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This fund is to help my mom and sister's family recovery from the May 20th tornado that took my sister's life and left my mom and nephew in the hospital. Thank you for your support and g... more


Updated posted by Jeremy Soulek 9 months ago

Here is another update on my family...

My mother Joy Waldroop had her surgery to fix her shattered heel on June 17th. Although all went well, surgery took longer than expected. Recovery is slow going, she can't put any weight on it for at least 12 weeks. She is staying with my wife and I now. She still don't know when she will be able to go back to work.

My nephew Jackson has had surgery to fix the large piece of tissue that the tornado ripped from his right buttocks. They took skin grafts from his left leg to fill it in. He is now in The Children's center for rehab, where he will remain until his wounds are completely healed, then back to the hospital for other surgeries. He still has at least 3 surgery's left. His fractured pelvis, severed urethra and reverse his colostomy bag.


Updated posted by Jeremy Soulek 10 months ago

Here is an update on my mother and nephew.

My mother is going in to have surgery to fix her shattered heal on June 17th, and be there a couple days.

My nephew had surgery on June 11th to close up his large wounds on his legs and buttocks. They had to get skin off his left thigh to graft on his buttocks. His pelvis is still fractured, but they are waiting on this last surgery to heal before they attempt to fix it. The urologist says he can't do surgery to repair his severed urethra for at least six months. He has a long road to recovery, he will go to a rehab to learn to walk again after having a pin put in his right leg to fix his femur that was broken in three places.

This little boy has been through so much, not only all the injuries, but loosing his momma (Shannon Quick) and little dog Luke, to that terrible monster tornado.

Thank you all for your generosity and prayers!
Jeremy Soulek


Updated posted by Jeremy Soulek 10 months ago

I have added a video of my nephew Jackson Quick from Ali Meyer on KFOR. You need to watch. He is one strong, brave boy!


Jackson Quick story

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Created by Jeremy Soulek on May 22, 2013

This fund is to help my mom and sister's family recovery from the May 20th tornado that took my sister's life and left my mom and nephew in the hospital. Thank you for your support and generous gift. Please keep us in your prayers. God Bless You!


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Kent works with the Dad of the Quick Family. He lost his wife and his son has a long road of recovery. Many surgeries and rehabilation in this difficult time. Thank you for considering a donation to this family so the daddy can be off with his son while he is in the hospital and thru his surgeries

posted by Kim Duvall 10 months ago

Hey Jackson! This is Mrs. Schroeder. Praying for you. By the way--What books do you want to read--you name it, I will find it. I even deliver!!!

posted by Teresa Schroeder 10 months ago

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Toney and Melinda Foster

4 months ago


Kathleen and GardaDean, we hope your children and grandchildren receive the care and help that they need. I know all of you will live with the pain of this event for the rest of your lives. I hope knowing that there are many people who care will help.




6 months ago



Lowe's 72

7 months ago


In honor of a member of our Lowe's Family from the Lowe's store in Ponca City, Oklahoma.



Becky Thorpe

8 months ago



Judy Withee

8 months ago




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marlene Kelley-White

8 months ago


Be Blessed



Erin Mesker

8 months ago



Nicole Angle

9 months ago


Jackson-so sorry for the loss of your mom We would love to meet you some day.. Sydney Angle's mommy & daddy.




9 months ago


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