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Help Protect My Girls Solano County Judge Gave Full Custody of 3 Little Girls to A Father Who Has A Documented and Substantiated History of Sexual And Physical Abuse Against the Childr... more


Updated posted by Jennifer Otero 2 days ago

Jennifer got to see her girls the Saturday before Easter. They celebrated Easter and Tori's birthday. Please continue to pray for the girls. They need to be home safe with their mommy. In a safe, loving, nurturing home.


We love you girls


Updated posted by Jennifer Otero 24 days ago

Thank you so much to the youth and everyone at CCC-UCC in Benicia for organizing the fundraiser last night. It was a spaghetti dinner and talent show, we have some seriously talented people at our church! Thank you sooo much! Wow the music was just beautiful, the comedy was hysterical, the acts awesome, the dancing, the Japanese jump rope WOW! Thank you all so much! Thank you for all the hard work, love, support, and prayers!
This is all done out of love and that is so incredibly powerful! Thank you all so much.
1 Corn 13:13
Now these three remain, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.


We love you girls


Updated posted by Jennifer Otero 1 month ago

I miss my girls so much. They beg me not to leave, and I have to send them back to someone that has physically and sexually abused them? All because of an illegal judge and "minor's" council? When did children lose the right to be safe?


My girls and I before Hell Healy

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Created by Jennifer Otero on January 31, 2013

Help Protect My Girls
Solano County Judge Gave Full Custody of 3 Little Girls to A Father Who Has A Documented and Substantiated History of Sexual And Physical Abuse
Against the Children, Domestic Violence, As Well As An Untreated Methamphetamine Addiction

In 2009, I left my ex due to physical violence perpetrated against my children (two daughters, ages 3 and 5, I was pregnant with my third) and myself. I had a restraining order against him until 10/2010. In 10/2010 my ex molested our middle daughter (4 at the time). Thereafter, my ex was only allowed supervised visitation with our daughters. In 9/2011, my ex stopped exercising his right to visit the children and he pled guilty to methamphetamine possession.

In 12/2010, Solano County Social Services substantiated the sexual abuse and found that our daughters were truthful about the abuse and that I had been fully cooperative and proactive in ensuring the health and safety of my girls. The Concord Police Department’s report, spanning 10/2010- 5/2011, outlines the investigation of the sexual and physical abuse perpetrated by my ex against our daughters.

In 2012, we got a new family law judge. In 4/2012, despite the substantiated abuse, this judge ordered unsupervised visits between my ex and our daughters. In May 2012 my ex physically abused our oldest daughter (7 at the time) and left visible injuries and marks on her. My oldest daughter also reported that my ex sexually abused her younger sister (only 2 years old at the time). I reported this abuse, and in response the judge ordered that I hand over custody of our daughters to my ex for an entire summer of unsupervised visitation.

Out of fear for the safety of our daughters, I refused to hand them over and was arrested. For trying to protect our daughters, I am now dealing with the criminal court system and my three little girls are with a father who has repeatedly sexually and physically abused them and has an untreated methamphetamine addiction.

As this judge refuses to protect my innocent girls, I have hired a family law attorney who specializes in these types of cases. The attorney has advised me that this will be a lengthy and expensive process. My goal is for my children to be safe; no child should be subjected to physical or sexual abuse. I am fundraising for attorney’s fees. To follow this case and see what fundraising efforts you can help with, please go to or @HelptheGreens. If you would like to help with attorney’s fees, please send checks directly to
Law Office of Kim M. Robinson
2938 Adeline Street
Oakland, CA 94608
· Please write “Jennifer Green” in the note section of the check

Please pray for my children to be safe and home soon.

Thank you,

Jennifer Green

As we now have to appeal Healy's illegal orders, there are significantly more legal fees.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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This is like the Santa Clara County page of The short version is the same. Women pay taxes for police services the police refuse to provide. Then often target the person reporting a crime.

posted by Bonnie Russell 24 days ago

OMG. I have the same judge right now and I'm fearful for my children's health while n their Fathers home. He has perjured himself several times during custody court and flat got busted by child support after denying employment. My children scream & holler during xchange & seem so hungry & tired when they come home. They've been to the ER more the last 4 mths than they've had regular appts. Please give me some advice on prevention of physical & emotional abuse. DESPERATE MOM ILL SIGN THE RECALL PETITION ALONG WITH 99 MORE FAMILY & FRIENDS.

posted by Ja'Nean Shaw 4 months ago

Jennifer this same exact is happening in solano county also. I would LOVE to talk to you. Maybe if you know their story we can all help.

posted by Cissy Horne 5 months ago

I sincerely hope that non profit groups will join this fight.

posted by Naturopath Kee 7 months ago

Please help bring these girls home safe. We love them and miss them.

posted by Dylan Otero 9 months ago

I am dismayed that such an idiot could be a judge but then again he was a criminal defense attorney so I'm not surprised that he automatically takes the side of the criminal. Did you ever go to the Times Herald and other Solano County papers and how about major news stations out of Sacramento and San Francisco? We also have Ozcat radio in Vallejo that sometimes runs stories about injustice. I can imagine that you must be so overwhelmed and reeling from shock. One would expect common sense to be at the center of any judges decisions but some of them have biases of their own. Perhaps it's time to have him recalled. I wish I could contribute to your fund but I have not been able to find work since graduating from college. I so wish you all the luck of the world in gaining justice for your case.

posted by Julie Bauer 12 months ago

What a terrible terrible miscarriage of justice. The judge sounds like a pedophile himself. I wish you success in your battle and may it end soon.

posted by Tzippi Moss 14 months ago

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Molly M - Justice 4 the Young

1 month ago


I hope this help...... God told me to send it to. He is faithful. I hope this is just one of many donations we can make to help children who are being abused!



Liz Berry

2 months ago


I know you need money for your lawyer, but please get the girls some barbies:)



Tari Trainer

3 months ago


I hope this visit today went great. (((Hugs)))



garage sale

6 months ago (Offline Donation)


Judge Healy is sick. Did he go to law school? He needs major prayer as he is broken If he supports pedophiles, what are his inclinations? Some of the comments from outraged community members.



garage sale

7 months ago (Offline Donation)


The garage sale was a resounding sucess. Benicia and Vallejo came out to support these girls. Citizens want children protected not given to pedophiles. Citizens are becoming aware and starting to demand change.



carol may

8 months ago (Offline Donation)



Heather B.

9 months ago


Bad Judges will be judged someday by the greatest of judges, God.




9 months ago



Carol May

10 months ago


Happy Birthday Elizabeth! You are so strong and brave to keep your mother's love alive in your heart. All the angels in heaven sing your name. I love you Little Bear.



Margaret Gethers

10 months ago


I hope they all are home soon


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