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Hello all, I'm Caroline Polli - sometimes known as Jadwiga.  I'm a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and have been working on solo project of epic proportion.  It is a hand... more


Updated posted by Caroline Matras Polli 22 days ago

I waited until today so no one would think it was an April Fool's. ;) My sister kindly sketched out a few years for me a week ago and I'm only now getting to it, as I was having so much fun finishing off other lingering projects. In an unprecedented move, I am skipping year AS 41. ( The story I thought would have gone there, War of the Wings (hat tip to the Kingdom of Atlantia) was a product of bad math. It didn't actually start in year 41, so I had to scramble the eve of my sister's arrival to find a tale. I might have something - a Baronial level event in the Kingdom of Ansteorra - but I am still searching to see if there is anything larger or anything I can add.

It means, paradoxically, that I am ahead of schedule and behind schedule all at the same times as I start the outline of year AS 42. I anticipate the last decade to come somewhat out of order as I wait for stories to trickle in and fill in the cracks for this last decade. There's also what to do for that last panel. To have it finished on the first day of the 50th year, nothing will have happened yet to mention, but to wait until the year is over is to have the project unfinished.

I want to thank everyone that has stuck with me so far. It doesn't look like I will make Quad War in Avacal this July either. I plan on shutting down this funding page soon, as my lingering here will not bring me any closer to this goal. Your generosity got me to Atlantia and back, for which I am still gobsmacked. I will, perhaps, look into having it shipped to trusted KMOAS agents for display in Kingdoms that I cannot possible travel to. I will not get to meet people nor will I be able to explain the small nuances and details of the images, but you will at least get to see it in it's entirety, which I have often been told is overwhelming. ;)

Thanks again, everyone.


Updated posted by Caroline Matras Polli 1 month ago

Ha! Year 40 done and put to bed! I've got a couple weeks before I get the next few panels sketched out, so I suppose now I have a slight vacation. Let my hand take a rest and get ready for the last ten. I'm still sweating over the fact that I can find nothing for Year 46, so all my research time has been spent on that. It will be finished for tour soon, trying to figure out what new wars I can take it too. Thanks for the continued support everyone.


Updated posted by Caroline Matras Polli 2 months ago

Got year XL outlined. I keep thinking about when Katrina hit. I hadn't even started the tapestry yet, still working a job that ate up every free moment of my life. I'm not entirely sure I had even decided on the tapestry's existence yet, those days are foggy memories. I was on maternity leave, massively pregnant and about to pop with #2, cursing the fact there was no a/c in that muggy apartment. Watching post-Katrina unfold on t.v. gave a little perspective and humility. I could, at least, waddle my slow sweating self to the kitchen for all the cool water I could drink. Strange how it hasn't even been a decade yet and seems so far in the past.

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Created by Caroline Matras Polli on March 3, 2013

Hello all, I'm Caroline Polli - sometimes known as Jadwiga.  I'm a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and have been working on solo project of epic proportion.  It is a hand embroidered tapestry covering the history of the organization, currently clocking in at over 55 ft.

It is my dream to bring it to every Kingdom, potentially every Principality, in the SCA.  Currently on the travel docket is an event in Atlantia (Maryland) and an event in Avacal (Saskatchewan).  Its a lot of driving, made necessary by the size of the tapestry and the display frames.  If I can get gas money covered for the amount of driving ahead of me, there's no reason I couldn't display it!
All the donations will be spent on the travel, minus anything GoFund charges in fees.
For an over view of what exactly is going on tour - here's a site that explains the whole project.



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joseph Gori

8 months ago


From Joe Gori and Alice Leber (Joseph of the Red Griffin and Bronwen Rose of Greyling)



Anne Berdanier

12 months ago



Cassandra Whittington

12 months ago


I am completely awed by this achievement. Every Scadian should have a chance to see this.



Silent Patron

12 months ago


It is a right and proper thing to support and encourage quality craftsmanship. Your tireless work enhances our Society, and I am humbled to be one of your 'Silent Patrons'. Safe journeys.



Kathy Goetz

12 months ago


Go Carrie!!



Duchess Caitlin

13 months ago


AWESOME...sez me, one of your biggest fans



Garret & Marian Aanerud

13 months ago


So, what are the odds that when your done with this, we can get an OWbN Tapestry :)



Jackie V

13 months ago


Good luck Babe!



Cynthia Haggerty

13 months ago


Can't wait to see it a HRM!



John Fetzik

13 months ago


I have watched the work that has gone into this as you have posted. I haven't participated in over 30 years, but it brings back some memories.


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