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Derby girls are some of the healthiest women in the world. We work hard to keep our bodies healthy and athletic. Scarlicious (also known as Christy Atkinson) was proud to be a member of... more


Updated posted by Ashley Tarr 7 months ago

Our Healing Scarlicious fund has teamed up with Game Gear and Roll Models to reward the league who raises the most money for Scarlicious a free set of uniforms Every penny we raise will help save Scarlicious' life. It's so easy to participate:
1.) Go to gofundme.com/scarlicious. Get all of your friends and your league’s fans to go, too.
2.) Donate. Make sure to write in the comments who your favorite roller derby league is.
3.) The league who gets Scarlicious the most donations from Aug. 26-Sept. 26 will win uniforms from Game Gear.

Rules: Contest runs from August 26, 2013-September 26, 2013. $1,000 Uniform Sponsorship for Roller Derby Uniforms. Offer expires December 31, 2014. Choose from all available Derby Styles (289 & 290) Styles. Not transferable but must be used for awarded team.


Game Gear contest


Updated posted by Ashley Tarr 9 months ago


This gave me tears when I read it. The Salt Lake Tribune will be featuring Scar's story on the front page of their Mix section tomorrow.


Updated posted by Ashley Tarr 9 months ago

A message from Scar:

To whom have donated,

I am overwhelmed with emotion as I humbly accept your donation. I had given up. I was spending free time planning my funeral. My parents and I had started to go over my current will. We had also talked about who would finish raising my 15 yr old daughter. This was hard for us, but necessary. I felt as though I was dying quicker day by day. When I look in the mirror at my 105# body, I cringe. I see death. My partner know's my exact wishes If I am to stop breathing.
I had my last surgery on June 12th. What a crazy surgery. I have electronic wires that sends surges thru my nerves all day and night. I am still getting used to the electronic stimulants. My body jumps off the bed or couch and my arms, legs and feet move costantly without me telling them to.
This is a good thing though. The pacemaker is fixing the urinary and bowel incontinence so I can go out in public and/or leave my house comfortably for a few hours. Unfortunately the healing time is 8 weeks. My stiches are still in, now 3 more scar's. I guess I am truly living up to My Scarlicious name! I have many new scar's. Once this is fixed I move on to the throat. The throat problem has now been diaganosed as only 30% use. I need that fixed before returning to work. This is from the Nissen Flundoplication. It closed my throat almost completely making it extremely hard to swallow. When I cant swallow, I cant eat. This also causes all the nausea, choking and thowing up.
I no longer feel like I need to plan my funeral. With the donations I can sleep calmer. I can rest on the couch knowing that I have a bit of help. My derby family and all of those that donated I hope you know what you have done. You have saved my life. I have a new fire inside me, a burning desire to live. To heal my weakened body. Veronica Scars reminded me of my hard hits, my penalties, my desire to always fight and achieve my goals. To win this bout with illness just as I had won derby bouts with my teams. I so want to skate again, and soon. I am grateful. I have gained 2# since Veronica Scars and Dangerlove set this all up. I am going to make it. I will not give up.
Thanks to all of you
With much love,

Scarlicious #737
Christy Atkinson


Created by Ashley Tarr on July 1, 2013

Derby girls are some of the healthiest women in the world. We work hard to keep our bodies healthy and athletic. Scarlicious (also known as Christy Atkinson) was proud to be a member of this community. A member of Salt City Derby Girls for four years, and a treasured member of the Leave It To Cleavers, she has balanced skating with being a single mom and having a great job in the airline industry.

Two years ago, her life changed. Long story short, she noticed one day that her bladder had fallen. After that, it's been a series of surgeries to keep her going. Full bladder surgery followed by a fully hysterectomy, where doctors discovered a 10.6 pound tumor. A Nissen Flundoplication-throat replacement from years of severe reflux that closed off her throat and does not accepting food. She's now lost over 60 pounds and throws up every day. She's had an Interstim Neurostimulator put in her left butt cheek. It sends constant and powerful electronic stimulants to the bladder, bowel, kidneys and all lower region. It is very similar to a pacemaker except she has the control of the machine that is now running her lower body. On top of that, she's also had to have tubes put in her ears and has lost most of her hearing in her right ear.

"I never know when I am going to be okay," she wrote to me. "For example today I threw up at 8 a.m. because I tried to eat toast, and in the same day I spent 2 hours throwing up from 3 p.m.-5 p.m. because I went out in the 105 degree weather for 10 minutes. This caused me to go in to heat stroke immediately."

In February, she was diagnosed as being severely dehydrated and malnourished. She was threatened by the hospital a feeding tube, but have yet to gain any weight. She's lost another 15 pounds. By March, her ulcerative colitis was causing her to have complete bowel incontinence. Work asked her to be taken to the emergency room on two occasions, and left work on March 10. They are holding her job for three years, but she must be 100 percent before returning. Her long-term disability from work has not kicked in yet, and she loses her insurance in a couple of weeks. Her financial stability is very shaky, to say the least.

We know that if the situation were reversed, Scar would drop everything to help one of us. We're a tough group of women who stick together, and The Leave It To Cleavers have always been family to each other. We, her Leave It To Cleavers family, would like to bring the derby community and the Salt Lake valley together to help this beautiful woman through this tough time. We don't want her to worry about the next bill so that she can just focus on her health. Please let me know if you'd like to help out or get in touch with Scar. You can also mail her checks if you don't want to do this fund.

Thank you so much,
Veronica Scars & Dangerlove

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Tammy, send me a message (there's a contact button on the top righthand corner under my photo). I'll get you address info there. Thank you so much!

posted by Ashley Tarr 9 months ago

Where can we send personal checks? I shared your story and my coworkers and friends want to send checks....

posted by Tammy Del Rio 9 months ago

https://www.facebook.com/photo .php?fbid=547068938687165&set= a.545903088803750.1073741847.1 00001521924634&type=3&theater

posted by Erica Rowley 9 months ago

https://www.facebook.com/odurg y/media_set?set=a.545903088803 750.1073741847.100001521924634 &type=3 not sure if it will link that, but here are a few pics of scar in action!

posted by Jason O'Durgy 9 months ago

You have my love and support as well as everyone of your Derby sisters and brothers.

posted by Jerry Seltzer 9 months ago

You are one of the strongest and most courageous women I know. We're all here for you. I will always send love, hugs and whatever I can from Alaska. Go for that power jam my friend!

posted by Midgi Moto 9 months ago

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