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5My sister Kristie was diagnosed with breast cancer that metastasized into her bones and liver. She is only 34 yrs old and has a 4 year old (shelby) and a 8 month old(Cooper). She started her chemo this morning. The donations would be used t... more


Updated posted by Trent Gielen 1 month ago

Hey There Everyone, Its been a little while since my last update. Today was a great day, Kristie had her scans last week and today Kristie and Tyson went for the results..........READY.....................................................EVERYTHING HAS SHRUNK!!!!!!!!! The new treatment is working and all lesion spots through out Kristie's body has shrunk in size. The bone lesions, the breast lump, the lesion in her liver and the lesions in her brain. Today was an amazing day. WAY TO GO KRISTIE. We all have BIG smiles on our faces today.

I went out to visit Kristie, Shelby and Cooper this afternoon and she has a little pep in her step today. Dr. is continuing with the treatment and Kristie doesnt have to go for scans for 3 months. They are scheduled for sometime in June.

Way to go Kristie, Keep fighting the fight!

My Brother in Law Trent has decided to ride in "The Ride to Conquer Cancer" . The ride is in AUG and is a 200km ride over 2 days, Trent has to raise $2500.00 to be able to Ride, if you anyone can help him out please check out the link below.

Thank you so much for all your love and support over the last year and 2 months, you are all truly beautiful souls. We are all so blessed to have so many people reach out and support us in one way or another. Love you all.

Kristie, Keep fighting the fight. WE ALL LOVE YOU.



Updated posted by Trent Gielen 2 months ago

Hello All,

Here is an update for you on Kristie, After the scans in early January Kristie found out that her cancer in her bones was responding very well, which is great news. The cancer in her breast is growing again, the liver has some new lesions and the cancer in Kristie's brain has become more aggressive. After Kristie and Tyson met with the oncologist they decided to give a new oral chemo a try. This has been great as the trips to the cross have decreased. Although Kristie still goes a couple times a month it has been easier for her not making the trip to the cross. She is pain free right now, eating well and getting some rest. She is still very tired but usually has many good days during the week.

Shelby and Cooper are keeping Kristie and Carlena very busy during the day. Both are in swimming lessons on Friday every week, Auntie Trish and Grams share the duties of going in the water with Cooper and he is doing great. Shelby will be able to keep up with her cousins soon as she too is doing amazing.

Trish and Kristie have been able to spend some time together shopping, they are looking for a big boy bed for Cooper man this week as he is out growing his crib. Although this will keep Kristie and Tyson very busy. I don't think Cooper stops moving and they will be chasing him around.

Dad was babysitting last night and while drying him off and sending him to Kristie to get his jammies on he got to the bathroom door, turn and looked at pops and got a funny little grin on his face and took off running buck naked into the living room. Needless to say Cooper might be quicker than pops already.

Auntie Sue, Serena and Cam and Alex all came in last Thursday to have visit and spend some time with Kristie and her kids and the rest of the family. We have a great weekend. I think Serena and Cam, and even Alex went home more exhausted than when they arrived. All five of the kids kept them very busy with painting finger and toe nails, yes Cam too had his fingers painted. Alex and Serena took turns doing hair and having their hair done by the girls. We had family dinner on Thursday night and then again on Saturday night. Kristie was with us for most of the day on both days and spent some good quality time with Serena and Cam and Alex and Auntie Sue. Had some great laughs as Cassie beat Alex and Dad at arm wrestling but not Uncle Trent, she struggled a little bit as I put her hand to the ground pretty quick. There was lots of dog piles and horse rides for the kids and books ready to all the kids by Alex and Serena.

We would like to Thank everyone for there love and support as Kristie continues her fight with Cancer. All of you are very special to us and we appreciate everything you have done for her and for us.

Kristie has a few more trips to the cross in the month of Feb and I will try and get more updates posted sooner.

Thanks again from the Williams, Gielens and Clark Families for all the love and support.




Updated posted by Trent Gielen 3 months ago

Re- posting because the other pictures kept this update off the first page.

First off I want to Thank everyone for all the love and support that we have received over the last year. You all have been a huge part of our lives and we cannot Thank you enough.

Since Kristie's Chemo treatment on Dec 10 and 11th everything is going pretty well. Kristie has been rolling along with a great attitude and high spirits. Other than being a little tired and dealing with some nasty heartburn, she is doing well. Tyson and Kristie met with the Dr. on Tuesday this week after lab work on the Monday she was ready to go for treatment today. Dad went to the cross with Kristie and everything went very well. They were there for about 2 1/2 hours and then it was done. Carlena and the kids were at home playing while Kristie and Dad were at the cross. As of right now Kristie is status quo, She is booked in for a heart scan on the 14th of Jan and then has scans on the 17th to see how the chemo is working.

