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Carol Dwyer—diagnosed in 2009 with Stage IV Breast Cancer—is an artist, photographer, designer, co-worker, community builder, mother, daughter, friend. Those of us who are lucky to have... more


Updated posted by Carol Dwyer 27 days ago

Hello Everyone,

Carol made a new video called, "Unbidden Perimeters." She speaks eloquently about living within the perimeters of metastatic cancer. As always, she inspires us with her depth of expression and open heart.

Thank you for continuing to support Carol through this process.

May your spring be filled with new growth, love and joy.


Rev. Diane


Unbidden Perimeters


Updated posted by Carol Dwyer 1 month ago

Well it's been a long time since I've posted anything...I've been hibernating while waiting for results. I have an infected jaw and I've been on IV antibiotics for four weeks, 7 days a week and more to come.

I had a bone biopsy in NYC last week and found out yesterday that it is the SAME cancer in my bones as the rest of my cancer... So the doctor's recommend I go back on Xeloda, stay on Tykerb and add Herceptin back into the mix. I don't expect you to know all these drugs, but they are forms of chemotherapy. It is tiring, but I'm not in pain, I still have my hair, wits, and am napping frequently. Love to all, Carolxxoo


Updated posted by Carol Dwyer 3 months ago

Carol continues to write to cope with having stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Her writing has led her to become part of a memoir group—which together has written a book called "Holding On, Letting Go." Carol also now runs another memoir group in our community. Writing has become an essential part of her life.

In this new piece Carol talks about the portal that awaits us all.

All contributions are still very much welcomed and appreciated.

My wish is that you find peace, fun, ease, and tremendous amounts of love in 2014.


Rev. Diane


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Created by Carol Dwyer on March 11, 2013

Carol Dwyer—diagnosed in 2009 with Stage IV Breast Cancer—is an artist, photographer, designer, co-worker, community builder, mother, daughter, friend.
Those of us who are lucky to have Carol in our lives know she is all of these things and more. The Friends of Carol Dwyer want to share Carol’s unique and uplifting approach to growing through cancer with you and with the world. Please listen to her words and, if you are so moved, make a donation to help Carol meet the pressing demands of her mortgage, bills, food and uncovered medical expenses as she continues her journey with Stage IV Cancer.
Your contribution is both urgently needed and profoundly appreciated.
Jody Taffet Sterling
Rev. Diane Epstein

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Carol, I just LOVE reading everything you write, especially hearing it in your own voice. I think this is definitely the baby of your dream, perhaps among many other gifts of yours. May you continue writing and enjoying life, and sharing your gifts, for a very long time.

posted by Suzanne Taffet 12 months ago

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Laura & Gary

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Linda & Terry Lover

10 days ago


Carol , you are in ours prayers!



jody Sterling

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kathleen doherty

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Meghan Casey

17 days ago


Carol! I miss your lovely self. I'm sending much love and goodness your way.



Jane Bloodgood-Abrams

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Andrea Pastorella

25 days ago


You are so awesome! you inspire me to live full out all the time!!



Sandy/Bill Momtsios

26 days ago


We are so happy to continue getting your blog. It was good to see you last fall...looking good, Carol. Hugs.



Marjorie Leopold

26 days ago


I send love and a big sloppy kiss.


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