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PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS ON FACEBOOK WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! $2000 is Needed To Help me Move From My Current Apartment--which, is becoming increasingly too expensive, to a... more


Updated posted by Mark Pacana 9 months ago

HELP!! I am paying insurance for a car I can't drive!! I am in my apartment damn near 24 hours a day and am just looking for some independence. About $2000 is needed to get my car back on the road. $2000 is needed to allow me to move to a nearby apartment that would save me nearly $180 a month! $2000 is needed to purchase new and improved samples of my products (Catemporary Cat Castles), to market them to Major Retailers; which, could provide me with a stable, financial future. As it is right now, I mainly eat from food banks, my glasses are glued together, and, I have both mental and physical disabilities and other serious health issues.

Looking out my bedroom window, It is a Beautiful and Hot July 17th here in New Jersey. If I had my car on the road, I would hopefully be heading down to the Jersey Shore; where, I haven't been in nearly a decade.


Updated posted by Mark Pacana 9 months ago

$2000 is Needed to Get Me Driving Again!! I am looking at an $1100 Repair Bill; and, that does Not include the tires and windshield, etc., that the car also needs. My car has been in the shop over a month and I am paying car insurance for a vehicle I can't drive and I Still have to ask others for rides to and from doctor's appointments and supermarkets!!

$2000 is Needed To Help me Move From My Current Apartment--which, is becoming increasingly too expensive, to a nearby apartment that would save me nearly $180 a month!!

$2000 is Needed To Obtain New and Improved Versions of our Catemporary Cat Castles; stronger, sturdier, longer lasting!! These samples will then be marketed/sent to major retailers (to get our Catemporary Cat Castles IN RETAIL STORES, which, is where our Catemporary Cat Castles Deserve to be, Giving Consumers a Choice. This is where my future financial stability could stem from.


Created by Mark Pacana on June 19, 2013



$2000 is Needed To Help me Move From My Current Apartment--which, is becoming increasingly too expensive, to a nearby apartment that would save me nearly $180 a month!!

$2000 is Needed To Obtain New and Improved Versions of our Catemporary Cat Castles; stronger, sturdier, longer lasting!! These samples will then be marketed/sent to major retailers (to get our Catemporary Cat Castles IN RETAIL STORES, which, is where our Catemporary Cat Castles Deserve to be, Giving Consumers a Choice. This is where my future financial stability could stem from.

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My Life of Trauma: I was drowned by a life guard when I was 12 years old. My father was violent and abusive; he told me I deserved to be drowned. I was molested four times by women before I was ten years old. Now, I barely have food, am virtually in my apartment 24 hours a day, I have one pair of jeans, a broken pair of reading glasses that are cutting the side of my nose, I am far behind in bills, I scratch myself until I bleed with anxiety.

The following is my account of a blessed event; what some may call a, 'near death experience', it is published by author PMH Atwater, in her book titled, 'Near Death Experiences; The Rest of The Story'; available on Amazon.com.

I was 12 years old and I was being Murdered; physically drowned by a life guard. (Monticello Motor Lodge, Bellmawr, N.J.//now it is a Howard Johnsons, and the pool has since been filled in; but, not because of me, or this event). I lived nearby; my friend and myself were pool hopping on a hot summer day; I hadn’t yet learned how to swim, so, I just waded in the shallow end of the pool. The life guard knew my oldest brother and did not like him. The life guard, and his friend, began chasing me and my friend in and around the pool. I got trapped in the middle of the pool with the life guard. He (the 'life guard') physically put his hands around my throat and in the middle of the pool, he drowned me; choking life from my body. I flailed wildly, being held under by the life guard. He was 21; I was 12.

I was amazed that no one helped. There were motel guests all around the pool, and some were even in the pool. They must have thought my screams, gasps for, 'help!', were just kids playing; however, they did nothing.

There WAS evil in the life guards' eyes; a redness. It didn't take long before my throat opened up and water rushed into my lungs. I was fighting for my young life. Then, just as quickly, I was immobile; unable to move. At the bottom of the pool with a water-filled body, I wondered what would happen next. I never passed out or lost consciousness. My eyes were open and I was on my stomach, facing forward. My friend dived in to the bottom and faced me, "GET UP!!", He screamed under water and I heard him. But, I could do nothing; a water filled body is immobilized, unable to move at all; which, was fine by me; I was out of pain.

