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After years of giving back to the community, and volunteering, I am humbled to finally reach out and ask for the help that we so desperately need! Please help us to get back on our feet!... more


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For those that visit my page, can someone give me suggestions as to what I am doing wrong.
Thank you


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I just posted my story and hoping there are some kind hearted people that will help my daughter and I through the next two months.


Created by Sally Munson on March 23, 2013



After years of giving back to the community, and volunteering, I am humbled to finally reach out and ask for the help that we so desperately need! Please help us to get back on our feet! Money raised from this site will go only to our most immediate needs:

Oil to heat our home, mortgage & utilities, food and I have to start paying the hospital and the Dr’s who did the surgery. I don’t have any insurance; I was on disability but started back to work as I needed to make more money, than I was getting in disability. So I don’t have Medicare or Medicaid at all.

It is hard for us to be in a position of needing instead of helping. We only hope, and are asking, enough to carry us over this bridge until I can get back to work.

 I had saved enough money to get us through the six weeks of unpaid medical leave from work. But about 3 weeks ago I took a really bad fall, which really messed up the surgery that was done along with me having to take about more months off of work.

 After several years of different shots, nerve blocks, using a portable TENS unit, I was approved for the Trial Spinal Neuro stimulator. This is where they temporally placed two wires about a foot up my spine which were attached to the stimulator that was strapped around my waist. This works on the same principal of the TENS unit but you are able to get more stimulation directly where needed, and more area that is covered, there are more levels of stimulation. This is a five day trial. After my doctor and the surgeon went over all the reports from the trial it was all set for me to having the Spinal Neuro stimulator permanently put in. The battery is usually put in the fold in your back by your waist/hip area and the battery pack is about half the size of a credit card with the thickness about two quarters stacked together.

There is a patch the size of a pinky finger and about the thickness of a band aid, this is placed on your spine near the vertebra’s that will give you the best relief. They also had to shave away some of the C7 and C8 vertebra. After about two weeks, you go in to get programmed. So depending on what area is hurting you can pin point the stimulation. There are low and high settings as well.

I had hoped to wait until later this year to have the surgery, but starting at the end of last year, I got to the point where even walking got next to impossible, never mind working. I do have a remarkable 17 year old who has been a life saver here at home, taking care of the whole house while I’ve been recuperating. She had wanted to get a job last fall, but she was diagnosed with Epilepsy last August, and she is still having a really hard time adjusting to her medication and still having seizures, so getting a job was not recommended by her neurologist. Plus she was not able to get her license as in New Hampshire you have to be 1 year seizure free to drive.

I had this surgery on Feb 14 and I’ve have been out of work now going on 7 weeks, with now about 7 more weeks to go 

My reason for wanting to post pone the surgery was that I had hoped to save more money in case something like this happened. During this time that I have been on unpaid leave my daughter and I have been living off of what I had saved, but never thinking of having to take another two months off of unpaid leave.

  I have for others for years. From summers planting huge vegetable gardens and donating most of it to the local community action, clearing sidewalks and drive ways for people who could not. I’ve lived as frugally as we can.

I honestly don’t know where else to turn. I have gotten some help with food stamps but not enough to survive on. As up until now I had the savings account to pay the monthly bills since the end of last year. I don’t know where else to turn.

If you find it in your heart to help me, I promise I will continue to help those in need as much as I can.

Thank you


p.s. I can even give you the pil company's name and phone number,give you PSNH's contact info, I always go grocery shopping at Market Baset, so gift cards to there would be a huge help... I am getting scared about the mortgage as I just redid everything after I divorced, and I can't be late.






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