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Devastating news no matter who you are... Prescott Arizona Fire & Rescue reported the worst news of their lives last night... GONE- 19 young, hardworking firemen died 6/30/13 trying to s... more


Updated posted by Tracie Jarratt 9 months ago

The money will be evenly distributed at the close of donations. I'm hoping to at least get an eve 19k so each family will receive a 1,000 dollars. The site will remain open as long as they allow me to keep it open- each time it reaches an amount easily divided by 19 the money will be given to the families. I've talked to the Prescott Fire Dept family liaison Brian Willingham who advised there is an Arizona IFFA fund that is over $1.3 for the families- hopefully that will be distributed sooner than later! I hope this answers your question:)


Updated posted by Tracie Jarratt 9 months ago

Here is a clip from the memorial service for the fallen 19... so sad, just heartbreaking



Updated posted by Tracie Jarratt 9 months ago

The question has been asked... Who are you? Why are you doing this? My name is Tracie Jarratt I am a police officer in Renton Washington. My good friend and co-worker Cassidy Steed lost his younger brother Jesse Steed in the Yarnell Hill Fire. Jesse was one of the Captains of the Granite Mountain HotShots. The night of the tragedy Cassidy and his pregnant wife Ellie packed up and drove straight through to Arizona to be with family. Cassidy called me on his way, "Trace, your the first person we thought of that could get this done..." Cassidy asked if I would start an online donation site for the families of the 19 fallen. I readily agreed of course!
Sometimes in the midst of tragedy more can be accomplished by those 1 step removed. My heart breaks for my friend, and ALL the families, friends and loved ones affected by this horrific event. We need this to go viral, please share and donate if you are in a position to do so.
If you have photos you would like me to add to this site please e-mail them to me at
Tracie Jarratt


Created by Tracie Jarratt on July 1, 2013

Devastating news no matter who you are... Prescott Arizona Fire & Rescue reported the worst news of their lives last night... GONE- 19 young, hardworking firemen died 6/30/13 trying to save the lives and homes of others. There are now 19 different families in shock and grieving for their lost son, husband, dad, brother, co-worker and friends. The average age of these young men was 22 years-young. A brother of one of our fallen asked me to start this fund. 100% of the donations will be split equally, 19 ways to the families of our fallen firefighters.

"Pick you your shovels boys there's smoke in the air, Lightening has struck and they need us there.

Into the trucks and gear, fire knows not the cost,
If it's not stopped, innocent lives will be lost.

The fire is running and there's no time to spare... Dig that line and drag that hose, bring all the forces to bear.

But, the wind's coming up and something is wrong, RUN boys, RUN, that fire is too strong!

Pull of your packs and into your shelters,
Pray for our children and for their mothers.

The fire has passed and so have we.
Into the wind like the smoke through the trees.

After they stop that fire they call Yarnell Hill,
Our brothers will honor us and drink toasts to their fill.

We're joining our brothers in a legendary crew.
If other join us tomorrow please let them be few..."

(taken from FaceBook- M. Greenhalgh, Walker Fire)


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prayers still sent!!!

posted by Natasha Mullins 6 months ago

Someone has their priorities screwed up, in my opinion.

posted by Deborah Massey Bernstein 8 months ago

I am not against memorials & I believe there should be one sooner rather than later but I understand that $90,000 has already been spent from one of the funds for a bronze memorial. Shouldn't money go to families first & the fund memorial later?

posted by Deborah Massey Bernstein 8 months ago

Deepest Sympathy to all who have lost a loved one, family member and friend. May you find some comfort from the memories you've shared. Prayers continue for all!

posted by Heidi Colton 9 months ago

Thank you so much! I wish we could do more!

posted by Bethany Leinweber 9 months ago

When will this money reach the families? The Ashcrafts have said they have received nothing but the 15,000 from 100 club, and that all the donations and charities set up have not come through to reach the families who are so desperately in need!

posted by Bethany Leinweber 9 months ago

My dearest families...my heart goes out to you. Know that you are surrounded by loved ones across this nation and your heros will be remembered always. ~Kimberly - surviving widdow of Navy SEAL KIA, 8-6-11

posted by Kimberly Vaughn 9 months ago

Thank you to everyone for sharing this link, donating, and for your condolences.

posted by Cassidy Steed 9 months ago

god bless to people who donate and care,the 19 were heros,and did a very dangerous job and sacrificed their lives saving so we can live,god bless them RIP brothers.I am sharing and will send check to the cause we in Atlanta raised about 5200 now want to raise at least 10,000 or more,weare having another drive this weekend

posted by Barry Brown 9 months ago

I will share on facebook and emails. You are an angel gir thise in mourning.

posted by GeriAnn Julin 9 months ago

Who are they and how can I contact them?

posted by Tracie Jarratt 9 months ago

contact the bob and tom nation!!!! I will send money on pay day!

posted by Paula Jones-Pace 9 months ago

I work with Jesse's mother-n-law. I'm so thankful that you have started this so those of us who aren't quite sure how to help, can. I'm praying for these sweet families and encouraging as many people as I can to share and donate. Thank you again! God bless these heroes families!

posted by Denise Huebner 9 months ago

Thank you, the families of these young men will need as much support as we can provide.

posted by Sandy Yabumoto 9 months ago

Thank you very much for setting this up Tracie!

posted by Cassidy Steed 9 months ago

I will attempt to post Bio's of all 19 fallen firefighters as they come in...The first is my friend Cassidy's lil brother... Jesse James Steed, born September 28 1976, Jesse was in the Marine Corp from 1996-2000. He then became a firefighter that year for Prescott Arizona. Jesse joined the local Hot Shot firefighters for Prescott in 2002 and came on with Granite Mountain Hot Shots in 2003-2004 when they were established. He was the most senior person on this team in both age and skill. This was his 2nd year serving as their team Captain. He is survived by his wife Desiree and their two children, Caden (4) and Cambria (3)

posted by Tracie Jarratt 9 months ago

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steve sweeney

2 months ago


I heard about the fire on BBC news in 2013 but only today read in detail of the sad lost of those brave 19 Hotshots in Arizona. RIP



Graham Anderson

3 months ago


This donation is in honor of my Cousin Maggie Roberts, a dedicated fire woman.



Patricia Bright

4 months ago


This is a Christmas present in the name of my brother-in-law Monte, who has served as a volunteer firefighter for many years. Blessings to the families of all these heros.



Linda S

4 months ago




4 months ago



Cassidy Steed

7 months ago


Thank you Tracie and everyone who donated to the families. The money will go to Prescott Firefighter’s Charities Granite Mountain Hotshot Fund Account: 2531115654 to be given out as they deem fit.



Jackie Harris

7 months ago


My heart goes out to the families and friends of such brave souls. It is inexcusable the families are not given the financial benefits to help them thru financially..they have lost their loved ones who gave up their lives for us. If everyone can give anything they can spare hopefully it will help a tiny bit in this tragic time.



Mike Allen Jonny Whinery

8 months ago


You will never be forgotten!




8 months ago



Todd Downing

8 months ago


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