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Karen and Ryan English were tragically killed in an head on auto crash Friday, March 1st in Millerton, PA. Miraculously their three boys (3,9 and 12) survived the crash but now are with... more


Created by Deborah Kieffer on March 4, 2013

Karen and Ryan English were tragically killed in an head on auto crash Friday, March 1st in Millerton, PA. Miraculously their three boys (3,9 and 12) survived the crash but now are without parents.

This page is to generate donations that will be used for the sole benefit of the children. Please donate what you can to help this family in their tremendous time of need!

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We at the Pier will be working together on Thursday, March 28th, in an effort to raise funds for the three boys of Karen and Ryan English. Karen and Ryan were tragically killed in an auto accident Friday March 1st in Millerton PA. Miraculously their three boys (3,9,12) survived the crash. Karen and Ryan were well liked and admired in our community and will be dearly missed. Thursday night we will be generating donations for the sole benefit of the children. Please stop by and donate whatever you can to help this family in their tremendous time of need. There will be a collection container at the Hostess Stand. Our Servers will be donating a portion of the tips collected that night as well. Blessings...

posted by ThePier Barandgrill 13 months ago

The employees of Perry & Carroll Insurance will be donating funds raised from our casual friday tomorrow to this very necessary fund. Thank you so very much for helping this family and creating this site so that we can help. So often "we" (the public) feel helpless and our hearts go out, but there is no way for us to directly be a part. Every drop in the bucket will be needed to help get these kids what they will need. Bless you.

posted by Kimberley Eveland 13 months ago

My heart goes out to all the family. Prayers for all of the families

posted by Rich Ribble 13 months ago

Prayers are with family and friends of the family. God bless those little ones.

posted by Shawna Bergen 13 months ago

God bless this amazing family ! I pray for the 3 boys every night !

posted by Rachelee Seelye 13 months ago

My prayers are with the English family, such sweet individuals, i just happened to check on the fund and it jumped from 3,000 to 19,000 and still climbing, that is more than amazing and completely filled my heart with warmth and reassurance that the funerals & boys will be more than taken care of very soon, as a business owner i will be hoping to start some more funds & collecting for more contributions. God bless the english family!!!

posted by Amber McHenry 13 months ago

May your family find peace through love and prayer in this time of grief. It was an honor to have played with #55 on the football fields of HHS. RIP Ryan and Karen. God bless your entire family, especially those three boys.

posted by Edward Jeziorski 13 months ago

Our hearts go out to this family. Our son plays soccer with Collin. Praying for peace.

posted by Carolyn McKeon 13 months ago

I am still awestruck and VERY saddened over this! Karen, it seems like yesterday I saw you and your beautiful smile. I can't even fathom what your families are going through right now. Please God . . . watch over their family and give them the strength they need to make it through this one day at a time. My thoughts and prayers are with you . . .

posted by Dawn Cowher 13 months ago

Our thoughts and prayers are with this family and their children. I cannot believe this terrible loss! Ryan was always such a nice guy in school! We grew up together, but as in many cases, never kept in contact. I never met or knew his wife or children, but Im sure they're amazing!!!! I cannot imagine their loss.

posted by Jessica Gittens 13 months ago

My thoughts and prayers go out to the English family on their tragic loss

posted by Jill Reynolds 13 months ago

Thoughts and Prayers go out to the English family. My heart truly breaks for you all. Ryan I will always remember your contagious smile and laugh... thanks for the memories. God Bless and may peace be with your family.

posted by Jessica Allen 13 months ago

I did not know this family but can't even imagine the pain these children, friends and family are going through. We would like to give a donation when your site is back up.

posted by Betty OBrien 13 months ago

God bless these children, family & friends in this time of loss. Ryan & Karen will be held in the highest. Harmony Homes will stand by until there is another means of donation available.

posted by Cristofer Justin 13 months ago

I agree that this is absurd..IRS- really?? Don't you have a heart? Of course not..I tried to donate, then read that I can't because of you...STUPID.. My family sends out prayers , wanna tax that too??

posted by Scott Burdick 13 months ago

I'll put them all in my prayer's tonight. That is most certain...I am just glad that some one family wise is going to take care of them.!!

posted by Robert Rhodes 13 months ago

I think this is utterly amazing what you are doing for the family! I second Tina Allens words in that it is wonderful to have people in the world like you. God bless you! My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family!

posted by Randi Way 13 months ago

Thoughts and prayers to the boys and family. Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts. To you boss man! Karen and Ryan, sadly missed, but your legacy will continue strong. We will always be "Living the dream"

posted by Nina Withers 13 months ago

It is so wonderful to have people like you in this world to help in time of need.. God bless and thank you!

posted by Tina Allen-Burtt 13 months ago

This is an amazingly, beautiful thing you're doing, Amanda. Thank you.

posted by Julia DeFrank 13 months ago

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