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Updated posted by Hope House 9 months ago

Tonight while out n about a little old lady came up to me and my boyfriend asking for a few dollars to eat. Telling of her sick (Colon Cancer) husband and how she's staying in the biggest roach motel in Ephrata, walking to & from the hospital. Instead of giving her a few dollars, I took her to the grocery store, bought her $35 worth of groceries, & gave her a ride back to her room. Went inside & it was spotless. (Of her doing b/c that place is a dump in comparison) Her husband was in bed definitely sick, (and I know what Colon cancer sick looks like, as my mother had it) and they had proof of her entire story in stacks of hospital papers. She called me her angel. I said no ma'am, I just like to help.
Thank you to all that have donated to Hope House, and for those of you that haven't, it's not too late. I have 48 hours to find angels for Hope House or 6 people will be homeless & 12 people unemployed. Please help them. I am one of those 12 soon to be out of a job, but I did not & would not hesitate to help a stranger again.
Please, this is their last chance...


Updated posted by Hope House 9 months ago

If you're wondering:
I've had a few ppl ask me, what if you don't reach your goal? Will you close anyway & then my donation was for nothing?

My answer: our goal amount is to be able to sustain for the next year. But every donation now, helps us stay open just a bit longer while our efforts thus far come to fruition. So please do not wait to donate until you think there's a chance it will make a difference! B/c that chance is now!!!


Updated posted by Hope House 9 months ago

Author & Musician Nick Moccia came out to visit the residents last night! They had so much fun. He stated as he left, "This will be a day I will never forget. The amount of courage in one room was amazing. And those people are a family for sure!"

Please donate and keep this family together!!!

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Created by Hope House on June 7, 2013

Hope House Needs YOU!

For almost 20 Years Hope House has provided a home and medical services to the adult population in Lancaster County afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

Hope House is a licensed Personal Care Boarding Home located in Lancaster providing safe, supportive, and structured environment for adults living with HIV/AIDS whose disease process is such that they are unable to live independently without a caregiver. Hope House welcomes all individuals, based on available accommodations and regardless of their ability to pay. Many of our residents do not have medical insurance and receive all program services at no cost to them. Each year, the Hope House staff provides hands-on care for an average of 20 individuals. Without the existence of the program, many of our residents would remain homeless and have no consistent access to vital medical treatment.

By operating Hope House, each resident we serve saves the medical community and tax payers on average $135,000 per year!
Due to the new "high impact" model our primary funders are moving to, Hope House has lost its primary funding. Although a high impact model is great in theory, it isolates the smaller percentage of the HIV/AIDS population that cannot function in a mainstreamed society. That is the gap Hope House fills in the community.

Our residents receive vital medical treatment that reduces their viral loads, and their ability to pass on their disease by 96%! Many state statistics confirm that we are “High Impact” regardless of the fact that we serve 8-20 people a year. That number has been our biggest obstacle this past funding year. We have a solid plan for how to make funders look past that number and reconsider funding us in the future. We just need to stay open long enough to try. No other agency can say that their clients are 100% medication compliant, and have 100% undetectable viral loads! The state average is 1 in 4 or 19% of 1,106,400 people infected with HIV! Well, we have 8 out of 8 residents living with undetectable viral loads. In essence, our program contributes a huge percentage of that 19%. Our residents do not collect food stamps, do not utilize Emergency Rooms as revolving doors, do not spread their disease, and many work and pay taxes. The residents that do not work are on their way to being healthy and stable enough to work. The cost savings for the community is over a million dollars just in medical fees! That doesn’t take into account the number of prevented infections, or the monies saved by them not collecting food stamps or the monies they pay towards taxes collected by being employed.

They are regular people that are learning to cope with their disease, be responsible with their disease and become productive members of society. Just this year, one resident finished a trade school and got a license to operate machinery. Another finished teaching school for barbering, as he has been a barber for 20 years, and will soon be taking his test to get licensed as a barber school teacher. This resident is also an extremely talented artist who is currently trying to start his own hand drawn portrait business through the support he received living here. This is a resident whom a priest had given last rights to because he was sure he was minutes away from dying. He fought his way back from the dead, moved in to Hope House and is thriving! All of these strides they've made will be in vain and lost should Hope House close. I'd say that's pretty "High Impact" regardless of our small population.

Their disease, chronic homelessness, substance abuse, high risk behaviors and mental health issues are managed and removed as barriers by being a resident of Hope House and we in turn teach them the importance of being employed, encourage admission to trade schools or certification programs, encourage them to volunteer and give back to the community.

Hope House WILL close its doors in less than 90 days instead of Celebrating the 20th Anniversary in October if they do not receive a miracle.

Hope House requests any help you can give for Hope House to remind the public that we are here, we help save tax payers' money and lives, and we need donations ASAP to prevent closing our doors. If we can't find a miracle in 30 days, 12 people will be unemployed, 8 people will be homeless and will surely die. The amount of new infections will increase as our residents will not have the support in learning how to be responsible with their disease; they will fall out of medical care, and will revert back to their high-risk behaviors that will in turn spread their disease. In the 60 days following we will be hard pressed to find homes for these people.

Will YOU help us find that miracle?

Please donate, and help us support your community!!


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It's not much Rachel, I hope this works out. Seems like a lot of people will be down and out without this place.



Kristin Davis

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In loving memory of my uncle, Arthur Engvik, who passed in 1988. AIDS took him from us when he was only 35 years old and I still miss him every day!



Rachel R Wilson

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God Bless...



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rocking the hope!


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