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On 2012 I was one of the tenants of a home that caught fire in Indianapolis,In.It was a rehab house that I poured hours of sweat into for years and was my dream to one day finish! Nearin... more


Created by BJ DeAndrade on March 23, 2013

 On 2012 I was one of the tenants of a home that caught fire in Indianapolis,In.It was a rehab house that I poured hours of sweat into for years and was my dream to one day finish! Nearing its finish, there were a few other tenants by 2012. One winter morning I had the scare of my LIFE as I hear the  surreal cry of FIRE by  Angie as Im half asleep still. Smoke ,heat, and the fury of people running for there lives  shoots a panic ,sense of urgency and  a hysteria into me I still have nightmares about! Darting down a flight of stairs and amidst smoke inhalation I make it out. Only to witness a roomate break the window out of his second story room and jump from a hundred feet in the air. Most of my personal belongings lost, I tour the war like ruins of what was once home to discover the ghastly remains of Rascal, my  furry feline companion  who only hours ago was playfully walking on my shoulder! I have photos of the aftermath in one of my albums please view with discretion!

By now Ive only recently been able to compartmentalise this tragedy. I m through  all those stages and am on to  the rebuilding stage--literally and figuratively!Im hoping in earnestness that the same unspeakable tragedy that was hatched that day can reverse to benevolence  so the work I put in will not go unvaldiated. I cant have that house of course but I wish with all my being  to have that sense of home again  with all the trappings and  I need the chance is all I can ask.My former roomate is still on my friend list and is ready to rehab with me at the drop of a hat. It would be poetic to see   benevolence to realize my dream after such an  unspeakable   tragedy.

With every donation, no matter how big or small, my crew and I are that much closer to seeing this second home realize whether it be material, land or such resources .The process of growing our crew is a special one;out- of -work yet skilled  handymen are steadfast and fervent about bartering there craft for a reduced rent!And the results that this manifests is truely wonderful and educational for such hands on deck as myself who arent as skilled.

Progress reports shall be posted via  youtube clips as the process blossoms in earnestness.From the purchase of the land or fixer upper project, I will document all the steps and illustrate where each appreciated dollar goes!It is truely a magnificent metamorphasis  -- going from boards and nails and paint to house than ultimately i hope to HOME!!!    Yes its this process of coming together, sharing, growing,teamwork that is breeded by our working non stop while simultaneously  co- habitating 

I have started this page in the earnest hope I may be granted a second chance for a home via "crowdfunding"  Along with venerable Jay who invested tons into 226 Temple Avenue and   lost more than me incidently.  Lead by  myself and the tireless Jay  if we get the funding I do believe we will complete the process this time. Again I  have compartmentalised the losses, anger, and anguish and have begun the rebuilding stage both figuratively and literarily.


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