Gofundme page. We are the family and friends of Ryan Garcia. This page was established solely to help pay for Ryan's defense. In our effort to be respectful to the memory of Lukas, and mindful to the cautions of Ryan's attorney, we will not be disclosing details of this case. We can tell you these facts: 7 month old Lukas Clark was dropped off later than usual, at the home where he was being babysat since birth. Within minutes 911 was called because he had stopped breathing. Ryan administered CPR in accordance with his training and the instructions of the 911 operator. Lukas passed away 3 days later and Ryan was charged and incarcerated. Our family has never had to deal with an issue such as this before, nor has Ryan, as he has no history of violence or a prior record. We are doing our best to help Ryan with his defense, his grief for Lukas, and his concern for Lukas' mother. Navigating the justice system for the first time is complicated and we are relying on Ryan's attorney for advice. We stand firmly behind Ryan and his innocence. He is the father of two young girls, 4 and 1 yrs old. After this incident, Child Protective Services did an investigation, and found that his girls, their mother, and the living situation were a normal and healthy environment. One important fact you need to know about our family--We are not a family who would blindly stand behind a family member who did something wrong. WE BELIEVE RYAN IS INNOCENT! We know when all the details are presented to a jury, he will be exonerated. THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING DONATING TO RYAN'S DEFENSE!

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I just want to say thank you all for your support... Our family deeply appreciates it! Prayers for Truth & Justice continue!!! God is Great!!!!!!

posted by Suzie Que 2 days ago

That's understandable. I don't have much to donate being a single mother myself but I do hope and pray everyday that the truth will come out. Ryan deserves his family. It's extremely saddening that you all have to go through this. But, god is good and one day it will end and all this will seem like one big bad dream.

posted by Aimee Tello 10 days ago

All things work for the good of those who love God. Keep God at the center of this and pray his will be done.

posted by Nicholas Adair 13 days ago

Thank u for your thoughts & concerns Aimee... It is currently a work in progress with very high hopes of Truth & Justice for everyone involved. This, as with any serious case takes much time, effort, research, investigation & etc. As Ryans' children are without him due to this false accusation, we continue to keep our faith & pray that everything comes out as soon as absolutely possible.

posted by Alyssa Duff 27 days ago

Any updates? I always try to look for them but can never find any. Ive been following this story from the beginning. My opinions have changed over the course of 9mos. But, I wish the best of luck for all that we're hurt by this. May the truth set all involved free...good luck. R.i.p. Lukas

posted by Aimee Tello 1 month ago

If you knew even one fact about this case you wouldn't have the audacity to make a comment.

posted by Judi Rein 1 month ago

Remember. .. if u do not know the facts... do not insert your opinion! Once again, this page was not created for negativity . This is a support page 4 those who believe in Ryan & truth & justice 4 Ryan & Lukas! If u are not here 4 that reason please excuse yourself & air your negativity elsewhere. Thank you

posted by Suzie Q Shellenberger-Contreras 1 month ago

You are repulsive. Asking people to fund the defense of of a waste of human flesh that murdered a baby. I couldn't believe anyone would have the audacity to do this, but consider the source. You're deprived? How about how this baby is deprived of life?

posted by Kimberly Magee 1 month ago

Thank God for real people who truly want justice... thank you everyone that continues support, you are truly the best! Stay strong Ryan, WE LOVE U!!!

posted by Suzie Q Shellenberger-Contreras 2 months ago

Not a day goes by that i dont think about ryan he is literally the brother i never had and one of the sweetest most caring dorks ive ever met lol we had such a relationship it was like instant we always called eachother best friend as random as it was i miss the simple things like seeing him play with my neices and be there with my sister and see how happy he made her its completely un fair what the system is doing to an inncoent man!I believe and know the truth will set him free!as i write this tears stream down my face because i cant help but miss him and want him to be with his babies and girlfriend(my sister) like a family as they should be!JUSTICE FOR RYAN EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY WE WILL NEVER NEVER GIVE UP ON THE TRUTH BEING TOLD!& TO ANYONe WITH ANYTHING NEGATIVE TO SAY PLEASE DONT SPEAK WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE YOU HEARD SOMETHING FROM SOMEONE OR IN THE MEDIA DOESNT MAKE IT TRUE THE ONES WHO KNOW THE TRUTH ARE THOSE CLOSEST TO HIM SO KEEP YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS TO YOURSELF THIS IS A SUPPORT PAGE FOR RYAN HIS FAMILY AND ALL WHO LOVE HIM!

