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My 7 month old baby boy, Roy, is recovering from brute trauma to his brain that happened 3 weeks ago. He was a victim by my ex-boyfriend and was nearly killed. This evil person has been... more


Updated posted by Elizabeth Higbe Crouch 10 months ago

Baby Roy is improving daily thanks to all the continued prayers for him. We appreciate every single one of you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Little Roy is laughing, mimicing sounds, saying 'mama', rolling over, smiling, growing stronger, and we think his vision is getting better.

He is still on a ton of medication including anti-seizure, antibiotics, neurological meds, sedatives, etc. And he's still trying to get the left side of his body to function well. His mama is excellent at taking care of him and administering all his meds on a tight schedule.

As for me, grandma, sometimes the tears fall unexpectedly. I think I'm fine, then all at once I find myself crying.

I think a lot of those tears come from the unsurmountable gratitude I have toward God and all of you for healing Baby Roy. It really is so unbelievable, that God's hand is working directly in our life. He is truly listening to our prayers.

Baby Roy had the opportunity to have both his baby cousins snuggle with him last week.

Enjoy the photo!

May God bless each and every one of you!


Baby Roy with his two younger cousins


Updated posted by Elizabeth Higbe Crouch 10 months ago

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

Thank the Good Lord above, Baby Roy rolled over a few times this week. What a giant step!

The other night, he was laying down in the living room and his momma walked silently around him. His eyes followed her every move. I believe he could see her.

Shaani is amazing with Little Roy. She has to give him medication every 4-6 hours and do a lot of physical and occupational therapy with him.
OK, I know that when my girls were little, I knew that if they cried when they were learning to do something new, it was OK. But listening to Little Roy cry when Shaani is encouraging him to do something new breaks my heart. I just want to pick him up and hold him. Good thing I'm just the grandma! Otherwise, we'd be holding him until he's thirty! Then maybe I'd let him learn!

His grandpa Roy is the same way as me. He holds him every night in his chair (I think that's Little Roy's favorite spot). Roy said that he can only hold him until he's about twelve or thirteen; otherwise people might think he's too big!

One last topic for tonight:

I am so proud of my family's compassion. Speaking individually with Roy, Shaanon, Chelsea, Chaffey, and Jesse, I've learned that none holds hatred in their heart. We're all saddened, of course, and angry at times, but love for Baby Roy and compassion override hatred. God is carrying us through.

Once again, God is listening to all the prayers lifted up to him for Baby Roy and our family. Thank you and God bless you all.

Grandma Liz


Updated posted by Elizabeth Higbe Crouch 11 months ago

Dear family and friends, (this is grandma Liz)

Sorry for the delay in updates. I went back to work last week and have been exhausted with work and emotions.

Baby Roy is doing well at home. He's much more relaxed and is improving every day. I think we're all more relaxed! It hasn't been easy, per se, but it's much better being home.

A few days ago I was massaging Little Roy's feet and calves. He chuckled when I started massaging him! He loved it. His little legs are so strong, but he hasn't been able to use them lately, so he loved the massage. And I loved his chuckle. Just to hear him laugh and see him smile makes my day.

Yesterday, he squinted his eyes at the sunshine! That's a really good sign!

We'll try to get some photos posted soon.

And again, thank you for your continued prayers. God is listening. It amazes me every time I think of the miracle he is performing in front of our eyes. He's performing this miracle to answer all our prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love and blessings to all!

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Created by Elizabeth Higbe Crouch on April 29, 2013

My 7 month old baby boy, Roy, is recovering from brute trauma to his brain that happened 3 weeks ago. He was a victim by my ex-boyfriend and was nearly killed. This evil person has been charged, is currently incarcerated, and will most likely spend many years in prison for this.
My son has had a part of his skull removed due to inflammation, that piece put back on, a broken leg, skull fracture, has suffered from strokes, seizures, is currently blind, etc. We were told he probably wasn't going to live and if he did then he was going to basically be a vegetable. He has defied their odds in many ways and is breathing, drinking a bottle, and moving his limbs on his own. The rest of his functioning and mental capacity is a complete mystery at the moment, but I have full faith through Jesus that he'll be ok.
This will be a long road of recovery, including extensive dr.'s appointments, physical therapy, possible future surgeries, etc. All donations will go straight to my son's medical expenses and care. Praise the Lord for giving me all of these miracles, including sparing his life.

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I am so happy I found this sight and the baby is doing much better. A day has not gone by I don't wonder about this little guy.I was at the hospital when the police were questioning this monster and I knew something bad happen to this baby,When the police went out side to talk I was keeping my eye on this guy cause I thought he was going to run and I would have tackled this man.It is a miracle and proof that God is working in your life. My heart goes out to you and your family for everything you have had to endure.My prayers are and will continue for your precious boy and family.

posted by Jannelle Seaton 9 months ago

John and I will pray for your sweet boy Roy!! Miracle happen through our Lord Jesus Christ. The brain is an amazing thing and heals so interestingly.

posted by Sonja Luckie Jones 10 months ago

Praying for you both. Rachel Hardin IMS Products

posted by Rachel Hardin 11 months ago

Praying for you baby Roy and your fast recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying that God will continue to give you strength and your mother strength and Grace to go through this time with you. Hang in there little man, and keep up the good fight! We are all on your team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

posted by Rebecca Heuberger 11 months ago

Just received, and release our heart for a rest...pray our baby Roy...

posted by John Tu 11 months ago

Our prayers are with you and your little boy.

posted by Lucretia Carter 11 months ago

im so glad he is ok. Great to hear he is recovering. Cant imagine what you are going thru Shaanon. Youre an amazingly strong woman

posted by Vera Stancil 11 months ago

We have you n your son in our prayers.

posted by Christian Scott 11 months ago

Praying for you entire family!

posted by Eileen Holsclaw 11 months ago

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