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1Du with one of the dogs at her shelter, currently in a highrise apartment block. Du Yufeng is the founder of Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre in Guangyuan, Sichuan, China. She has closed down many slaughterhouses, restaurants and shops sel... more


Updated posted by Lisa Price-Dobson 8 months ago

The donations have been sent and received in Du's bank, thanks to everyone who donated!



Updated posted by Lisa Price-Dobson 8 months ago

The donation fundraiser is now closed. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, it is a massive sum and will surely help Du to get her new shelter soon. You have all been so generous in your donations, shares and support and I want to thank each and every one of you. I will be going to the bank in the next few minutes to transfer the donations to Du's bank. Please watch our facebook page for a video of her thanks once the funds have cleared in her bank.
Again, thank you to everyone for your faith in us.



Created by Lisa Price-Dobson on May 14, 2013

1Du with one of the dogs at her shelter, currently in a highrise apartment block.

Du Yufeng is the founder of Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre in Guangyuan, Sichuan, China. She has closed down many slaughterhouses, restaurants and shops selling dog meat. She rescues dogs and cats from the meat trade and educates the public why eating these animals are bad for your health and why it is cruel to slaughter dogs in the way they are currently slaughtered. She has worked with the Guangyuan government to implement a TNVR (Trap Neuter Vaccinate Release)programme and successfully stopped the government from culling stray dogs, instead implementing the TNVR approach. Du is currently waiting to build a bigger shelter and Hand In Hand With Asia's Animal Activists are involved with raising money to help her with this. Du has already purchased the land for the new shelter and desperately needs funds to build the shelter and rescue more dogs. At present she has told us that she will be unable to rescue anymore animals because she doesn't have the space to keep them. At present she is keeping the dogs in a highrise apartment block, the neighbours are complaining of the noise of the dogs barking and the smell. Du needs help urgently before the authorities close the apartment block shelter down. Bigger dogs are bullying the smaller dogs so they cannot be together which means the smaller dogs are put into cages and only let out for a little while each day. Du desperately needs your help to build the bigger shelter so that all the dogs can be allowed out and be safe.

Dog already slaughtered, seized by Du, will receive a respectful burial.

Dogs already slaughtered and butchered, seized by Du, will receive a respectful burial.

When Du is too late to rescue live dogs, she takes the bodies of dogs already slaughtered and/or butchered back home to give them a respectful burial.

Please make a donation and be a part of helping dogs from the meat trade to get a second chance at life. Help Du realise her dream of a bigger shelter which will also have onsite veterinary facilities, sleeping quarters for volunteers to stay with sick animals, gardens for the public to bring their own dogs to relax, a pet cemetery so that bereaved owners can visit their beloved pets graves and an education centre so that conferences can be held on animal welfare.
All donations will be sent to Du at the end of June 2013 when she will send us photos to show you that she has received your donation.

TheYulin Dog Meat Festival will be held in a few weeks time (summer solstice in June) where thousands of dogs will suffer the most horrendous, barbaric, slow and painful death, but Du will be there, as she was last June, protesting and educating people why not to eat dog meat and why it is so cruel.
Click HERE to see the video of the protest:-

Du has been helping the animals affected by the earthquake in Ya'an by delivering and distributing food and vaccinating the dogs and cats to prevent the local government from implementing a mass cull because of disease.

Du with some of the 195 dogs that she rescued from slaughter in November 2011, Pengzhou.

You can follow more of Du's rescues and news plus other news from China and Asia on our facebook page:-



Letter of entrustment plus English translation from Du to confirm that Hand In Hand With Asia's Animal Activists are raising money for her and that she is aware of it/us:-


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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you are absolutely amazing Du, please have another fundraiser soon and we will all help you. never give up. we have to stop this horrific cruetly.

posted by Julie Randle 7 months ago

magnifique ce que vous faite!! continuer vous etes un ange

posted by Sophie Jimmy 8 months ago

Thank you for your work...You are an angel

posted by Pavel Leibl 8 months ago

At last many Chinese people are becoming animal activists and trying to bring in animal welfare. We must help these people. Slagging the whole Chinese race helps no-one, we must continue to petition and harass Chinese leaders and educate the dog/ cat meat traders and eaters, but most of all we must help and support the good people of China to bring and end to this diabolical trade Du; a real living Angel

posted by Carolyne Tivey 9 months ago

God Bless all those that care for and rescue these dogs and cats from TORTURE and consumption:-(

posted by Tessa Connorton 9 months ago

Thank you for your work ... you elevate the reputation of your country!

posted by Romano Girardi 9 months ago

I truly support Du Yufeng's initiative to build a shelter for dogs. I sincerely hope Du and her team will be able to shutdown many more slaughter houses, prevent and stop all kinds of cruelty to dogs and save as many animals possible.

posted by Priyamvadha Suresh 9 months ago

Thank you Du. Our words of love and encouragement are with you as you continue to save the many lives of our companion friends. My prayers are with you and our companion friends, for God has intended for them to live on this earth.

posted by Vickie Qureshi 9 months ago

You are an angel...bless all our fourlegged friends..much love xx

posted by Donna Marshall 9 months ago

Thanks so very much for rescued,saving and helping this poor dogs .You are a wonderful,good woman.

posted by Guro Margrethe Skjold 9 months ago

Write, direct account of these people, not through Pay Pal!

posted by Екатерина Нова 9 months ago

your the keys of all those good works i salute you!!!

posted by Josie Gaquing 9 months ago

bravo vous pour sauver ces pauvres bbs !!!

posted by Tonia Di Bello 9 months ago

merci mille fois pour ces pauvres chiens qui n'ont rien demand,vous etes une trs bonne personne!

posted by Maggy Person 9 months ago

merci enfin un ange pour aider ses pauvres chiens ,vous ets leur sauveteuse ,leur voix ,en france on vous aima

posted by Myriam Nuagette 9 months ago

Thanks for all of them !!! You are a marvellous personn !!!!!!

posted by Liz Birnie Scott-de Pauw 9 months ago

Thank you for all your great help for the animals !!!!

posted by Elisa Friedl Meinhard 9 months ago

You are doing a fantastic job! Please don't give up. We are all spreading the word.

posted by Fiona Ingram 9 months ago

Its so good to see that you help the dogs

posted by Jolanda Hinssen 10 months ago

Thank you for your help for the dogs

posted by Judith Meienberg 10 months ago

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michala peckover

8 months ago


You have the support of dog lovers the world over, Du. In a nation where it is known for its atrocities towards animals, you are a shining star and a saviour to these animals x



Marilyn Mayers

8 months ago



Lisa Boguta

8 months ago


Thank you so much for fighting for these beautiful dogs, you are an amazing lady, keep fighting you will win x




8 months ago



Lisa G

8 months ago




8 months ago




8 months ago



Kim Penn

8 months ago


Love Sydney the malamute x



eric janty

8 months ago



fabienne falcetta

8 months ago


je vous aiderai tant que je pourrais, ce massacre doit définitivement cesser!


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