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Corbin Alfred McHenry was diagnosed in utero with a rare genetic condition called Trisomy 13. Trisomy 13 is the presence of an extra 13th chromosome, three instead of the normal two. Tri... more


Created by Kara Collins on June 6, 2013

Corbin Alfred McHenry was diagnosed in utero with a rare genetic condition called Trisomy 13. Trisomy 13 is the presence of an extra 13th chromosome, three instead of the normal two. Trisomy 13 affects nearly every organ in the body and babies diagnosed with this conditioned are deemed "Incompatible with life" by doctors. Corbin was already battling this harsh statistic in utero but at 32 weeks gestation he decided to bless this Earth. He was now battling prematurity and this rare genetic anomaly. His parents, Kara and Shane McHenry were given a less than 1% chance that their son would be born alive. But on April 4, 2013 Corbin stunned the doctors and was born both breathing and crying. Next they claimed he would only live hours but hours turned to days. Days then turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. At 135 days old, Corbin was called home. Leaving behind millions of supporters and a legacy that would last a lifetime!

Money raised will go to 'Corbin's fund'. The fund will help support other Trisomy family and children with expenses. We will share a story of each beneficiary and every smiling face thanks to your generosity. Let's pay it forward 'Corbin style'.

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Corbin, words cannot describe just how much of a warrior you were and still are. Your memory and strength have taught me so much. Your story is something that will live on FOREVER. You are the sweetest little man that I have ever followed, and I promise I will continue to follow your story everyday. I hope you are flying high with the angels because there is no doubt that you belong right there with them. I was blessed to know your story and hope you and your family have found the peace you so deserve.

posted by Chrissy Ann 7 months ago

This is amazing

posted by Tabatha Silva 7 months ago

Corbin, you are a blessing and a fighter. RIP Baby boy I know you make a beautiful Angel. God bless you and your family

posted by Janyia Journey 7 months ago

Hey.. just ordered your "corbin" candle from Diamond Candles !! I can't wait to see how beautiful it shines! I will light them & keep saying my prayers for you little man! :) oxoxoxo

posted by Vicky Favitta 8 months ago

Hey little man, Look forward to hearing about your progress everyday!!! I know GOD will pull you through this, and will keep your mommy and daddy strong!!! Will continue to pray for you everyday...Keep it up little guy, Love and Hugs too You

posted by Jay Goode 8 months ago

Hi Corbin, I look forward to your updates every day. You are a fighter and have more determination in your little body than any one I have ever known. You truly are a miracle and an inspiration to others. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. BIG hugs to you.

posted by Jane Ludwig 9 months ago

Dear Corbin, you and your family are in my prayers. Get well soon. I'm sorry I'm unable to help. You're in my thoughts

posted by Jennifer Story 10 months ago

Dear corbin I don't know you or your parents but I read about u everyday and I'm praying u will be ok n praying for ur mom n dad they love u so much keep fighting little man

posted by Kristie Lamb 10 months ago

Dearest Corbin, you are an absolute blessing from above. Things will work out in your favor precious baby. You have a lot of people behind you cheering you on. You're gonna do great things when you get older. I'm behind you 100% of the way. You're in my prayers baby Corbin. Stay string and keep fighting

posted by Regina Chamberlain 10 months ago

Corbin you are strong little guy and you have god standing right behind you every step of the way keep fighting you will beat this. And for the parent keep strong as well . God bless your whole family and remember your not doing alone . My prayers are. With you everyday and I look for his post on Facebook to see how he's doing.

posted by Shawna Fansler 10 months ago

you never failed to teach me lessons about life little Corbin. You are an it's payback time in my own little way baby Corbs. Stay strong! We are cheering for you:0)

posted by Irene Castro 10 months ago

You are so adorable Corbin! I can't wait to get your updates every day to see how great you are doing. I am really looking forward to the message that your mommy posts saying they are taking you home. I know that will be a joyous day not only for mommy and daddy but for all of us that has been following your inspiring story. Keep up the good work baby boy!

posted by Mindy Shipley 10 months ago

i watch your photos everyday and your videos i feel like i have known you for ever keep smiling and keep getting bigger little man

posted by Patty Burns 10 months ago

Corbin you are truly an inspiration to me and others who follow your progress! I look so forward to ypur updates everyday ! your one amazing little guy! You have already been through so much in your 2 months of life then some could ever imagine. You are a trooper. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Keep fighting little man!I am looking forward to watching you grow up. God Bless you little one!

posted by Catherine Munoz 10 months ago

I will be praying for You Corbin that God will shed his light of health and love on This Angel and his family You are a Angel from God above, my prayer is that Jesus heals You, little Corbin . I pray Our Blessed Mother, .All the Angels and the Saints will helps Your Family, and All the Angels of Mercy of this Earth. I pray that that in times that Corbin and His Family need Help that they know that the community is there, and Heaven is just a prayer away. Be with this family God and give them all the help from the Community that Corbin and His Family needs. Amen

posted by Angelica Korbas 10 months ago

Hi corbin you are so handsome me and my daughter she is bout to turn 4 but she loves to get updates on u she asks me everyday how u are doing and we get on ur facebook page and look at all your wonderful pictures she tells her grandpa everyday how u are doin she just wanted to tell u hi and hang in there you are always in our prayers

posted by Heather Reynolds 10 months ago

God bless you Corbin !!! You are so so special I look forward everyday for an update I pray for you everyday you are a very strong baby boy you have come a long ways I am so proud of you . Corbin you have great parents !!! We love you and keep up the great work !!! God bless you and your parents today and always !!!

posted by Martha Ruiz 10 months ago

God continues to work His magic..staing strong an on the road HOME...God Bless Corbin ,Mommy & Daddy

posted by Angela Bugin 10 months ago

Corbin you are in so many peoples thoughts you are a born miracle.Bless you and your family.

posted by Sheryl Cullum 10 months ago

Corbin you are such a miracle. U are changing so many people's lives just by breathing. I pray u get to experience every joy there is in life . To laugh to smile to play. God is in control and he is gna prove to everyone your capable of many things

posted by Kristen Hurst 10 months ago

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Lindsay McKown

7 months ago


Being part of Corbin's journey has truly changed my life. Thank you for sharing your amazing boy with us. Corbin will forever live in the kind words and actions of so many who keep paying it forward Corbin style. You're moving mountains, little man!



Kristen Tredrea

7 months ago


I never met Corbin but as I followed his story I grew to love him as dearly as if he were a member of my own family. He was beyond beautiful and throughout his 135 days he had an incredibly profound impact on my life. I will be forever grateful for his life and I am proud to be able to do something, even a small something like this, in honour of him



Henry Carrell

7 months ago


Donating in our son's name, he is a few weeks younger than Corbin. I will be sure to one day share the story of this brave little boy with him! You have touched our lives forever sweet Corbin!



Tammy Dalton

7 months ago



Erin Morben

7 months ago


We love and miss you Corbin! Paying it forward corbin style:)




7 months ago


Corbin is a hero!


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