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Hello! As most of you already know, I have just been accepted to the Old Norse Religion MA program at the University of Iceland. The courses begin this fall, and I will be studying dir... more


Updated posted by Josh Rood 4 months ago

Hello everyone and, as they say in Iceland, Gleðileg Jól!!!!

Here´s a brief update and a question for you all. The question comes first, and is more of a request:
Send me your addresses. I would like to send out holiday postcards from Iceland, and I know some people wanted postcards regardless!

I just completed my first semester, and I did so as top of my class with a 9.68 in Old Norse Religion. It´s been a dream come true. I am currently cleaning up a 25 page paper I wrote on the annual festival cycle. If you want to read it, I will post another update when I am done. I haven´t gotten around to the blog yet....I´m horrible with blogs and, well, I´ve never been so busy in my life until this MA!


Updated posted by Josh Rood 9 months ago

Last night the Rood Brewfest was held in the Catskill Mountains in an attempt to raise money for the program. It was a huge success and aside from creating a ton of amazing memories for everyone involved, it raised 1,900 dollars.

What that means is that the total displayed on this page is incorrect. I have not raised 3800. I have raised 5,750!!!


Updated posted by Josh Rood 10 months ago

Plane ticket to Iceland purchased! I still have a ways to go though. Remember- There will be a brewfest on June 29th, complete with a great selection of kegged beer brewed specifically for the occasion, as well as mead, great food, yard games, music, and an auction!

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Created by Josh Rood on April 2, 2013

Hello!  As most of you already know, I have just been accepted to the Old Norse Religion MA program at the University of Iceland.  The courses begin this fall, and I will be studying directly under Terry Gunnell, with the probability of being able to continue with a PHD program.  I've dedicated my entire adult life to pursuing a respected degree in Old Norse Religion.  It's my passion.  It's my life. To be accepted into this program is a dream come true!

But I'm not there yet!  Student loans and scholarships are out of the question, which means I need to finance my education there myself.  The total sum required by the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration in order to study in Iceland for 1 year is 12,000 USD.  A hefty chunk of change, I know.  The upside is that this sum is actually the total amount they anticipate a student from the US will spend on ALL things (tuition, board, living expenses) for a year.  I can't even live for under that without school, here in NY.  The problem is that I need the money up front, and I need it before I go, in August.  

This is where I need your help!  I'm doing everything in my power to come up with as much as I possibly can on my own.  I'm working two full time jobs, and overtime on top of that.  I plan to sell my car.  I'm selling my guitars.  I'm trying to develop fundraising activities, such as auctions, contests, etc.  My best estimates are that I can make about half of the necessary cost by August.  I know that it's asking a lot, especially when people don't have much money themselves, but I need help.  Every little bit will help me.  If you know me, you know that I don't forget friends and good deeds.  I'll do everything in my power to return the favor to you.  Just ask it, and if I can, I will follow through.

I've already accepted on a "Pay it forward" request.  I plan to push very hard for the University of Iceland and for a US school to develop a undergraduate Norse Religion program for US students to be able to go and learn about the old Heathen religion WITH financial aid.  Nobody should have to do this alone.  I have started a blog.  That blog will chronicle EVERYTHING I have had to do in order to get accepted, prepared, and financed.  It will help future students.  When I get to Iceland I will push for more comprehensive page to be added to their website for US students.  Check it out right here!

I can promise also, that everything I learn will go to benefit my local community, and the people that supported me and helped me achieve this.  The books, the publications, they'll be dedicated to you.  I am already tremendously grateful to all the support I have received.  I have the best community in the world, and I want to pay it back however I can.


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Plunder that University hard!

posted by Will Trelo 11 months ago

I reposted this on my twitter account. I have thought of looking into this very thing for myself. I definitely want to help you out as soon as I can financially.

posted by Svartulfr Þorirsson 12 months ago

I repost this on my website:

posted by Anna Bucci 12 months ago

Community needs to help its own...this is how ALL the other, religious groups were able to thrive through even hostile diversity. Come on people, is it that hard to pack a lunch one day for work and donate the $10.00 you would've spent for one day? You'll feel good about it too.

posted by Mike Smith 12 months ago

SUNY Buffalo has an institute in the archaeology of Europe and the Mediterranean, as part of the anthropology, classics, and art history departments--you might be able to talk to someone about that concerning the need for a Norse religion program. I know it would be a popular option.

posted by David Witt 12 months ago

This is a time that we all share a hearth and kin. Regardless of our individual beliefs this will benefit us all. We must band together, this is the kind of thing that can really bring our religion to the forefront once more!

posted by Jonathan Clay 12 months ago

This gentlemen strives to do something which will eventually aid all of us in the heathen community. If you can please give.

posted by James Bartko 12 months ago

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Sean White

8 months ago


Josh! Here is some more funding for you. It's not what I'd like to give, but i just moved into a new apartment before I deploy to Korea for 6 months. I wish you the best of luck brother! Gods grant you success!!



David Witt

8 months ago


Good luck; hopefully you can get the rest.




9 months ago




9 months ago



Tim Shanks

9 months ago


Dude, sorry I missed the festivities today. It would have been great to see you; it would have been even better to sample Dylan and Mark's beer... well, true right? ;) I figured the least I could do was boot in what I would have paid as cover! See you at ECT. Shanks




9 months ago



Nancy Wong

10 months ago


Good luck on your education~ it truly makes the difference, and I am sure you will be just as enthusiastic to do what you love when you arrive to Iceland Josh.



Conn Hanson

10 months ago



Matthew Berlinski

10 months ago


Since I can't make it to Brewfest, here's the money I would have spent there




10 months ago


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