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**LIKE our FaceBook page for daily updates HERE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kai-the-Hitchhiker-Legal-Support-Page/131972146999628 Caleb "Kai" Lawrence McGillivary (or Kai the Ho... more


Created by Terry Ratliff on May 16, 2013

**LIKE our FaceBook page for daily updates HERE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kai-the-Hitchhiker-Legal-Support-Page/131972146999628

Caleb "Kai" Lawrence McGillivary (or Kai the Home Free Hitchhiker) was arrested in a New Jersey investigation and is facing significant charges. We have set this fundraiser up so that Kai will get the resources he needs for the costs that might lie ahead in his defense. gofundme will release ALL monies to apply directly toward Kai’s legal support. Any who wish to make a monetary contribution are encouraged to write a short note to Kai in the appropriate text field. He has expressed that that he feels sustained by his supporters. Remember that no contribution is too small! Thank you for your help!

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Suicide is NOT the answer dude , nobody's perfect. You did the right thing , you're a hero. God is with you man, just stay positive and I'll be here if you need a friend or a shoulder to cry too. Just a reminder your not alone man everyone's here. God bless you Kai ...

posted by Caroline Rodriguez 2 months ago

hope you'll be free soon, good luck

posted by Ediz Yurdakul 2 months ago

you're a hero man hope you'll be free soon

posted by Pim Vaartjes 6 months ago

hope you will be free soon

posted by Kaspars Matusevics 9 months ago

Preserve your mind in a box, and store it for safe keeping until you get out of the shadows and back into the light.

posted by Chase Diehard 9 months ago

I'm about to star a campaign in colombia to collect money for Kai #FREEKAI !!!. I Will donate if i successfully collected the 100 or 200 dollars

posted by Johann Gil 10 months ago

Planet 8 Clothing donated 4 shirts to kai in march. Coolest guy Ever if you watch the video of him being hand cuffed in NJ with the CALI 8 DESIGN http://youtu.be/vesvAzVsMK0 CRAZY DOPE HE LIKED OUR CLOTHES!!! #FREEKAI www.planet8clothing.com

posted by Paul Vargas 10 months ago

Looks like this fund will only be for his legal bills and not bail. Canada (his home country) wants him detained for some legal trouble up there. He's in trouble no matter what but I still wish him the best

posted by Nathan Irwin 11 months ago

Kai, whatever happened to the asshole who did this to you was well deserved! hope he suffered. hope u get out of prison to fight this from the outside. You are are the victim!

posted by Ivana Kalas 11 months ago

I hope the message sent to Terry can make a difference. It will be uphill, but me and a lot of people are willing to listen and give you a fair shake. Be your own advocate. Ka is a wheel, and you will end up where you should. :) I already see the media spin. SMH. All the best. I'll be watching, and am squarely in your corner for a fair trial for the truth to come out. Keep your spirits up. I am sure you will be inundated with mail showing your support. Hold that in your heart to carry you through. Keep your eye on the party in your honor when you get out, and help the person, or people, you were meant to while in there. You must be there for a reason.

posted by Dawn Zo 11 months ago

We're all behind you, Kai. We'll do everything in our power to help you.

posted by Dale Jackson 11 months ago

Kai is a genuinely good soul. I will stand behind him 200%. In regards the perv that went to hell, i have one word for him #rotten

posted by Marcia Manzello 11 months ago

I ran into Kai in Arcata, CA, trying to cheer up a heartbroken friend, he deserves a fair trial and a good lawyer.

posted by Mario Peter 11 months ago

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High 5's!!!



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fives!!!!!!! ...happy birthday Donna ;)



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Happy Birthday Donna, big love to Kai!



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Happy Birthday Donna!! Here are some fives for you and Kai to share!!



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