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Xavier is now a 6 month old kitten, who came to us as a stray, he suffers from severe luxating patella's and requires surgery to live a pain free life, this condition gets worse with age... more


Updated posted by Wendy Lee Riley 11 months ago

Great news!!! Xavier has been adopted by a loving family!!! He will be fitted for a state of the art set of wheels that will support his hind legs and ensure he lives pain free thanks to you all!!!
And his new family previously adopted one of our other crippled kitties so now he will be in a home where he is just like the other cat!! nothing can hold this guy down!!

Thanks for all your huge support, with out your help Xavier could not have this fabulous happy ending!!


Updated posted by Wendy Lee Riley 12 months ago

Xaviers x-rays have been taken to a panel of orthopedic surgeons in California who are going over his chart at vet conference. His condition is very severe and the vets who have viewed him thus far in B.C. are unable to confirm if this surgery will in deed be the best thing for him or if amputation is a better option.
We are hoping to hear back from the specialists in California, we are taking this as far as we can to ensure we can do what is right for our little Xavier, if surgery is not an option we will have a custom hind leg set of wheels made for him, to ensure he can still get around with out any pain!

cross your fingers, and hope for good news!!

We will keep you posted!!
Thanks for all your support!


Updated posted by Wendy Lee Riley 13 months ago

We have sent Xavier's x-rays to another specialist in hopes of getting a better price and a more experienced surgeon, we should know more real soon!!

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Created by Wendy Lee Riley on February 22, 2013

Xavier is now a 6 month old kitten, who came to us as a stray, he suffers from severe luxating patella's and requires surgery to live a pain free life, this condition gets worse with age, so the earlier we can do the surgery the better for this sweet little guy!
The quote from the specialist is $4500.00 per leg, after the surgery Xavier can live a long happy life and move like normal cats with out a life of pain and find a forever home!

The Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) is a no-kill organization that operates two shelters in Richmond, British Columbia, including the RAPS Cat Sanctuary which is one of North America's largest with over 700 cats currently in our care our sanctuary runs with the help of our amazing volunteers, and by donations from the generous public.
 The other is the Richmond Animal Shelter (an open-admission shelter) which means that we never turn an animal away, including injured wildlife. At RAPS no animal is ever killed due to lack of space, treatable illness, physical defect, age, lack of training or bad behavior because we believe that every animal deserves a chance to be loved and cared for. RAPS has also worked for over 20 years to reduce pet overpopulation by spay and neuter initiatives such as trap, neuter, release and by providing low and no cost spay and neutering for the community.

With your help we can continue to help these animals in need. A little bit goes a long way! Please help us help Xavier!!


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How is Xavier doing? Will he be able to walk on his hind legs soon-what is his progress? Thank you.

posted by Terry Kant 12 months ago

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Cathy Spence

12 months ago


Love to the kitten from Sage & Eden Ward of Richmond Hill, Ontario



Jay Copertino

13 months ago


What a cute kitty! Best of luck Xavier!



Riley's St. Paddy's day Bash!

13 months ago (Offline Donation)


Happy to contribute to a fabulous cause!



Melvina Kleverova zilliox

13 months ago


Keep doing the awesome work u do to save these precious souls ;)



Claudia O'Hearn

13 months ago


Love this little boy



Rachel Greenfeld

13 months ago



Marlene Smith

13 months ago


Hoping that you'll be better and running around without any pain very soon. You are much loved by many.




13 months ago



Fearn Edmonds

13 months ago


Good luck Xavier.....we all love you!



Sinclair Family

13 months ago (Offline Donation)


All the best with your fundraising for Xavier!


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