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*SECOND UPDATE* After 10 hours Tucker is out of surgery! The next few days will be critical. Please keep him, his family, friends and the donor in your thoughts. *UPDATE ON TUCKER* T... more


Created by Lindsay Rose England on April 30, 2013

After 10 hours Tucker is out of surgery! The next few days will be critical. Please keep him, his family, friends and the donor in your thoughts.

Tucker is currently at Duke Medical Center getting a double lung transplant. We made it but there is still lots of raising and support to go! Thank you for everyone's continues support and love!!

Tucker Gordon has been dealing with cystic fibrosis is whole life. Its a hereditary chronic disease that effects your pancreas, lungs and other vital organs. After 25 years of treatments, medicine, and many days and nights spent in the hospital, his lungs are close to giving up and Tuckers only hope is to receive a double lung transplant. Receiving a double lung transplant is more of a process than you would think-you don't receive the lungs and then go home. Once you are accepted by a hospital like DUKE your family has to promise to be fully committed mentally, physically, and financially. Although the mental part will come natural, the other two are a struggle. You have to promise that all all times(24 hours a day seven days a week) there will be someone there for the patient that will be willing to take care and watch over him. This is a process that takes minimum of three months after the transplant. This person will have to drive the patient to and from their rehab help with medicine and iv's, and be able to live in the duke area out of a hotel for that whole time. This is a huge financial problem when most hotels withe the medical discount in that area is about on avg 90$ a night. They don't want to transplant patients who wont be able to receive the proper care after and be able to heal right so they make sure that you have the proper funding. If everything was to go perfect and Tucker was released to go home after three months that is still over 8000 just in living. Not including gas, food, medicine etc. We were lucky enough to have insight on this early and raise money for Chantel and with help of family and friends get the money together. Not everyone is as fortunate and you can imagine being a single mom and having to pay her rent, tuckers rent, and now rent in DUKE this is close to impossible without help. Please think about Tucker and without these lungs he cant get better. Chantel finally had the chance to see what it was like to breathe and she told me it was the best feeling in the world. Lets give Tucker that chance and the chance to keep living a better life. Anything will help.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this page.



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Good luck.

posted by Sal Ac 11 months ago

Love you Tucker, stay strong.

posted by Marianne Edwards 11 months ago

Love you bro! Let's get well soon!

posted by Irish Sean King 11 months ago

Tucker we are praying for your strength and courage!! I know you through Stacy and Rob Gebhardt... Parents of Myles who also has Cf. you are an inspiration!! God bless you and your family!!!

posted by Leann Gray 11 months ago

Wow! This is so amazing. You probably don't remember me but we met in a day camp during summer once. I think it was like some kind of outdoorsy camp - we went like rock climbing and tubing on the James and that kind of thing. Looks like you've touched many peoples lives!! Get well soon!!

posted by Jessica Gentry 11 months ago

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

posted by Donna Haines 11 months ago

Barbara, Marye-Ann would probably be able to describe the next steps better but here is what I know: He is being evaluated in the ICU at Duke. They will do chest x-rays, scans of every sort and see just how bad the infection is. Once they determine if his body would be a good candidate to accept healthy lungs, they will place him on the lung transplant list. Transplant lists work by giving the organs to those that are most sick by region. If a donor becomes available, they will check to see who on the list is most sick, if that is Tucker at that point, then they will have to ensure that the donor matches Tucker (blood type, approx. age, size, etc). It is all a waiting game from here, but we know Tucker is staying strong and is a fighter!! Hope that helps explain, Barbara!

posted by Laura Ann 11 months ago

I understand Tucker is now at Duke! Can someone share what the next steps are?

posted by Barbara Rolando 11 months ago

Every Anonymous donor, from $5.00 to $5,000.00 is making a huge difference. Thank you all so much!

posted by Robert Lynch 11 months ago

Please don't get so famous that you can't come back to work. Ellwood isn't the same without you!

posted by Cristin McKnight 11 months ago

Praying for you Tuck!! You've taught me soo much , from how to make coffee to how to park the van properly! I'm anxiously waiting for your recovery so you can teach me some more new tricks that you have up your sleeve! Lol..get well :) tuckaway misses you

posted by Brittnay Claytor 11 months ago

Everyone is doing amazing!! Thank you!

posted by Lindsay England 11 months ago

I believe we might have met in passing. You have clearly made a vast difference in many of my friends lives. Rock on!

posted by Cat Lingerfelt 11 months ago

The more I read on this site as well as Facebook I am blown away at the support and kindness of people. Tucker stay strong, and fight this nasty disease. You may be the one to tell the next story of survival,and God's blessings. Prayers are with you:)

posted by Linda Fay 11 months ago

Hey Tucker! I left you a message on fb too, but I just saw that you were in the ICU. I wanted to let you know that all the nurses on C3 are thinking about you and praying that you get your transplant! Keep your head up!

posted by Laura Caterino 11 months ago

Wishing you the best. Look into Ronald McDonald house in Durham. My parents stayed there when I was in the hospital for a long time as a small child. They are great!

posted by Bryan Tims 11 months ago

Hang in there Tuck

posted by Kaitlen Roane 11 months ago

Praying for you.

posted by Alexandra Suder 11 months ago

Please don't ever give up even when things don't look right just hold your head up high thank and praise GOD. my son is a heart faluire pt. and St. Louis Mo. childrens had to find groups that would pay his bill up there and pay for us to stay at Haven House, he was gonna get heart transplant but he didn't need it right then so he's on a non active. my son had bacteria staph that almost evryone dies from and I prayed for GOD to heal his body and bring him back to me and he answered all the prayers, ya he still ain't completely healed but I believe with time. He had to see many doctors to be approve for the heart transplant and me knowing I had to care for him. Life bring's many chanllenges but as long as we have Faith in the LORD we will concure. I pray that GOD fluds you with money and healing so you don't have to worry so much about those thing's, you guy's need to be stress free and having those that will be very helpful, oh I know. May GOD BLESS YOU and YOU FAMILY in MANY WAYS.

posted by Marty Hurst 11 months ago

Lets get to 9,000$! Start thinking if dares! #daretobreathe

posted by Lindsay England 11 months ago

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7 months ago



Timothy Wilson

8 months ago


I am on permanent disability or I would offer to donate either a lung if I were a match or more money if I had it. I did want to contribute something though.



Jodie Strum

8 months ago


Thanks to Marissa Beatty for setting up the fundraiser!



Zoe Durham

8 months ago




9 months ago



Kathryn Fields

9 months ago


Wishing all the best to Mr. Tucker, who remains one of our son Max's favorite teachers at Tuckaway Ellwood House in Carytown...




9 months ago



Kirstin Demmer

9 months ago


bracelet sales :)



Lynn Zuravleff

9 months ago


I remember your brother Tucker, Page. Gone but never forgotten. Wishing the best for his namesake nephew and your family. God bless. Lynn Pankey Zuravleff



Jeff & Lisa Knock

9 months ago


Praying for a speedy recovery.


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