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Peace, Love and Infinite Vision My Beloveds'! First and foremost,  THANK YOU for taking a moment to learn about my beautiful endeavor... Indigo's Rising!  I am asking for your suppor... more


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The Quantity matters less when the support is radical, revolutionary is inspired by an individual's will to make a difference. You, we...make the difference by the contribution we each choose to make. Thank You Everlastingly!


Created by Fatima Imani Friday on February 3, 2013

Peace, Love and Infinite Vision My Beloveds'!

First and foremost,  THANK YOU for taking a moment to learn about my beautiful endeavor... Indigo's Rising! 

I am asking for your support as I embark on fulfilling my Personal Legend as Paulo Coehlo prolifically illuminates in his book "The Alchemist."  Essentially, I have written two books "The SPARK That Ignites Being: 13 Life Skills to Inspire Joy and Success" and "Make It Relevant! A Blue Print for Deciphering Medical Word Origins, The Human Body, and Disease".  These books represent a great aspect of my life's work and my vision to uplift as many people as possible with edifying truth about our human and ethereal capacity to use our gifts--our innate attributes to connect to our highest selves and ACTIVATE our Power and Proficiency to Excel at whatever we dream to attain!  (So that was a mouthful. lol :)  But that is the truth. 

So, for those of you who know me (family, friends, students, colleagues, etc), you know that I have always been on a Quest to find that very special key to unlock the gates that behold the most VITAL information related to Our purpose individually and as a collective! :)  Well, guess what?  I don't think, I don't believe...I KNOW (with great humility and respect), that I have unlocked the gates!  I have entered, I am observing and like the great temples of Ancient Kemet (Egypt), Mali, Ethiopian, etc, I understand that once connected to the Source, ALL things are revealed!  So, fearlessly, intuitively, faithfully...I step into the Universal realm of relinquishing false ideologies and embracing my voice, my vision, my holistic ambition to share what I have learned.

The monies I raise will assist me with:
1. Relocating to Grenada March 2013 (the completion and beginning of my Solar Return/Bornday)


2. Publishing My Books and Marketing to the Colleges/Universities, High Schools and all educational facilities Globally (eventually)

What I have learned is the art of doing ONE to TWO things to COMPLETION...I am ready to share my heart's song: Indigo's Rising!  With you and the entire Universe and I look forward to the continuous flow of revelations!

P.S.: A lil about moi: B.A in Biology/Psychology, Masters in Science Education, International Facilitator/Mentor (Kemet "Egypt"), Cuba Science/Culture Researcher, Science Professor & High School Teacher, Amazing Dancer/Choreographer :D, Certified Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer...blah blah blah...Ase awesome as each and every one of you!

Please support my Quest.  Whatever you can donate (literally)...$1...please don't hesitate because your INTENTION is all that matters to me. 

I Love All of You!  We really are ONE

Peace of Mind, Optimism, and Divine Clarity to you!


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Jwajiku Korantema

13 months ago


Loving the fact that you are doing what makes your heart sing!



Monique Nicholas

14 months ago


Much success and love to you Fatima!



Keiana dunn

14 months ago


Your destiny is calling so keep moving forward!



Pamela Tate-McMullen

14 months ago


You're the best!!



Christine (Tioma) Allison

14 months ago


You go girl. Continue to be a source of the light of revelation and the dark of the creative and nurturing African womb.



Damian McCleod

14 months ago



Xyenz Fyxion

14 months ago


Love you, sistar!



Jamilla Deria

14 months ago



Om Boogie

14 months ago


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