We took Shelby and Cooper,Carlena and Kristie Tobogganing on the afternoon of the 23 with Thornton's and Trish and Trent and kids. Kristie (with a little help) was able to get to the top of the hill and Grams was sure thinking and brought her a lawn chair, She was able to watch the kids go up and down for about 45 mins before she got cold and they headed home.
With 2013 gone and the new year here we have been quite busy over the last couple weeks. Tyson was able to get some time off to spend at home with the kids and Kristie. Christmas was a blast with all the kids so excited and busy running around. Wait, let me go back a couple days before Christmas.....I get a text msg from a great friend from work " I have something for Kristie, Tyson and the Kids, can I drop it off at your place" OK sure that works well I would have never guessed what it was. Leslie had organized a Christmas hamper for them. There was a large basket for the kids full of books and stuff animals, chocolate, some toy trucks for cooper, dolls for Shelby. There was another basket for Kristie and Tyson with socks and toques for Kristie and pajama pants and a shirt for Tyson. And $1600 to help them out over the Christmas holidays. Over the last year Since Kristie was diagnosed Leslie and her family have done some amazing things for Kristie's family, Fund raiser at sobey's and numerous other fund raisers. Leslie, Justine(Matt ), Chelsey(Chris), Dustin, and Zach have put a lot of time into doing all this for Tyson and Kristie and the kids. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done, You are all truly amazing people and we are all so grateful. You made The Williams Christmas extra special.

On Christmas eve we were all over at Kristie and Tysons for appetizers and a good laugh and this is when we presented the baskets to Kristie and Tyson. we ate alot, we laughed alot and had a great time. Christmas morning the phone rang just after 7am, It was Brynn, Ainsley and Cassie telling Grams and Pops and Uncle Trent to get over to their house because Santa came. We picked up GG and headed over. Kristie,Tyson,Shelby and Cooper made it to Trish and Trents around 9 and then it was game on! Presents opened and a great breakfast, Uncle Trent was ready for a nap after all that excitement. Shelby got to stay at Auntie Trish's and Uncle Trents for the afternoon and Kristie, Tyson and Cooper went home for a nap and then came back for dinner at Trish and Trent's. What a busy couple of days, everyone had a great time and enjoyed every minute of it.

New Years Eve Kristie and Tyson and the kids were at Auntie Trish and Uncle Trents for dinner and the kids got to play together. Although I think kristie and Tyson headed home around 9 and I got strict instructions from Trish " Don't call me at midnight because I will be in bed! Haha I didnt call them.

From The Williams, Gielens and Clarks We would really like to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and Thank you for all the Love and support over the last year. You guys have all had a huge impact on our lives and we are truly grateful for each and everyone of you. ALL THE BEST in 2014



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Created by Trent Gielen on January 17, 2013

5My sister Kristie was diagnosed with breast cancer that metastasized into her bones and liver. She is only 34 yrs old and has a 4 year old (shelby) and a 8 month old(Cooper). She started her chemo this morning. The donations would be used to help pay for groceries, medications, Home care, house cleaning etc. On behalf of the Williams Family and the Gielen Family and everyone else involved " Thank You"

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Update #3 - Tyson and Kristie and their family got a wonderful surprise yesterday morning. Shelby and Cooper's popy (Tyson dad) showed up from Nova Scotia. What an amazing thing for Tyson and his family. Kristie has had a couple good days. She is still laying in bed and resting. Drinking some and getting lots of sleep. Tyson has been busy running around for kids appointments and dropping Shelby off at Auntie Trish's for a sleep over before school tomorrow. Mom (Trudy) did something that she once said she would never do again, "shaved her head" this was a special one for all of us as this is for Kristie. Cassie, Ainsley and Brynn and Shelby all got a chance to run the razor and take some hair off. They were so excited. Kristie's pain has been okay today but Tyson is talking to the Dr. to see if there is something else that we can give Kristie. Keep thinking about Kristie and Tyson and the kids. Karen, Tennille, Tiffany Tyrone and the rest of your extended family, Thank you for your messages, support and love that you are sending Kristie's way. we are thinking about you guys as well. To all those that have donated, we are so thankful for having some many wonderful people in our lives. KEEP BELIEVING! Trent

posted by Trent Gielen 15 months ago

Here is update number 2, Kristie has had a couple of okay days, she has been at home with her hubby Tyson and kids Shelby and Cooper. She is still in a bit of pain but the morphine seems to be okay until later in the day. The kids have been amazing little troopers. Cooper, Tyson and Pops all went to get Cooper sized for his helmet today and cooper was chatting at everyone that walked by. Shelby and Grams worked on cleaning the house and the home care nurse came in today for the assessment and Nurse Shelby and Nurse Natasha asked mommy lots of questions. Uncle Trent,Grams and Shelby had dinner ready for when Daddy and cooper and pops got home. Shelby is having a sleep over at Grams and Pops as she has school in the morning. Kristie was able to have a few smiles today and is thankful for all the love and support her family has recieved. I (uncle trent ) sit with her and go through all the donations and facebook to see who has support her family and the comments that you have posted, Keep the comments and donations coming. Thanks again for all the love and support for the Williams Family. Trent

posted by Trent Gielen 15 months ago

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Edie Fearon-Meikle

21 days ago


Kristie and Family, way to fight the fight you guys. Hoping for continued success and medical advancements to cure the "evil". So very happy for all of you.



Kelsey Nixon

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Sheron&Don McLean

2 months ago


Happy Valentines to a very special family! We are thinking of you Christie! Hugs! The McLeans




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Rob & Ellen Raimondo

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Apryl LeBlanc

3 months ago


i believe!



Olive Gray

7 months ago


My 88 year old Mom, Olive Gray, has had Kristie in her thoughts and prayers. She wanted to reach out and provide a donation to Kristie as a form of a hug. Marilyn


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