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Finn Oscar (4) was born at 29.5 weeks to Claire and Michael Dempsey in 2008.  We all live in Dublin, Ireland with our white Alsatian Sophie. Due to Finn's traumatic birth he had a ble... more


Updated posted by Michael Dempsey 1 month ago

Race Night update - late as usual, oops.

We held a fantastically successful Race night in town on Fri 28th Feb hosted by Sinead McCaul, Stephen Hanna, Ann Marie O'Connell, Patricia English and Bernadette "B" Gray and ably assisted by Cian on the night. Even before the night started the crazy gang had sold out all the horses and had started double selling the races. In the name of a greater good the guys knew no shame in finding and filling the best list of prizes and spot prizes I have ever seen with multiple tablets, PC's, Vouchers, Wine, Concert tickets and on and on. Then they started on selling tickets and advertising the night and they were a sight to behold, I certainly am making a point of keeping on there good side :-).
The night itself was great fun - Stephen and his brother Dave along with Eric and his funky shirts ran the night brilliantly and everything went off with
without a hitch. There was a great turn out from HP, the Dempsey family and many others and I honestly believe there was a fun atmosphere on the night. A few drinks and the excitement of the races got everyones pulse racing - Paul Congdon deserves a special mention for a moment of madness in a bidding war - much appreciated. I have attached some pics from Sinead of Finn watching the races atop his own horse for the night.

Finn loved the night and was slightly disappointed that the horses weren't actually in the bar. He was meant to leave by 9pm but was still going strong well past 10 - don't tell child services. We told him he won the last race and he was delighted - so much so that he woke me on early Saturday informing me he was rich and that he was spending all his five euro winnings on the music from Disneys Frozen, which he loves.

And now for the drum roll, den den dennnnnn.

The initial target was €2-3000 but the guys were so good they quickly readjusted and aimed for 5k. Incredibly with all donations to this page, sponsors, ticket sales and revenues on the night we broke the €8000 barrier - unbelievable. We had a review meeting on last Monday and this total blew me away but they weren't finished yet. Oh no. Not only did they chase additional donations they "encouraged" the winning horse owners to donate their winnings and foolishly nearly all the winners did. The final, final total is €9,121. WOW - A huge thanks to everyone who helped make the night, the success it was and especially to Sinead, Stephen, Ann Marie, Patricia and B - as I said on the night I am constantly pleasantly surprised by people's bottomless generosity in giving their time, effort and hard earned cash in support of our Finn.
Those who met Finn on the night hopefully saw how a glimpse of what kind of child he is - although he has cerebral palsy he is genuinely a very happy kid who has an increasingly cheeky sense of humour that I blame his mother for !!!! But on a serious note - this money raised will go directly into his new Trust fund account and will be used to cover his treatments in the Newry (3 visits a week) right up until he starts Primary school this September which is just amazing and I have run out of words to thank everyone - so I'm making one up - splendiferous

That's it for now - look out for the next event - possibly a Ball/dinner in September or I may be forced into Hell&Back again this Summer - who knows.
We already have an Official Irish Rugby shirt signed by all the current team including BOD that Jason Crumley wangled out of Carton house and a snooker cue signed by Ken Doherty from Sinead so anyone interested - contact me - I know - I am shameless - I learnt from the best

Bye for now and take care

Michael Claire and Finn

Total raised €9, 121


Finn watching the races

I dont fancy this horse daddy

A winner at last


Updated posted by Michael Dempsey 2 months ago

Hello everybody and a very belated happy new year (I can’t believe its February this week)
As you know, Finn and Claire spent 6 months of 2013 in Toronto and in a final push to prepare Finn for main stream school this September they returned this January for another months treatment. Apart from the -30 degree cold, this visit has been a success and I will post some new videos next week when they return. We are trying to strengthen Finns Core (torso) to better control his limbs, as well as using his Walker to start weight bearing on his legs for the first time. Local’ish, we have just found a new clinic in Newry, First Steps. The treatment on offer differs slightly from the Toronto clinic but has the same goal of getting Finn independently mobile and has the geographical benefit of being a lot closer than Canada, so we can continue to get on-going treatment year round.
Well, like the buses, there’s no update for a long time and then 2 come along in a row, one on an upcoming race night and the other, some details from a Halloween Fancy dress party hosted by June Hoey in October
Sinead McCaul & Anne Marie O’Connell friends and HP colleagues are organizing a Race night this February 28th upstairs in Doheny & Nesbitts along with their fund raising mafia (Patricia, Stephen, Dave & Fiona) I don’t know what tactics this team are employing but judging by the volume of great prizes and donations, they must be making offers that can’t be refused! It’s all for a good cause  The response so far has been overwhelming and the HP team are really pushing the boat out here so everyone is invited along to make this night a great success.