I screamed inside me, "DON'T TOUCH ME!!". But, all my friend heard was nothing and all he saw was a nonmoving object. He left the pool to get help. "Where ya goin?!!" I screamed to no avail. I accepted that I was going to die. I remember thinking that children die every day; I was just one of them. I wondered when my heart would stop. It was peaceful down there. I was already out of pain. (yay!) I sensed beings starting to gather around me. These were good spirits. Angels. I saw them. They were under water but not wet. Everything slowed down by the split second. I saw my life flash before my eyes like a deck of cards. I thought these scenes were all going to be important and yet, I saw mundane events too. I saw birthdays and Christmases, and I watched myself wasting time in front of the television.

I felt my 'self' being pulled out of my body.
I did not like the separation.
However, It Is An Amazing, NATURAL Process.

I was then 30 or more feet above the pool watching people dive in to save me. I remember thinking that I was afraid of heights, but, not now, for some reason. I was not afraid or scared of anything at this moment. I remember being worried about my family; when the Angels lifting me stated calmly and confidently, "They'll be okay". And, I KNEW They Were Right.

I had Seven Angels lifting me up. I knew one of them to be my mother's father, whom I had never known and who passed away when I was a toddler. Looking around, I saw Angels lifting other souls up. I saw House-sized Orbs of God's Pure Love, with the outlined shapes of human souls making up its huge round figure.

I looked down to see a brown and dark moving earth. I saw souls. I gained the knowledge that everything you can see, hear, taste, feel, or touch is made up of a soul. God's green earth, every part, is a soul. GOD is with us; ALWAYS.

You can reincarnate into a blade of grass on the side of a mountain, or, you can be an alien from outer space (yes, they exist). I saw, above the heavens, other dimensions of higher and alternate learning. We are here to fulfill God's Great Plan. WE have the Gift of Life.

Arriving at a gathering of clouds, a landing, as it were, I saw four more Angels. On this level were white, vine covered Romanesque Pillars on either side of the four Angels with a connecting archway in back. The Angels had white robes on, as I did. I did not see wings. Everything here was bright white; beyond was darkness.

These Angels, and myself, communicated through thought, not by mouth. Although, the Angels mouths did not move, their arms did. From the moment I was lifted from my body, knowledge was gained instantly. Three of the four Angels stepped in back to discuss how to get me back down to my body. The fourth Angel, a nice, smiling elderly gent, kept me company. In back where the three other Angels were, beyond the vine covered archway I saw a Gold Fence; spiked at the top. Heaven. Curious as a cat I had to investigate and sure enough, to the left of where these Angels stood, was in fact, The Pearly Gates. Finding myself on the Path to the Pearly Gates; I realized that I was not walking but floating; being lifted by Gods' Love, not Angels. I remember thinking, "How do I get into heaven?" I meant physically; do I kneel? I thought I would kneel but instead, as naturally as can be, I was prostrating myself across the Threshold of Heaven. I lay there and I opened my eyes to see a pair of sandaled feet; and, I knew to whom they belonged; Jesus.

My personal saviour Jesus Christ lifted me by the scruff of my neck. I remember thinking, "Will it hurt?" (lol..NO!). HE looked directly in my eyes, "Welcome, My Son. I Love You". HE Smiled and I Felt LOVED, Immensely; Forgiven, Lucky. Yes, It Was An AWE Inspired Love; Encompassing Everything Wonderfully. God Loves You.

I wandered into Heaven; GRACED. I was even more fortunate that I got to walk side by side with Jesus in Heaven on a gold sidewalk. I played drums in heaven; a white drum set with gold hardware. All music you have ever heard, or ever will, is being played by Angels in heaven. WE are Perfect in Heaven; I wear glasses here on Earth, but was not wearing any in Heaven.

There are no such things as coincidences.

And, there it was; Our Fathers' House. A Gold Temple. I walked down the gold path and made a left into the Temple. To my immediate left was a huge chair made of white stone. At 12 years old, my head only came up to HIS Knees. God is TALL. HE patted me on the head and I took a walk around the Temple. I looked around inside the Temple and on the walls were hung pictures of religious figures; from Buddha to Mohammed, Various Popes and, Jesus, of course. I don't how I exited Heaven, however, I found myself back in front of the four Angels, telling them, "I don't want to go back down there. It's painful," I yelled. "You must! Your mission is not yet complete!" the Angels shouted back.

