90yrold vet died denied VA/medicaid help

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update : 8/2013 iM VERY SORRY FOR THE LACK OF UPDATE The family are now looking into and have gotten a lawyer because after the ill treatment by the VA, the nursing homes- and their... more


Updated posted by Nicole March 2 months ago

ahh the neverending train of people asking for money after someone dies. My father is by no means rich and it is all piling on my mother.....its just sad even 9 months later it continues


Updated posted by Nicole March 12 months ago

Thank you very much ms wilke


Created by Nicole March on April 5, 2013

update : 8/2013


The family are now looking into and have gotten a lawyer because after the ill treatment by the VA, the nursing homes- and their failure to treat his leg, the utter and complete lack of communication of doctors from the local hospital, mistreatment by medicaid liaison. They believe it was mistreatment on many many sides. As you know with the death of anyone there is always a massive amount of debts. Please consider helping the family. read www.change.org/jamesmarch to see the original story. They have been in the local paper and on the tampa bay radio - the cowhead show discussing this unfortunate situation. This was a 90yr old vet of 2 wars who had received a purple heart that got NO HELP from the VA of florida.


I made this for my friend and after much persuasion she said OK: she is struggling with care for her 90 yr old father who is quite sick and is having a horrible time. Please take a moment and consider her and her family

--Patty- gofundme page organizer

UPDATE: I'm Nicole (the change.org petition organizer) and Jim (the vet) is my father.

For months now we’ve been fighting to save my father’s life and pursuing the uphill battle to get the VA to provide him with the services he needs. The VA has been extremely slow and nothing has really moved forward. It was only after news coverage and thousands of people signed the petition that we started having our phone calls returned. We went to get his medical records and were told they were burnt in a national archives fire in 1973 and to now contact the VA administration in Kansas. Its been an ongoing ordeal of paperwork and phone calls. Between taking care of dad and dealing with the VA bureaucracy, I’ve nearly exhausted all of my leave at work.

As for my father, sadly his situation has taken a turn for the worse. He got an infection/gangrene in his foot and his nursing home told us he would need to have amputation surgery this past Thursday. He was still talking, and was okay with having the surgery. He used to be a scientist and all medical procedures interest him greatly. He is a pretty resilient guy and joked he wanted to live as old as his grandmother (who made it to 101). Dad still had his mind (though was in the beginning stages of dementia) and even made a joke in the hospital "At least I don’t have the flesh eating disease" and to bring him "two bottles of champagne" when all was done.

Unfortunately when they brought him in for the procedure he flatlined twice after he received anesthesia. He was then revived but has not woken up. So the doctors were unable to complete the surgery. Now, while dad is not in a coma, he is unconscious and was removed from life support, and his pacemaker was deactivated. He is actually breathing on his own for the moment, on morphine, but really the infection/gangrene from his foot is spreading now and will take him any day now. The way this is going was not what we hoped for, we never expected amputation or anything like this. We expected a call that he went in his sleep or something like that. This was unfortunate and painful for him. Hospice has contacted us today about how to make some of these last days comfortable. It will be any day now, and we’re doing the best we can to be together as a family in this difficult time.

The VA has treated us terribly and even worse, it seems like its not uncommon. In months of shuffling paperwork back and forth little momentum has been gained. The VA didn’t really consider his age or condition and seemed to have no real interest in helping us—even though dad’s a purple heart recipient. It seemed, to us, like they were waiting for him to die. Our Medicaid representative was a horror (wouldn’t return calls, answer us if they needed more paperwork, nothing) and we still have no idea the status of our application. Medicaid gave us a case manager originally who we could never get a hold of for 3 weeks and then we found out she retired as we were assigned to her and they gave us the new case manager that is difficult to work with. It’s been an exhausting few months and I’m exhausted after this fight. It’s been really hard.

Our worry now is what could happen to us regarding paying for his funeral and possible expenses from the nursing home. He has a bit of life insurance that would go to my mother and we don’t know how long it will take to receive it. We hope a funeral home will wait for us to get it. We couldn’t afford a lawyer but had a few consultations and were told to look out for the chance his life insurance could be taken or we would be billed by various agencies that we had fought for these past few months. Even Medicaid who we were not even sure we received.. I have no idea if this is true (I just want to cover my bases) but aside from what really needs to be paid, I need to find out what has to be done to make sure what money my mother gets is secured and she is ok after this ordeal.

We hope you will consider a contribution. All funds that we raise through this site will be used for funeral expenses, attorney fees, and funds we need to make to pay for my father’s healthcare during his final days—funds that the VA has not provided. If you are unable to donate money, your thoughts, prayers, and advice about how to navigate situations like these would be amazing instead.

Here is the link to the original petition and the original story-It may be updated with this update in the next few days-

link to petition - http://www.change.org/petitions/veterans-affairs-support-a-90-yr-old-purple-heart-recipient-and-veteran-of-two-wars

Again, thank you for considering making a contribution. We know that the thousands of people who signed the petition care deeply about how our nation treats it’s veterans, and thank you in advance for your continued support.

Nicole and Barbara

end of UPDATE:

Original reason for this gofundme page below:

I'm looking to help them pay for a lawyer or a aging care advocate that could perhaps help them do better in this situation.

Im not looking for a handout for her, im trying to help get this done right. I want to try and get them some help. As she states in her petition she can provide any documentation to show this is surely real.

Thank you for your time

Patty D.

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