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Created by Oceanseamaster Ebay on July 1, 2013

This is simple.

I know exactly how to find, capture and show to the scientific community and public in general this legendary creature.

This is a 50/50 campaign, where all money that this venture generates (It will if I succeed, and I will...) will be parted between you and me. Your part will be redistributed according to your share in the funding.

But stop talking about money because that's not the motive of my mission. But profits are always welcomed...

As I mentioned, I want to demonstrate the world that without a bit of a doubt Sasquatch is for real, and therefore needs scientific recognizing as the first step for Worldwide protection under the category of a endangered species.

Not that Squatch needs defence, but because humans might respect their habitats and know the danger of being on their territory. Because you might not know it, but they are predators like us, and you or especially your children have some chance to be their lunch if the opportunity arise...

So, after the motives, the execution:

- First, I plan to travel to Canada with another person to be chosen between YOU. I need a partner on-site for success so logically I will choose it according to my requirements for the mission. YOU are actually the masterpiece of my plan, so Feel free to send me your pic and a brief summary of your background. YOU will need to be: a woman between 20-25 yo, blonde or redhaired, white skinned and:

- Second, this is a high risk mission, because of the wilderness of the site in which I plan to find the creature and because of the nature of the creature itself: 7-8 feet tall, massive, fast, and the most dangerous of all, intelligent one. Therefore the selected person will be required to be fit fisically and mentally to execute my plan. Be aware of the demands and risks associated with it before a commitment.

Third. I specified that I know how to capture the Squatch, but as you'll noticed yet my intention is to capture it on Camera. Record it closely in fullHD and at daylight is the final objective. So the funding goes to buy and transport all the equipment necessary to the site in question, apart from the cost of our travelling, I will from Spain (I'm Galician) and the mate will from (yet to be disclosed), and maintenance of the two of us.

Things clear then, so get on your marks, get set, GO!

Yep, I'm an eBayer so if you want something just buy it to help this cause... ;-)


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