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**Our first goal is to reach $15,000 toward the expert witness **Our second goal is to reach $35,000 toward other experts/expenses **Our ultimate goal is $50,000 toward the total leg... more


Updated posted by Sharon Gerlach 6 days ago

We are ecstatic that we received a NOT GUILTY verdict and the jury found for self-defense. What a victory!

Any donations received from this point forward will be given to our legal counsel for any ongoing expenses related to the trial. It will take some time for the State of Washington to settle their bill.

We also encourage you to turn your attention to other cases of self-defense that are being taken to trial, one such case being that of USAF Tech Sgt Matthew Pinkerton.

Our debt to all of you is enormous, exceeded only by our gratitude for your willingness to come to the aid of (to some of you) complete strangers. God has truly blessed us, and it is our hope that He will greatly bless you as well.


Updated posted by Sharon Gerlach 2 months ago

We have made it through the motion to suppress - which we won! Now we need to make it through the rest. We thank everyone who has helped us get this far. Every dime is precious gift for which we are grateful. If you can help, please consider it. If you can't, please pray for us. If you aren't of the praying kind, please send positive thoughts our way. We are grateful for every one of you standing in support of Gail, our self-defense laws, and our Second Amendment.


Updated posted by Sharon Gerlach 6 months ago

We head to court next Friday (October 25) for pretrial motions. Our biggest immediate expenses now involve airfare for Gail's out-of-state co-counsel as well as the expert witness. We appreciate every dime that has been donated, and ask that if you are unable to help financially, that you pass this on to others who may be able to. Please know we are doing our part as well - every cent we don't require to live is being funneled to defense. We've cut unnecessary expenses and requisitioned all of my book royalties to allow us to put as much money as we possibly can toward Gail's defense. We just simply don't make enough money to cover everything. Please, share the support page far and wide ( Your continued show of support - financial and emotional alike - is appreciated more than you will ever know.

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Created by Sharon Gerlach on May 30, 2013

**Our first goal is to reach $15,000 toward the expert witness

**Our second goal is to reach $35,000 toward other experts/expenses

**Our ultimate goal is $50,000 toward the total legal defense

**Every penny of our salaries that we don't need to survive will also be put toward the defense

My husband Gail is being charged with First Degree Manslaughter in the shooting death of a career car thief who, during the commission of the theft, made a threatening motion that made us both believe he was aiming a weapon at us. The thief had five prior convictions and a felony warrant for his arrest (for theft of a motor vehicle).

Gail is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. He is the kind of person who would get out of bed at 2 in the morning and drive 500 miles to help a friend in trouble. He is being tried in the press and convicted in the court of public gossip. We have a great attorney and high hopes to clear Gail's name and restore his demonized reputation.

Despite Washington State's self-defense statutes, the prosecutor's office is pursuing the charge of First Degree Manslaughter. His legal defense expenses are going to be large. He is semi-retired and I am a public employee; we are not rich people and this will be financially devastating for us. We do not qualify for a public defender. We desperately need your help for Gail's defense against this unfair criminal charge. If you are unable to donate yourself, please help spread the word to those who can.

What can we offer you in return for your help? We don't have any perks to offer you except our prayers that God will bless you a thousandfold in return, and our iron-clad promise that we will never stop our crusade for stricter laws governing career felons who repeatedly offend and for greater rights for those defending themselves against repeat offenders whom the system cannot seem to keep in prison.

One of Gail's supporters has set up a support page on Facebook. Please help us gain national support to help right this injustice.

Other Info:

Washington State's laws governing justifiable homicide clearly fall on Gail's side.


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Next move is to recall and fire Tucker. Remember him at election time at least.

posted by Lee Warran 11 days ago

Gail you are a hero in my eyes! I hope that I get to be on your Jury (although my family is in law enforcement so that won't happen). I do not in anyway support what they are putting your family through. I will help spread the word to support your family. Best of luck!

posted by Jaime Sparber 10 months ago

Mr & Mrs Gerlach. My family & I would like you to know that we are fully supporting you & are working in a joint effort to see what all we can come up with for Gail's defence. Times are tough for everyone financially but coming from a family that helped found this great town back in the 1800's I feel an obligation to step up for you & for what's right. In the meantime, may I suggest putting on some benefits to raise money for his defence as well as community support? We would be more than willing to volunteer our time in these efforts. Please message me if there's anything more we can do & god bless you & your family.

posted by Kenny Blessing 10 months ago

I am a poor soul too, but I will share this with anyone who will listen. I am sorry that your going through this. My prayers be with you!

posted by Amber Custer 10 months ago

http://www.armedcitizensnetwor Better get a hold of Marty Hayes in Onalaska, WA

posted by M Shawn Davis 10 months ago

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Praying for Mr. Gerlach's acquittal every day.



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