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"There is no ministry or business that can do it all, but we can all do something." Therefore SaveASinner.comexists to bring encouragement, community service and a voice to the body o... more


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Created by Robert Brown on February 13, 2013

"There is no ministry or business that can do it all, but we can all do something."

Therefore SaveASinner.comexists to bring encouragement, community service and a voice to the body of Christ. offers a generous service to the public. We are a compassionate social media ministry that allows millions of people to share countless videos of testimonies, prayers, Christian music and The Love of Jesus Christ. We are a ministry for ministries that has a clear vision of how to save souls, empower families that honor Gods Calling. Over one million viewers have use their i-phones and home computers to learn about the loving relationship God desires to have with them; and that there is always a testimony that can encourage them to be over-comers.

I am asking for Facebook , social media user to give for souls: to give your best, from your heart, for our youth in Chicago's streets. As founder of I establish a summer program called Youth Vision. Chicago's youth are running wild, several high schools are closing down, which means kids will be in the street day & night. They will need a place to express themselves, channel their nervous energy, they must have a place to rest, a place of structure or they will fall victim to gang recruitment, violence and worst of all no vision for the future; which is why youth are so reckless with their lives. I recently went to return a DVD for my wife at the Austin Community public library on march 29th 2013; on my way out the door I heard a loud noise it was a gang attacking one youth six to one. God put it on my hearth to help the one young man. he was hit with a chair two more were on the way. I managed to get three teens off of him as the teen left I informed staff to locked the doors until the police arrive. lucky the youth only had a few bruises, and they caught one of the attackers. shocked afterwards I realized its not going to get better this summer until someone take a stand. $30,000 is our goal for this YouthVision outreach and summer program. This money will bring souls to Jesus Christ, prevent unnecessary violence, it my save someones life or change it forever.

I was once one of those attackers as a 14 year old teen, luckily I got out the gang by 17, I realized that i would be a Global statistics ( "Every 43 seconds someone is killed by Guns Violence"). I had a relationship with Christ at a young age and often God would convict me. 19 years ago a program inspired me to live for a great purpose and follow my gifts; I had adult references key to my success. I later went on to work for youth on probation as a youth advocated and trainer, teaching youth an young adults how to succeed while on probation to avoid jail. They develop better social skills and learn their rights and the importance to give back to their community.

Out of the 500 youth we trained to successively complete their probation and gave purpose too, I learned most teenagers just want a job to buy stuff. as we know a job provides a fulfillment, a purpose and an incentive.

What will giving to program do. It will save a life, my life could of been taken, I could of easily turn my back from the gang fight, which is a smart thing to do. but I listen to God He said HELP that young man no one else will, God was right all adults left him at the mercy of hate and violence. Grown men ran and locked themselves behind doors to possibly save there own lives they have that right.

This fundraiser will reach out to those kids at risk at $30,000 we can help dedicated reaching 30 kids effectively, we can provide life skills, resources, and crime prevention methods that empowers the youth to desire change to positively improves the community around them. (Youth Vision will be a safe house for kids to spend time, enrichment field trips games, motivational movies, computer learning and gym equipment. Most importantly we will use funding to broaden our online outreach ministry by promoting good news of Jesus Christ to youth and young adults with online talent competition that launch the first week of summer your with any commitment or $40 per month we can sponsor teens 16-19 with summer jobs. This is a 12 week investment to channel youth into productive roles.

The Bible says: Are Children are Gifts from God. Make a contribution to save these gifts this summer! Let put value on their lives and future.


Robert Brown

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