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My Name is Tami, Ive been sick since 1998. It started with cervical cancer an I had to have my cervix removed. In 1999 I had a tonsillectomy. At the age of 29 In 2000 I had to have a com... more


Updated posted by 'Tami Schneider 10 months ago

It couldn't be any worse. When my car broke down fri. The mechanic was too busy to look at it. I told him the symptoms an asked him what he thought an he told me. I told him I don't get payed till the 3rd but I would try an come up with the money. I asked him if I could leave the car an could he look at it when I get some money because he wanted $35-$70. He said fine. I called him today to tell him it's the water pump an how much would it be to fix it. He tells me he had my car towed. oh god.... I said why would you do that he said he told me I had to have it moved by Friday night which is not true. That car is the only way I have to get to drs. an my medicine an food an I would have pushed it to the side street which was right there. I didn't need his lot I left it for him to fix not tow. So we got into a heated argument an he called the police on me. Im waiting for a knock on the door but most importantly it's $175 if I get it out today an $20 a day so in 5 days it will be $275. Not mention I cant afford insurance on my car an I have to have it to get it out of the poiubd so I need an additional $100 for that. Im gonna loose my car. I have no way to come up with that kind of money. Im already sick if I cant get to these drs. an get my meds im gonna down hill fast. I just want my car. Ive had it 13 years. My kids grew up in the back seat. I have so many memories withem. I will most likely loose my car an im devastated!!!!!!!


Updated posted by 'Tami Schneider 13 months ago

I had my E.N.T apt. yesterday an after 2 hours I finally got some answers. Ive had problems with my mouth an throat for 18 months now. I was diagnosed with oral lichen planus an skin lichen planus which is very itchy an painfull. I have deep ear pain an throat pain, jaw pain an headachs for over a year now so she did a hearing test while I was there which I failed. Then they put something inside my ear that gave a computer print out. When I went back into her office I was told I needed a CT Scan of temporal bone an a Barium Esophagram. My throat is so sore sometimes I cant even hold my head up. I was so exhausted that while I was waiting for the ear test I couldnt hold my top half up I was so weak. I had to get on the floor an lean over the chair. It's very embarressing. People look at you. She's gonna run blood test on my thyroid. I'll just be thankfull to get out of this bed. Im so exhausted an week everyday. The pain is so bad I cant stand to have clothes on. My skin burns. I am thankfull to finally be diagnosed. Unfortunatly add it to my list of diseases. Thank you Lyme for killing my cells an eating me alive


Created by 'Tami Schneider on February 17, 2013

My Name is Tami, Ive been sick since 1998. It started with cervical cancer an I had to have my cervix removed. In 1999 I had a tonsillectomy. At the age of 29 In 2000 I had to have a complete hysterectomy, I had adenomyosis an my uterus was full of cancer cells. I was told I would have only lived another 8 months at the most. Went on disability in 2003 at the age of 34. The pain was so bad I could no longer work. I was diagnosed through Igenex in 2006. I have Late Stage Lyme Disease, Co-Infections an I struggeled through fungel biotoxic illness. I also have Autoimmune Arthritis an 3 failed back surgeries in 4 years. My spine is fused an I have titanium rods drilled into both hips, but I still suffer with Musculoskeletal an Muscle Pain.I was told I have Peripheral neuropathy, which doesn't fix anything. I have a terrible problem with fungel infections an with out on going probiotic support I cannot fight this. Because I am Immunocompromised I get are a rare fungel,Dubliniensis in my throat which has caused lesions on my vocal cords an lymphnodes an a Polyp cyst.Because I had dubliniensis so long it has caused an autoimmune disease which attacks my throat an mouth. I have terrible deep ear pain, severe headaches, constant sore throat,jaw pain, loosing my site, sound sensitivity, buzzing in the ears,Difficulty breathing, Night sweats or unexplained chills, Heart palpitations, rib Sorness, Joint pain, swelling, an stiffness, Muscle cramps, Poor muscle coordination on right side, muscle weakness,Depression and anxiety,Aggressive behavior / impulsiveness
Suicidal thoughts,Overemotional reactions, crying easily
Disturbed sleep,Numbness in body, tingling, pinpricks
Burning/stabbing sensations in the body,Increased motion sickness,Difficulty with multitasking,Difficulty with organization and planning,Word finding problems,Dementia,Forgetfulness, memory loss, Confusion, difficulty thinking, Difficulty with concentration, Disorientation: getting or feeling lost,Extreme fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion,Unexplained fevers,Symptoms seem to change, come and go. Except the Pain which is 24/7. I also get reacurrent Glabrata from an over growth in my intestines. My Lyme Dr. dumped me last spring .Ive been left with out an infectious disease dr.. I need Supplements. I figureded at $300 a month I would be able to stay on Probiotic's, Toxin Binder, Biofilm Dissolver and a Antimicrobe for 8 months. All of this is not covered by medical insurance. Im hoping that this will allow me to be able to start takeing care of myself again. Ive been bedwridden for two years now but recently Ive had small successes when im on the supplements. Ecspecially NutraSilver. I have seen the benifiets of the supplements but cannot afford them every month. I live on $8000 a year. I live alone in an apartment with my dog. Please Donate an help me re-cover from Late Stage Lyme an coinfections. No amount is too small. In the mean time I wait an pray.


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Connie Christopher

10 months ago


I hope this helps in some small way. I know chronic lyme and its' horrible effects because I'm fighting it, too -- for 19 yrs now. Keeping you in my prayers.



Michelle Johnson

10 months ago


Dear tami--I know this little bit won't solve all your problems--but I hope you know I care. It can at least buy a bottle of silver. Keep pressing on and I will continue o pray...



Kara Vassar

10 months ago




13 months ago


I'm in this with you. I wish that I could give you more but I'm trying to get the BCX machine as well. Good luck!




13 months ago




14 months ago


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