posted by Ashley Satterwhite 3 months ago

Ryan did not hurt Lukas, on the contrary Ryan tried to save Lukas' life. There was no bruising on Lukas and just a reminder 911 was called within 30 minutes of Lukas being dropped off that day. We are still waiting for autopsy results. Yes, even after all this time. The system moves very slow.

posted by Judi Rein 5 months ago

I like how you say that Ryan would have loved to celebrate with Lukas on his first birthday when he was the one to hurt him... He didnt get to have his first birthday BECAUSE of Ryan. And if he was innocent, then why is he still in jail?

posted by LynaeRebeka McDaniel 5 months ago

Continued prayers for Justice & Truth for Ryan & Lukas. ..

posted by Suzie Q Shellenberger-Contreras 5 months ago

Hey any updates?

posted by Jessica Brown 6 months ago

He was there because he LIVES there, as well as their two children. Child care IS a serious responsibility, and the couple shared the childcare responsibilies. When I took care of children for 25 years, sometimes my kids were at home or in school depending on their ages, and sometimes my husband was at home. Parents who choose homes for their children to be cared for in, usually want the home setting....as opposed to a center setting.

posted by Judi Rein 6 months ago

I'm curious as why the boyfriend was even there when the child was being kept by his sitter? This is a fair question as child care is a serious responsibility, not to be taken casually. It is no different than any other job and should be treated as such. Guilty or not...he had no business being there while his girlfriend was working! Parents...rules need to be set for child care providers.

posted by Jennifer Thrash 6 months ago

Jessica, there were never any visible signs that Baby Lukas was beaten & we all wish we could answer the question as to why Ryan is & has been incarcerated..

posted by Suzie Q Shellenberger-Contreras 7 months ago

No facts on when it was discovered that the baby was visibly beaten? And why they arrested Anthony and not the Mother?

posted by Jessica Broad 7 months ago

praying for you guys daily... I will donate as soon as we have the money to do so! Ill be posting this site on my page a lot to try and get the word out!

posted by Shay Lalor 7 months ago

None of us have ever gone on any support pages for either one of them in any way or bad-mouthed anyone... I actually sent my sincere condolences & they were deleted & I was blocked. Lukas was & always will be a huge part of our family, he spent a huge part of his life with our family & our love for him will never end. On the other hand, there have been many negative comments as well as threats made on our family, including innocent children. It is not in our character to deface anyone in any way. We are only defending the truth...

posted by Suzie Q Shellenberger-Contreras 7 months ago

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5 months ago



Julie Robertson

5 months ago


Whatever we can do to help, love to Ryan. Wanted to get donations up to an even number...every little bit helps!!



Zach Wasil

6 months ago


Lightspeed Ryan!



Zach Wasil

7 months ago


please make the address where to write to Ryan available



michelle austin

7 months ago


My thoughts are with you and your son. Something good will come of this. Nothing without a reason. Hang in there Judi.



Zach Wasil

7 months ago


Hi Judy, how is Ryan doing in jail? I never see info about that.



zach wasil

7 months ago


HI, Im going to try to donate $5 from each of my jobs during the day until this thing gets worked out, my customer yesterday insisted on giving me $10 as well towards it, she never had kids but said she was way to immature to handle it, and now can enjoy her grandchildren, she made the right choice i think, I barely survived my kids at 30! I think some of these young people with kids are amazing, but sometimes it dosent work out. Just a thought...i noticed in the chat that the baby was being sat by Ryan and his girlfriend for a year, and that she was previously roomates with the mother...does the mother really believe that Ryan all of a sudden flew off the handle and did something deliberate to hurt the baby? Just asking because i would think she would be helping to free Ryan, I hope she is.




7 months ago



Franki Brotzler

7 months ago


Tragedy causes us to act out of character. Lord Jesus I pray that you bring Truth, Peace and Love to all involved. Your ways are not our ways. Help us to navigate our way while we wait. Give us the strength to stand for justice and increase our Faith in the loving God that You are.


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