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This page was created to benefit Karissa Dobbins, an eighth-grade student of mine who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Karissa is a student who can instantly light up a ro... more


Updated posted by Molly Dullea 11 months ago




Updated posted by Molly Dullea 11 months ago

For those who would like to see the head shaving, here it is! It's not very close up, but a friend edited it very well.

This day was not about me...it was about our love and support for Karissa and a class being united for a special cause....which is why I am so happy she came, because that was the highlight for everyone. The class was ecstatic to show her what they had been doing with the ribbons and it made their day.

We miss your smiling face Karissa!


Created by Molly Dullea on May 10, 2013

This page was created to benefit Karissa Dobbins, an eighth-grade student of mine who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Karissa is a student who can instantly light up a room with her smile, her humor, and her zest for life. As she has started treatment and has not been in the classroom in the past few weeks, we have missed her dearly and are thinking about her every day.

I've started this fund to make sure she keeps smiling throughout her battle with Lymphoma. I asked Karissa if there was something that she's always wanted or needs that would keep her busy while she was out of school and in treatments....and in her humble and respectful way, she responded, "no". A few minutes later, after some prying, she revealed that her computer had broken a while ago and she does not have one. So, I'd like to raise money to get her that computer.

Additionally, the money raised will go towards some medical expenses, as well as to the American Cancer Society fund.

I have also decided to shave my head on Friday, May 17th (my students will do it) to let Karissa know that no one fights alone. I'd also like to do this in honor of my dearest friend, Clare, who has been kicking cancer's butt for 67 weeks now. I promise to upload pictures on this page :)

Any donation will help, and thoughts and prayers are just as good :) Bless you all!

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I would like to first thank Molly so much for creating this Web Site for my daughter, you & so many other Teachers at Bellamy have gone way beyond what I ever expected. I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being there & so supportive to Karissa & my self. We thank each & everyone that has made a donation God Bless You All!

posted by Kim Amador Collamore 11 months ago

Karrisa I just wanted to let you that you are like my sister and I love you so much you are not alone, I still remember how we first met eachother and I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH I, keep you in my prayers and thanks Msr.Pyko for helping out and thanx to everyone else that donated money I really appreciate it because I love Karrisa and this really means alot to me... I LOVEEEE YOUU KARRISA YOUR ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS BATTLE JUST REMEMBER IM ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS I PROMISE, JUST HAVE FAITH IN GOD.....

posted by Sammi Quintana 11 months ago

I'm keeping you in my thoughts, and in my Prayers, Karissa. Keep the faith. (((Big Hugs))) I was so touched by this story. I also, am a Cancer Patient, and I think you Molly Dullea, are such an amazing, and beautiful woman. You truly are an Angel, in peoples eyes. to Sacrafice, and make someone feel like they are not alone. Its a very hard thing to go through, and sometimes....even though we are not alone...sometimes we feel that way. The changes we endure....are very difficult sometimes...but its people like you, that make us remember, that there are truly some amazing people in this world... "GodBless"

posted by Loriann Bourgeois 11 months ago

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Diana Nubile

10 months ago


Karissa You're Strong. You're Smart. You're Sweet. You're Funny. You're a Wonderful Person. You're a Great Friend. You're Beautiful. You're This and So Much, Much More... You Can Do Whatever You Set Your Mind To. You Have So Much to Live, Enjoy & Experience, and So Many Who Are Cheering You On!!! Fight Hard!!! Never Give Up!!! You'll Get Through This... ;-) And You Are Going to be YOU, But Better!!! We Miss Seeing Your Smiling Face at School. KARISSA STRONG!!! I Love ya Girl, Miss Nubile



Claudia Jorge

10 months ago


Karissa, Wishing you well . Stay strong,I'm thinking of you each day.




10 months ago




10 months ago



Jessica ciaschini

10 months ago


Keep up the good fight Karissa, stay strong and positive!



Regina Hunt

10 months ago


I was scrolling through my Facebook and came across this story.. As a mom I was Brought to tears.. Beat money I've ever spent!!! My prayers will be with her💜



Kerry Savoy

11 months ago


Karissa, I'm a friend of you're mom's. She's told me a lot about you, and your strength, and courage! Keep your loved ones close, and you will get through this! God Bless!



Robin & Bryan

11 months ago


Karissa, we wish you the best of luck with your treatments. And Molly, thanks for sponsoring this fund for Karissa. That was a great haircut event, by the way. Lots of fun to see.



Mrs. Dillahunt

11 months ago


Good luck Karissa... Everyone at Bellamy is thinking of you!



Brennan Roy

11 months ago


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