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Our mission: To enhance the beauty of every woman, A Little Black Skirt at a time. Our product: Uniquely exquisite, limited edition, hand signed and numbered Little Black Skirts.... more


Updated posted by Lynetta Cheatham 8 months ago

Thanks to all that supported our partnering effort and for enabling us to "sell out" of the $200.00 and $300.00 award levels!

We went to NY and purchased some beautiful and high quality fabrics (as such I will be adding a few more designs to the collection!)

If you contributed at the $50.00 or below level we will mail your award out this Friday.

For those that contributed at the $100.00 level, we will mail your t-shirt out this weekend. In the meantime we ask that you start thinking about the skirt style that you would like to help design. Your co-design will be featured in one of our future lines (after we have finalized the design, you will receive a framed sketch and fabric swatch of the design).

For those that contributed at the $200.00 level, we will mail your t-shirt and note cards this weekend. Please let me know your t-shirt size! I will also send you the list of skirts that you can choose from and the directions for taking your measurements so that we can start your made to your measurements skirt.

For our $300.00 contributors, we will mail your t-shirt and note cards this weekend as well. In addition, I recommend that you start gathering your thoughts on what type of skirt you would like to co-design and have tailor made to your measurements. When we mail your t-shirt we will include a few fabric samples along with a questionnaire to get your creative juices flowing.

Peace, Love, & A Little Black Skirt!


Updated posted by Lynetta Cheatham 8 months ago

Hi All,
We are in our last week of partnership donations and are almost 90% there (some people chose to mail their contributions vs. using the site)!

Thanks for helping us get this far! Every penny counts so don't forget to spread the word and share the site as I'm sure that we will reach our full goal



Updated posted by Lynetta Cheatham 8 months ago

Just wanted to send some LOVE your way for your support! This has been more than just a funding effort, it has been the push that was needed to move forward...I not only have our 75K invested, I also have your generous and loving contributions and support; as such I will do everything in my power to make this a success!


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Created by Lynetta Cheatham on July 9, 2013

Our mission:
To enhance the beauty of every woman, A Little Black Skirt at a time.

Our product:
Uniquely exquisite, limited edition, hand signed and numbered Little Black Skirts.

Our passion:
Love is at the heart and embedded in every choice made from the initial designs, to the luxurious fabrics, to inviting our clientele to be a part of the Little Black Skirt experience.

About us:
A Little Black Skirt is a small couture-style design boutique that specializes in limited run, artfully designed & made black skirts. The size philosophy is simply... all sizes are beautiful and all women deserve fashion-forward beautifully crafted clothing. As such, most designs are offered in a wide variety of sizes. The designer does not mass produce and purposefully keeps production numbers low while focusing on new and fresh creations. The purpose of course is to offer the client an art-like wardrobe piece that will not be available to 150 women.

Next steps:
With over sixty sample skirts completed the plan going forward is:

* Select the first 10 to go into production
* Read the "join me" section to find out how you can be a part of
this process
* Based on the Premiere Ten, fabrics such as rich hand-dyed
Dupioni silks, beautiful sequined and jeweled lace, Luxe wools,
high quality denim, and glamorous brocades will be purchased
* As mentioned, designs will be limited edition pieces and will
not be produced more than 8-10 times per design.
* Hold the launch & viewing party
* Launch the website
* Accelerate marketing

Please join me in helping women feel beautiful one Little Black Skirt at a time by being a part of the journey to launch the first line. You can help by spreading the word, assisting in the selection of the first ten skirts to go into production and contributing to our grassroots-level funding campaign.

$75,000 has been personally invested in equipment, pattern designs, test garments and more. With the first phase completed, the hope and plan is for you to partner with the company in raising at least $9,000 to start the production phase of the premiere line.

We have over 65 designs completed. We have carefully selected 25 to consider for the first launch - we now need to narrow that number down to and cast your vote for the Premiere 10 go to and leave a comment for your favorites in the comment box.

For those that are able to contribute, please know that we welcome all donation amounts. For those that are able to contribute $25.00 or more we have some pretty cool awards. Everyone that contributes will be listed on our soon to be launched website and receive a hand-written thank you note.

Peace, Love, & A Little Black Skirt!
Lynetta Cheatham - Founder & Designer - A Little Black Skirt

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Continued blessings...

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ALBS I am here for you!! Go girl:) Can't wait for the launch.



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Good Luck!!

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I wish you much success




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