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Let me start by saying that I am going to be a nurse one day. I am extremely compassionate and caring. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I will do anything and everything for those... more


Updated posted by Marie Leticia Almond 11 months ago

Ivana is back in the hospital. Her sodium was very low and her potassium was high. Her liver function test was also elevated, so last night they did an ultrasound of her liver. She was feeling pretty emotional this past week and very tired. She was admitted back to Shands for observation of her electrolytes and they may replace them today. She will have blood work every 8-12 hours to check on these levels. She will still be able to graduate school on the 24th. This hospital stay may be short. Her wounds have healed nicely, so that is a plus. Please pray for Ivana. Thank you!


Updated posted by Marie Leticia Almond 12 months ago

Hello everyone! I am finally discharged from the hospital and can stay in the comfort of my own home! From here on out it will be nothing but aggressive rehab. It is important that I keep myself active. I can perform most things on my own but I am thankful to have Jacob and my family always there to assist me when needed. I will continue this until it is time for me to have reconstructive surgery. The doctor tells me that he will be able to tell when this will be by how the skin is at the site. The skin should be loose to the point to where you can pinch and pick it up. From 3 to 9 months is the time range it could take for this to happen. I know the time will come sooner than it seems. Everyday I continue to grow stronger and I cannot thank my family and all of you enough. Thank you for continuing to pray and all of the donations! <333


Updated posted by Marie Leticia Almond 13 months ago

Ivana came home for a few days on Friday. She returned to the hospital today for a skin graft to the wound on her stomach. That surgery went well. She cannot feel pain to this area, but the donor site (left upper leg) is very painful. She will remain in the hospital for five days to ensure that the graft takes without any difficulties. If all goes well, she will be released on Saturday. This will be the last surgery for a while. She will continue with her biliary drain and her stoma for tube feedings. The plan is to let the scar tissue mature. It is dangerous at this time to continue with reattaching her intestines. She will be having a this surgery in 6-8 months, maybe even 1 year. I have faith that this surgery will come sooner than later...God willing.

Ivana is getting stronger every day. She continues to be optimistic and very motivated. She is very compliant with her treatments. When she is home, she has to have medications and bile replacements every so often. Jacob (Ivana's boyfriend) has been very helpful with all of this. I appreciate him so much. He is an amazing young man. I cannot thank God enough for placing him in our lives.

You all have been very encouraging and very supportive. Thank you!

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Created by Marie Leticia Almond on February 17, 2013

Let me start by saying that I am going to be a nurse one day.  I am extremely compassionate and caring.  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I will do anything and everything for those who need help.  My goal is to become a nurse one day.  That goal has been sidetracked by a series of unfortunate events. 

My Name is Ivana, a 17-year-old high school senior that has been accepted into Georgia Southern University for the fall semester 2013.

Here is my story; I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was 13, two years later that cancer spread to the lymph nodes in my neck.  I had surgery in December 2011 to have the infected nodes in my neck removed.  After the surgery, things were going so good for me until now.  I am currently intubated at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida for sepsis.  Yes, I developed a mystery infection in my stomach that has drastically put a setback in my future plans. I have had multiple surgeries to wash out the infection, and I lay in bed with an open stomach. I am on an array of antibiotics and medications to control my blood pressure, and soon I will be on continuous renal replacement therapy to help my kidneys, which have been affected by my blood pressure.

Everyday that I lay in bed sedated, I lose muscle tone.  I am also at high risk for pressure sores.  My mom has been at my bedside turning me and providing movement to my arms and my legs.  My situation is very critical, however the doctors say that I am young and I have a big chance for a full recovery.  They say that it will be at least a week before I am taken off the ventilator, and a month or two before I am completely well and ready to resume my goal to become a nurse.

I am asking for a small donation to off set medical bills.  Prayer and words of encouragement are also requested.  Thank you in advance for your help!  I will keep you posted of my progress. 


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Dear, Heavenly Father we put our trust and faith in your hands to help and quide the doctors to find the reason for her illness, so that the best treatment may be given to her. Please God give her mother and family strength in these difficult times in the name of the Father, the Son and Holly Spirit Amem

posted by Diana Campos 14 months ago

Ivanna, sweet girl I am so sorry to read this. I am praying for a full recovery for you. Prayers for your mom and brother also.

posted by Terry Edens Ziegler 14 months ago

For God ALL things are possible.....AMEN!!!

posted by Wanda Rodriguez 14 months ago

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Ann Onwujiobi

12 months ago


Speedy recovery Ivana! God bless you child, love you!



Katelyn Buchanan

13 months ago


You've got lots of prayers continuously coming your way. Stay strong; you're doing amazing! :)




13 months ago



María Hermosillo

13 months ago





Annette Garcia

13 months ago


Get better soon.



Hilda Medrno

13 months ago


Praying for full recovery soon! God Bless...



Brighton Reservation Community

13 months ago


We continue to pray!




13 months ago



Sergio y Dolores Torres

13 months ago


Que te mejores pronto Ivana



Shaprita Sanders

13 months ago


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