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Updated posted by Michael Corsett 14 months ago

I am posting this because I don't know what else to do, here is a summary of my situation:

After several tours of duty in Iraq, I was wounded during my last tour of duty, I was medically evacuated back to Virginia where I spent 16 weeks in the hospital under going treatment and physical therapy. I was given an honorable discharge and released to go home, but I had nothing to come home to, my beautiful wife had given up on me, got tired of waiting, and didnot want to be a military wife anymore...didnot want to married to an injured veteran, she sold everything in the house, gave up the house, emptied the bank accounts and ran away with an old boyfriend. We already had one beautiful little girl together and she was 9 months pregnate with our 2nd daughter when she ran away, so when I came home...there was no one and nothing there, I had nothing but my car which was in storage on the military base in Virginia (and it has a large loan balance on it) and some personal belongings that she placed in storage which I have no access to at this time.

Things went downhill from there...which I had not thought possible, I was signed up at the veterans affairs dept. for on-going medical treatment and therapy for back/shoulder/leg injuries including needing to have both my knees replaced/leg braces/complete loss of hearing in one ear/ptsd/metal implants in jaw and dental prosthetics as well as vocational rehabilitation and veterans disability benefits, however each thing takes months upon months of paperwork/appt's/and processing and while eventually each will get done...for now I'm in a holding pattern...waiting and waiting, now things are such that I must try and do something ease my current situation.

There is more but I don't want to write a book here...if someone who can help me wishes to know...then I will certainly complete the rest of the story.

I have my military records/DD214 honorable discharge document/photos of me in Iraq and Kuwait/awards and medals, not a scam and I am not just trying to get something for nothing, I donot drink and have nothing to do with drugs, I am proud of my military service and record, if I had it to do all over again...I would do do without hesitation, I just need a little help to get back on my feet. I am embarrassed to place this posting...I just don't know what else to do.

I am homeless but have temporary shelter at a residential structured living facility in El Monte, I share a room with 5 other men and receive 3 meals a day, have toilet and shower usage and I can stay until march, I have no money, I come to the work source center to look for work, I am physically able to work with-in the limits that my injuries will allow, and I want to work...but I am limited in the necessary resources needed to find a job and be hired.
Below is what I am in need of to help me get back on my feet, if there is anyone that could help me out with any of the following...your kindness and generosity would be most appreciated...God bless

1. Eye exam and eyeglasses...mine are broken and superglued together and one lens is smeared with the glue.
2. decent job interview clothing and shoes.
3. work boots. clothing..jeans, hikinh shoes, t-shirts, shirts, briefs, socks, belts.
5. dental temporary dental prosthetic is broken and crack and has a broken front tooth, it looks bad and is very uncomfortable to wear and eat with....I need a replacement or at least repair and relining....I have to wait for several more months before I can get dental work from the dept. of veterans affairs.
6. money to get my drivers license renewed and reinstated.
7. money to renew vehicle registration so I am get and from job searchs and employment with I find work.
9. I can carry my stuff including my temporary leg braces when I'm not needing them on and all the meds I have to take.
10. personal items such as toiletries, razors etc.


Created by Michael Corsett on January 23, 2013



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