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   We are two college students living on a tight budget, who have earned the opportunity of a lifetime, to study abroad with the Semester at Sea Program for this summer semester. The cos... more


Created by Korina Jensen on January 24, 2013

   We are two college students living on a tight budget, who have earned the opportunity of a lifetime, to study abroad with the Semester at Sea Program for this summer semester. The costs for the program after scholarships, grants and financial aid, are very high. The outside expenses for this trip is what we hope this fundraiser will help pay for. We will be studying in several different countries on the Mediterranean coast, including Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Turkey and Morocco. All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated!

   We wanted a chance to tell you all a little about ourselves, so you would know who you are helping out. Korina is a senior at Kent State and a Criminology major with a minor in Sociology. She holds a 3.45 GPA and is scheduled to graduate in spring 2014. Danielle is a senior at Kent State and a French and Russian Translation major with a geography and psychology minor. She holds a 3.70 GPA and is also scheduled to graduate in spring 2014.   Our trip begins in mid June and will continue through our second anniversary and Korina's birthday, to the end of August. It ends just a week before the following fall semester. 

   For those of you wondering where your donations are going, let us give you a quick breakdown of costs.

1-Plane Tickets: to London from the US and back.

2-Textbooks for the classes we are taking overseas.

3-Hotel room for the night we land in London at the beginning of our voyage, and one for night before we return home.

4-Dog and cat sitter fees for the wonderful person who has signed on to watch our babies while we are gone.

5-Laundry on the ship, because clean clothes always help make us feel at home.

6-Extra fees that our Financial aid and scholarships can't cover.

So you see, the money our close friends and family donate to this cause is going 100% towards our journey. Every cent you donate brings us closer to the dream we have worked so hard for.

Many people have asked Danielle and I why we want to go on this fantastic voyage. And there are many reasons, including the opportunity to see many parts of the world we live in, the opportunity to observe customs, traditions and cultures from the perspectives of the natives and of course the opportunity to eat lots of amazing food. But there is more to it than that, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about it.

   I look forward to the different places we will go on this journey, the amazing photo opportunities and the open seas that we will sail upon. But it is more than that, it's the chance to study in an open classroom, a classroom without walls, without limits, where the sky, or should I say the ocean is the limit. We will many chances to do community service with natives in their home lands. And that was what really grabbed our attention, the chance to help others, the put the lessons we have learned into action. There are several opportunities to do different kinds of volunteer work and the opportunity to ACT instead of just think, study and talk about it and that is an opportunity that can't be passed up! 

   This voyage is a chance to change not only our lives but our futures as well.  

   Thanks again to all of you who have already donated, those who are considering it, and to those that are helping get us there by sharing our FB link! Much gratitude and love to each and every one of you!


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Marc Goldberg

10 months ago


You go Girl. With love from Marc and Maggie




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Christina Fountain

12 months ago


Love you Dani!



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Crystal Coleman

13 months ago


Hope you get all you need! Love ya




13 months ago


Tell me stories of your adventures later! :)




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Megan O'Sullivan

14 months ago


Good luck, have fun, be safe, and keep up the good work!


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