It was given to me that the Angels appeared to me at the age in which they passed away. Three of the Angels stood in back while the fourth Angel kept me company. He listened to my thoughts with bemusement; I was cursing; I was 12 years old and had just been drowned. It was given that this Angel who kept me company had not been to earth in a while. He had a nice, kind gentle face. The other Three Angels in back, pondered my fate; how to get me back down to my body, "We Need To Seek Permission!" I heard them say. All of a Sudden, the clouds above them lit up.


The Angels and myself all cowered. Immediately, I Was Sorrowful, Ashamed; I Had Taken Gods' Gift of Life For Granted; I Was Not Grateful That I HAD a Life. NOW, Here I Was, Shaming Myself Before GOD. I had not cherished the God-given Gift of Life. Seeing the clouds light up, I cried out, "Don't show me! Don't show me! I want to go back". But I was too late. By my seven Angels, I was lifted over to the right of the four Angels. I saw a pure white pillar; on top of it was a book, about three feet thick. It was, IS my Book of Life.

The pages flew open, and just like watching myself on television, I saw scenes from what was to be, scenes from my future life. I saw things that were Yet To Be, and, NOW ARE. Things and events that were completely out of my control, and or manipulation, have since come true; the prophecies.

Soon after, I was flying back down to my body; and in it I was. I opened my eyes and there I was, on the bottom of the pool with a water filled body watching one of my friends and an unknown adult trying to save me, trying to lift my heavy water-laden body. Within minutes, I was breathing our air again, and alive in Earth terms.

NOW, I wake up happy knowing what is waiting for me on the other side; Jesus' Love, Gods' Love. I try to be a better person every day; however, I AM still very human...lol. I don't know what my mission is, but I am here for God's sake to fulfill His wishes, peacefully and lovingly.

After coughing up pinkish blood, and recovering on the side of the pool, I began recounting to my friend what I had seen and what was to be. He, like a lot of others, looked at me without knowing what to say. I don't hate the life guard who drowned me. I can't waste time hating. In fact, I feel more loved by Jesus for having had this experience. Many folks consider this my worst day; I feel it is my best day...ever.

I was raised Catholic, but now consider myself a Christian. I don't read the Bible nor attend Church. However, I am the most believing of souls.

I Have Met Jesus Christ and HE Lifted Me.
These are the Words of The Lord,

"Welcome, My Son. I Love You".

The next time you say, "Why me?"- Try thinking, "Why NOT Me?!"
Are you more special than Jesus? Look what HE went through.

Wake up and be grateful that you Have A Life. Going with the argument that we can indeed be reincarnated into anything - what would you rather be -- a human BEING (thinking, feeling, laughing, loving, hurting), or, would you rather be a rock?

Music is Made in Heaven

- every second of music you have ever heard and or played, and ever will, is being Played by Angels in Heaven, at that exact moment, by Angels:)

EVERYTHING is Made of Soul...Spirit.
You can be Reincarnated into - anything.
You can go to Heaven.
You can go to hell.
You can go to other dimensions, some of higher learning.
Life, is Written, long before you were born.
There is no such thing as Coincidence.
Be Grateful That You Have A Life;
No matter the event, LIFE is a Blessing, a GIFT.

We Will All Be Okay.

If God Told Me that in order for me to have life,
I would have to be drowned every day, and live,
I would gratefully accept that mission.

Good, Great, Bad and Horrific events, are ALL Gifts from God.

I am not mad or angry at the lifeguard who drowned me; I cannot waste time hating; that would be a shameful act against The Great Gift of Life That GOD Has Given Back To Me. I have been given a second chance. I am grateful to be here, everyday, even with the very little I have.

I do not go to church nor read nor preach the bible.
I DO NOT 'BELIEVE'; I KNOW - There IS A Difference.

I saved the life of a little girl once.
Maybe That was my mission.
Or, maybe cherishing my entire life is the mission.
Maybe I will never know my mission; and, I don't care; I Have LIFE!!!

Jesus Loves You.

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