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3 and a half years ago we lost mom to mental illness. I became sick and had health problems. I have severe PTSD from childhood abuse and military service. The PTSD has ruined my life... more


Created by Jr Opie Potter on February 6, 2013

3 and a half years ago we lost mom to mental illness. I became sick and had health problems.

I have severe PTSD from childhood abuse and military service.
The PTSD has ruined my life and has taken a monumental struggle to get PTSD awareness to the public, because non of them understand what it is and what it does.

Disability will not let me work at all without being penalized. I cannot threaten what security I have.

My son was hit my a car and has severe injuries. He needed surgery. He cannot work for 4 months now. He cannot walk right now.

I cannot hold this up any more. I need help bad. We just need to make it through to summer when student loans come in. Mom has money, and she never helps us, she drinks, smokes pot, hangs out in bars, she is 44 and pregnant with twins. This is what her mental illness has done to her. She is severely schizophrenic.

She was a good woman once. Thats why I fell for her. She was so unlike everyone else. She had great morals, went to church, was against everything she is doing now.

Mental illness has ruined this family. Were hurting bad. And tired.

My son is a good kid and never been in trouble, he wants to be a pilot. We are both entering college for the first time this fall. I am majoring in music and am going to try for a 2 year degree. Music has changed me, and changed my life and has helped my PTSD calm itself.

I am in a music therapy program for PTSD/TBI survivors. Thats what it is called. Walter Reed Army hospital has begun a music therapy program with great success.

We have many needs. We just want to pay bills and get by. We need a car, and a new start in life.

I am in need of an amplifier for my music therapy. My last one was bought used and had major problems and when my son was hit by the car, I had to take the amp back.

I can't afford another one. Since we lost mom, it has been a grueling fight to keep this house. We have been homeless 3 times, all because of the PTSD and the VA and Drs don't treat us the proper way. The meds are making us sick.

Their meds have damaged many of my internal organs, increasing my disability and now I need shots the rest of my life to get the chemicals my body can no longer produce.

I feel like no one cares about anyone with PTSD or hurting families. I have received a lot of threatening messages.

I just want to have a normal life again, like you have. I want my son to have a chance at life. He is a good kid.

He did not deserve his mothers physical and emotional abuse. Or all the problems she created for him and me.

I am also trying to start a music therapy program in my home city, and it is slow going.

I know others hurt more than my family. I just want a hand up. My son and I are beat down right now. It's been a long 3 and half years.

Please help if you can. :)

My son needs a compact wheel chair, our house is old and has narrow doors.

We need a car.



Utilities paid off.

I need a decent amp for my music therapy.

And someone to care enough to help us.

Thank you.



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