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Colin and I just received an amazing letter in the mail! After auditioning last year, Colin has been chosen with an invite to Perform as a singer in Anna Kennedy's Second Annual Autism's Got Talent Show at The Mermaid Theatre in London, Engl... more


Updated posted by Gordon Brennan 11 months ago

We will be leaving this Funds drive active until we return just in case there are any additional donations from generous people (such as FHR Radio in Florida) who wish to help us pay for the additional expenses we will be paying on our own, remember Colin's bank account will now be empty to pay for all the food and cabs/tube costs etc. All his money comes from his winning singing competitions and paid singing gigs. It will have to replaced over time! Thanks again!!


Updated posted by Gordon Brennan 11 months ago

We have now reached our Funding Goal! Wow! We never could have made it without the support of so many generous people from around the world! Words alone cannot express the enormous graditude we feel towards everyone who supported our cause to fly to England for Colin to once again sing to another International Audience! Huge Thank-you card in the works now! Every dollar donated is being used to pay all the expenses towards this trip, the plane tickets have now been purchased and we leave for London, England on May 8th, 2013 at 8:55 a.m. and arrive at 9 p.m. Local London time. We then depart London on May 15th, 2013 at 3 p.m. local time and arrive back in Toronto Canada at 6:45 p.m. local time!


Updated posted by Gordon Brennan 11 months ago

Wow! THANKS to Marilyn, Leslie, Karen, and Linda with their recent Donations, we are only $85 away from our goal! OUTSTANDING!!! Many Blessings to all!

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Created by Gordon Brennan on February 13, 2013

Colin and I just received an amazing letter in the mail! After auditioning last year, Colin has been chosen with an invite to Perform as a singer in Anna Kennedy's Second Annual Autism's Got Talent Show at The Mermaid Theatre in London, England! Colin has enough money in his bank account from winning singing competitions and music festivals to cover our food and him wanting to visit the Harry Potter Warners Bros Studio Tour London event, BUT I do NOT have the cash to cover the Airfare to England. Anna Kennedy is graciously paying for our Hotel costs while we are there, but if we cannot come up with the funds for the Airfare we will not be able to go! I have already checked with Air Canada and the Round Trip Tickets Non-Stop 7.5 Hour Flight are (with taxes) $2389.00, so hopefully we can obtain enough donations from friends and family to purchase the tickets in time. The Show Performance is on May 11th, 2013 but Anna has asked us to show up on May 8th, 2013 to help us with the Jet-Lag five hour time difference! We are the only Canadians coming to this amazing event as this is a singular honour to Colin and his singing talents, not to mention performing with so many more highly talented people on the Spectrum! I will be selling stuff on ebay to come up with some extra money for this trip and trying to get some overtime at my work, but I know I won't have enough to cover it all by myself. If you can donate ANY amount we GREATLY APPRECIATE it! For anyone who donates any amount and they wish to receive a copy of Colin's current CD's free of any charges please let us know and give us your full mailing address so we can ship them off to you! As most of you might know, Colin has been priviledged to travel to other locations for his singing, including New York City, Nashville, Kentucky, and Vancouver, but THIS trip will be Huge as we have never been to Europe! What a Fantastic opportunity for Colin this could be! Again, we THANK each and everyone of you for ANY help you can give, God Bless to all!

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Hello. You are doing great, Colin. I'm sure you'll reach your target in order to visit England to visit the Autism's Got Talent show in May. I hope that Positively Autistic's donation will hope you get that little bit further! And come on everyone, let's all donate, even if it's just a fiver! Every little helps, and we know, again, as I already said Colin, you will make it. You're over 75% there, good, good, and good! 75% is brilliant!

posted by Tracy Roberts 12 months ago

On behalf of Jeremy Bernstein, please feel free to post on my Facebook page!

posted by Diane Bernstein 12 months ago

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FHR Radio

11 months ago


Dreams do become reality



Ralph Davis

11 months ago


Saw you mentioned on the Positively Autistic facebook page - Best Wishes from Australia :-)



Marilyn&Leslie Francis

11 months ago





karen Ryan

12 months ago


Will be a fantastic experience, you are a superstar Colin. love from the Ryans england (Carly) xx



Linda Briggs

12 months ago


Good luck, Colin, when you sing your song during the competition in England. We are big fans of yours. Best wishes to you and your family, from Ryan Comin's Grandma and Grandpa



Tracy Roberts

12 months ago


Im the founder of positively autistic in the uk. We have worked with Colin and want to help give him this once in a life time oppotunity.



Maria Teresa Canha

12 months ago


Very proud of you Colin!



Dana Davies-Hales

12 months ago


All the best Colin and good luck.



Dean Wendland

12 months ago


Good Luck Colin and Gordon!



Julia Hays

12 months ago


So excited for you Colin, hope you have a great trip to my Country of birth and I know you shine your light so brightly.


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