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Up until 14 weeks ago, I was a working phlebotomist renting a room in Thousand Oaks, CA. I felt a small lump on my neck... and so the story goes. I now have a large mass on my neck. I am... more


Updated posted by Ame Brenner 26 days ago

so thank all of you for being with me through this journey, unfortunately as of March 27th 2014, I have been notified that the tumor board at county hospital wants to do surgery to check why the liver metastis are not leaving . my consultation with the surgeon is April 7th at ventura county, and the surgery shortly after that, I am scared, terrified, horrified, but it is what it is. My $304 dollars per week from disability is gone, you only get that for a year, my room rental is $750 dollars per month, we can do the math, Need help, a guesthouse for River and I financial support, I dont know what to say anymore, I hope none of you ever have to go through this, truly...with love and courage and hope that someone, has a prefab with a yard, ANYTHING


11 months into cancer


Updated posted by Ame Brenner 5 months ago

Fighting for my life and my beloved and beautiful River. And my love of horses


Created by Ame Brenner on May 11, 2013

Up until 14 weeks ago, I was a working phlebotomist renting a room in Thousand Oaks, CA. I felt a small lump on my neck... and so the story goes. I now have a large mass on my neck. I am scheduled for surgery to remove it. My job had no healthcare or benefits so I find myself in the County system and struggling with no income or savings. My room rental is $750 per month and I am only receiving $303 per week through disability. The surgery is going to be a 2-3 hour procedure. After that the surgeon and pathologist will give me more information.

If that is not enough, my old car has completely died so I don't know how to get to the treatment I will be needing.

I have an Alaskan Malamute named River. He is my life partner. I spent months training him to become a therapy dog for special needs people. He has now become my therapy dog due to all my symptoms.

Hopefully in the future I can go back to having a normal life. My needs are simple, my diagnosis is not. River and I are a team. I hope you can find it in your heart to help us.

Unfortunately, my mom dad and my sister were killed in an accident, so there is no help there. I realize my amount seems incredibly high, but if I need chemotherapy and/or radiation I will need a vehicle for River and I to get around in- nothing fancy, just something that runs and is safe.

This photo was taken before my illness. I just want my face back, and my life so that I can grow old with River. Thank you.

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so an update, I am fighting, bald no eyebrows no eyelashes left and wonked out from massive doses of steroids, try and imagine my friends going this journey alone, in the physical sense, River is my inspiration living mylife another few decades is my inspiration, you try and be brave and strong while you rent a room looking around for strength and courage and money to eat, close your eyes and imagine

posted by Ame Brenner 6 months ago

so an update, I have been diagnosed with 4th stage non hodgkins lymphoma, I was released from county hospital on Saturday after a 4 day infusion haze, got my neulasta injection yesterday and back to the hospital in ventura tomorrow the 11th for labwork and a meeting with the oncologist, I'm in for an 8 month roadtrip of chemo and a bone marrow transplant inbetween. I have a River to raise as you all know and have every intention of hope and a long life with my beautiful boy, to my loyal friends, my heart , to my brother who made a reconnection after 7 years, my love, and to life, long to be lived

posted by Ame Brenner 9 months ago

claire, victoria, christine, karen, Gail, love to all of you, now .....we have some cancer to kill ladies

posted by Ame Brenner 10 months ago

Thank you to all you are extending so much grace, tomorrow i go for my bone marrow biopsy, cancer is now in my liver and back in my neck, I say we all just KILL THE CANCER

posted by Ame Brenner 10 months ago

humbled, grateful for all the help, surgery tomorrow, scared

posted by Ame Brenner 11 months ago

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Victoria Miller

26 days ago


Ame, I am SO sorry you are going through this. Stay strong & on your knees in prayer every day! Please try not to allow the fear to take over. Fear is not our friend physically, mentally or otherwise. You are a strong person & be brave! I am saying prayers for you daily! XOXOXOXO



Joan Holmes

27 days ago


Sending love and healing vibes.



Denettee Sirota

5 months ago


Stay strong Sister!



Donnie Graves

5 months ago


Keep on stepping' on the gas and driving forward Ame! We love you!



Janice Bash

6 months ago


You have beaten it and now you will be stronger than ever. But you need a bit if time to bounce back. Call on me when you need more. It's a birthday minth for 6 family members and two high school dances so lots of financial strain currently. All my love😘



Gail Harris

6 months ago



Christina W.

7 months ago


Hi Ame, I'm a friend of Lexie' her and her generous heart. Blessings to you and River.



Caren ( Morton ) Rowell

7 months ago


Happy Birthday Ame, I Love You!



Marianne Edwards

7 months ago


I know it's only a small amount but want you to know we care. (We try to give a little bit where ever we can.) You should know it's because you're Talia Mannello's friend and she asked us to help...



Spencer Churchill

9 months ago


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