June Hoey ran a Fancy Dress Ball in the Courtown hotel over Halloween with her daughter Stacy. The Courtown Hotel provided the function room and the food free of charge. Thanks to Roger for the tickets and posters and the Gorey Guardian who sponsored an Add. Avril Morris helped Stacy and June with decorating the room and I’ll post some of these if I can convince June to share them. A huge thanks to all the guys from Court own, Riverchaple and Ardmine who supported the event and of course the angel that is June, who just dropped off a cheque for €1001

And a final virtual hug is sent to our Canadian Cousins for putting up with Claire and Finn, sorry I meant putting Finn and Claire up! Again!

That’s all for now, so I promise to post some new vids next week and you can make a note in your diaries for Feb 28th, you might even make money !!!


Flyer for Race Night


Updated posted by Michael Dempsey 4 months ago

Finn (and Claire) on the way back from Canada tonight


Happy Birthday Finn

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Created by Michael Dempsey on January 7, 2013

Finn Oscar (4) was born at 29.5 weeks to Claire and Michael Dempsey in 2008.  We all live in Dublin, Ireland with our white Alsatian Sophie.

Due to Finn's traumatic birth he had a bleed in his brain that resulted in him being diagnosed with quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy - basically the part of the brain that controls his gross motor skills and means he cannot control his arms and legs as normal. Irish doctors classified him as having a minimal chance of improving his position so we have sought further advice abroad. To date we have been to clinics in Slovakia and we are currently in Toronto to give intense physio to Finn and after constant work at home we have seen small but significant improvements - he can now sit independently for short periods of time and is using his left hand and he loves using the iPad.

Last year Finn was lucky enough to start working at an amazing clinic in Toronto, Canada called Health in Motion where he does 2 hours each day in physio and 1.5 hours of massage and stretching. He went there 3 times last year and he is in the middle of his first trip this year. We are planning 3 more trips this year so he will be spending 20 weeks in total in Canada. We are lucky to have amazing cousins living over there whose hospitality and support have made it all the easier to be away from home for such lengths of time. The improvements he has made in the last year have been amazing, he has learnt to roll, sit by himself and is almost crawling with just a little support. We are really excited to see the results that this year will bring. 

Our goal is to help Finn lead as normal a life as possible. We intend to get Finn strong enough via physio so that he can be suitable for a spinal operation to remove his high Tone (rigid arms and legs) - It's called SDR - spinal dorsal rhizotomy, performed in St Louis in the States. The spine is opened and each nerve is examined and the damaged nerves are removed. By removing the damaged spinal nerves it gives him a better chance to balance himself and he will have more control over his limbs and general movement. The operation costs 50K and is obviously serious but is it equally important to follow up with intense physio as the operation removes damaged muscles/nerves in his spine and need to be built back up again over the following months and this accounts for the remaining funds as we intend to hire an SDR experienced physio to live with us for 6 months post Op

Finn is a delightful child and brings great joy and happiness to our lives. He is developing his own personality and has the curiosity and interests of a normal 4 year old

Your donations will go directly to help Finn's physio and operation and large or small are all greatly appreciated. We welcome your comments and questions


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All the best Kev



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Hi Kevin, best of luck (and effort!!) with the marathon. Hope for huge success with the fund raising. Best, Maureen and Ronnie



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Best of luck with the Marathon Kev and all the best to Finn, Claire and Michael. Love from Sinéad and Donal



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Hi Mick and Claire, I really hope you get everything you need to help Finn and he gets up and walking. Fingers toes and all crossed for ye.



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Kev, fantastic cause. well done you. Hope the donations continue to come in for finn. Miss you lots, big Love, dee x



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Best of luck :)



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Great cause mate, i`m sure you`ll nail the challenge. Mucha suerte.



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