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Cashel and Allie Gardner have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, SMA. SMA is a neuromuscular genetic disease that causes a baby or child to become completely paralyzed from head to toe but can sti... more


Updated posted by Sandy Antolik Gardner 10 months ago

Exciting news! We have a meeting at the dealership tomorrow to get final numbers on what it will take to get Cashel and Allie in this van. Anything you can add to our total will help so much and is a blessing to us. No amount is too small and soon we will reach our goal! Remember to share because sharing is helping too! God Bless you all.



Updated posted by Sandy Antolik Gardner 11 months ago

Get to know Cashel, Allie and our family by visiting "Cashel's World". Cashel is trying to spread awareness of their disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy, SMA, with his Facebook page He wants to show the world how you CAN LIVE with SMA and have a GREAT life! Please help get Cashel and Allie out of bed and in a Handicap Van!


Updated posted by Sandy Antolik Gardner 12 months ago

Today we planned to take Cashel to church to listen and meet a truly inspiring person, Bethany Hamilton. She is the girl the movie "Soul Surfer" was based on. Cashel, Allie and my family are so inspired by her and her family's faith positive attitude and love of life. Cashel has been looking forward to going for two weeks, but today his dad is sick and could not come over, so we cannot go. It is so hard to see the disappointment in his eyes.

It has been 5 days since our last donation, we really need your help to get Cashel and Allie a handicap van. I have never felt so trapped in our home as I have in the last year since Cashel and Allie have started wanting to go out and do things just like regular teenagers do and can't because we do not have a van. Please donate if you can AND share our story! Thank you so much to everyone that has helped us get this far. God Bless

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Created by Sandy Antolik Gardner on January 31, 2013

Cashel and Allie Gardner have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, SMA. SMA is a neuromuscular genetic disease that causes a baby or child to become completely paralyzed from head to toe but can still feel everything. Weakness happens at different degrees, the worst form is Type 1, which is what they have. They cannot walk, sit up, hold up their own heads, swallow or even breathe on their own. When my son, Cashel was diagnosed at 6 months of age the doctor told us to take him home and love him because he would not live to see his second birthday. I never accepted that prognosis and was determined my son would have a life; Cashel is now 16 YEARS OLD! We had another child, Allie, who was also born with SMA and once again we were told by the doctor SHE would not live to see her 2nd birthday either; she will be 14 YEARS OLD in March! The fact is that, many children do die before their 2nd birthday we chose to take all measures needed to help our children survive. They have G-tubes in their stomachs to feed them and tracheotomies and ventilators to breathe for them and by the Grace of God they have and are growing and thriving!

We desperately need a handicap accessible van that can fit both Cashel and Allie's specially made wheelchairs together with all their equipment and supplies, that also has back-up power to run their life sustaining equipment if needed. We need to be able to safely take them to doctor’s appointments, therapy and just have a family outing. They have not been able to go anywhere together for over 5 years. We have to choose which one needs to go to the doctor most or if there is a event one must stay home with one of us. Our family is separated. Cashel and Allie spend 24 hours a day bedridden and we want to show them the world outside of our home, they deserve to be able to go to a park, a movie or to have their dream of a trip to California to see the ocean and visit Disneyland to come true!

I quit my job the moment Cashel was diagnosed with SMA to provide the 24 hour care that he needed. All I want to do in my life is give them the best life and help them see and do things like a regular teenager does. God has always provided for us and given us all we need to care for our special children and I pray He will bless our fundraiser and help open a new world up for Cashel, Allie and our whole family. Thank You so much for any help you can give to us too
God Bless,
Sandy Gardner
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Sending two boxes for the fundraiser! One box contains four bottles of North Carolina wines 1 from Duplin Winery out of Rose Hill, NC ;3 from Childress Vineyards and Winery out of Lexington, NC (1 bottles is private reserve and 1 is Signature Series Reserve.) The other box contains North Carolina pottry: 3 pieces are from Cole's Pottery out of Sanford, NC Owl Pitcher Small plate and coffee cup set We included a brochure on these family and if you look on the bottom of the pieces, they will be a message from the lady we all know as "GRANNY". Meredith Horne has a piece that she included with this. It is a bowel and there is a card from her with it. Should be receiving it in the next few days from UPS. GOOD LUCK!!!!

posted by Beth Horne 11 months ago

We pray that you meet your goal soon! God Bless

posted by Michael McDonald 11 months ago

I can not donate any, as I have a negitive expendable income, Have you thought about getting the TV station which covered your story come do another story? Or some of your celeb friends send a request out?

posted by Cheryl Anne 13 months ago

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Tina Antonopoulos

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Tina Antonopoulos

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Tina Antonopoulos

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Tina Antonopoulos

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Cashel and Allie: So happy to see you are slowly, but surely raising funds for your van. I pray people will find it in their hearts, now that Christmas is on its way, to make this wish come true for you and your family. I can't think of another family more deserving of this van, than you guys!!! On behalf of my children, Peter and Noel, and myself, I would like to make this donation in Honor of my grandparents, Bill and Athina Kotopoulis, who were reunited this weekend in Heaven. True Love Lasts Forever, and it always Reunites. God Bless You Cashel and Allie, as well as your little sister Emily and your parents. We love you guys and wish you ALL THE BEST. xo Tina xo



Ray Barker

6 months ago


Team Cashel & Allie!



Mike Dye

6 months ago



Teresa Motley

7 months ago


You are such a great kid, thank you for all you do!




7 months ago



Tina, Peter and Noel

8 months ago


Cashel hope this makes you happy!! Xo to Allie and Emily. We love you!!!



Veronica Hamilton

8 months ago


God Bless you and Cherish you with a wonderful life. You both are amazing.


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