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(To help fund Amy & Adams * LIGHTS ON * please click on DONATE then please scroll down and click on CONTINUE) We're Amy & Mark Adams-Westin from Saint Paul, MN. Amy & Adams, the mus... more


Updated posted by Mark Adams-Westin 14 days ago

It's been a while and folks are still donating, and we're still booking and doing shows. Join Amy & Adams and spread the healing comfort & joy of Music.


Friends, Music & Comfort


Updated posted by Mark Adams-Westin 3 months ago

We finished 2013 with 3 shows today. 2 planned and one impromptu. We were playing a a New Years party at one of our regular Assisted Living places. The lady who hires us said that after our party she was going downstairs to do a party in Memory Care. We asked if they had any music, and she said no. We said now they do. LIGHTS ON! We went down after a great show with the rowdy folks upstairs and played for 8 or 9 lovely folks. They sang, clapped, and danced in their seats. It was such a joy. Then at 6 PM we did another show for another group of lovely seniors. So we've counted 2014 three times already. One more to go. It's a wonderful life.

Our donors are wondeful folks! Happy New Year and a 2014 filled with LIGHTS ON!


Updated posted by Mark Adams-Westin 4 months ago

We had another lovely LIGHTS ON show this week, December, 10th at the Wilder Adult Day Health Program,located at 650 Marshall Ave. Saint Paul. Folks sang along and shared their Holiday Cheer with us.

Thank you Donors.

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Created by Mark Adams-Westin on May 14, 2013

(To help fund Amy & Adams * LIGHTS ON *  please click on DONATE then please scroll down and click on CONTINUE)

We're Amy & Mark Adams-Westin from Saint Paul, MN. Amy & Adams, the musical duo, IS our day job.

For the last several minutes rushed, kind aids have been guiding someone’s parents, grandparents, or great grandparents in wheelchairs, walkers, and on their own into the community or dining room where we are setting up our sound system. In another few moments we will start our show for the smiling and with it, the somewhat beguiled, and some who struggle to remain awake and upright in their seats.

But we are confident that before they all know it, that ancient Hit or Hymn will ignite sparks of recognition in those few seemingly blank eyes, retrace young smiles amid the wrinkles, and reawakened bodies. We notice someone who, mere moments ago, was all but lifeless singing with us. Someone who they tell you later "has not even spoken since her family left her here several months ago.” Your show is done and visibly younger folks line up to grasp your hand and, “thank you kids, “ because, “you are just great.”

No gig, not even Central Park for a half a million, could top this moment. This is life as relevant as on any “reality TV" show, as vibrant and vital as in any bar, hipster club, or arena. We’ve just helped refresh and revitalize that life, and by God, they’ve just refreshed and revitalized ours.

You know what a sustaining miracle music is in your own life. This is why we are asking you to help us continue to bring that same miracle into the lives of wonderful folks who are underserved because of the universal trimming of budgets everywhere, especially in assisted living, memory care, and nursing home facilities. We’d like you to help us fund shows, at no charge, to these homes that have had to reduce or cut them altogether.

If you can fund $5,000, we will do 25 shows; $10,000, 50 shows; or, our dream, $20,000, 100 shows at no charge. Your help, whether $10 or $10,000 will bring music and joy to so many, and a smile to your own heart.

Find us at:

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Thank you all for your early kindness ans support for Amy & Adams * LIGHTS ON! * cammpaign. You've already funded 1 1/2 shows. Tomorrow we will call the perfect place for our first free show! We're pleased and excited!

posted by Mark Adams-Westin 11 months ago

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Dale Demastus

14 days ago


God bless you guys.




14 days ago (Offline Donation)


My Dad just loved your St Patrick's show. He sang his favorite Irish tunes. It changed his day and his mood!



Various for the Memorial to Rose Maas

4 months ago (Offline Donation)


We never met Rose but are proud that we can continue to bring healing music to others in her name. Thank you Rose and Donors.

Silver Sponsor


Susan Gohr

4 months ago


you two rock



Carol & Geoff Davis

5 months ago (Offline Donation)


In Memorial to Rose Maas.

Silver Sponsor


Pat Berger

5 months ago


Keep up the great work!

Silver Sponsor


Dawn Ammann

5 months ago


To be used for a memorial for Stevie Peterson's mother (Ms. Maas). I know what you do is very important. My aunts look forward to the singers that come to the nursing home they are in!

Sponsor Plus


Nita Wolf

6 months ago


I loved your newest video and posted it on FB. This $25.00 is given in Larry Vorwerk's name whose 62nd. birthday is tomorrow. We already have one of your artful flyers, Amy, so you can pass on sending us another one. We support you and your wonderful idea!

Sponsor Plus


Kim Myers

7 months ago (Offline Donation)


"Loved the video."

Silver Sponsor


Jim & Maren McGowan

7 months ago


In honor of Sue Cary-Hanson's birthday!


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