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Hi I am Hannah age soon to be 15 and I have Autism. I have a dream and goal to design a t-shirt line and work at a magical place called Spectrum Designs. The people that work there have... more


Created by Evan Greenberg on December 29, 2012

Hi I am Hannah age soon to be 15 and I have Autism. I have a dream and goal to design a t-shirt line and work at a magical place called Spectrum Designs. The people that work there have Autism. The name of my business is Hannah Leigh for Spectrum Designs. I will be launching the A-Z series of t-shirts with sayings like A is for Attitude, B is for Beauty, D is for Diva and more. The character with the wild curly hair on the t-shirts is me.

Autism is a terrible disorder and something that has no cure. I want to sell my t-shirts and lead a productive life while helping others with Autism. Thank you for believing in me.


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My story will be in this months Autism parent magazine

posted by Hannah Greenberg 8 months ago

Just lovely compliments ! Keep up the good work xo mommy

posted by Amy Greenberg 12 months ago

Hi Hannah, you are doing a wonderful thing. I personally am on the autistic spectrum. I would really like to purchase a shirt in the near future. Best of luck with your t-shirt line!

posted by Jonathan Kratchman 12 months ago

Hi Hannah, what a wonderful independent and creative person you are. YOur logo is charming and your drive to create and help admirable! I am the founder /president of FAP (Friends of Autistic People). We are planning a fashion show "Teens helping teens and adults with autism" . We are at the planning stages and perhasps you might have the kids model some of your T-shirt designs? what do you think ? it would help spread the word, raise funds for you and help us help other kids with autism, too . By the way, FAP is planning a sustainable Farm Academy for oldert teens and adults with autism. Itg's a big important project. there are lots of things that one could do on the farm once we get started, such as to teach emplooyable skills including printing your T-shirts to the "farmers" with autism and the school kids who would be visiting for projects.... Oops, my message just skipped out,,, I look forward to hearing from you,

posted by Brita Darany von Regensburg 13 months ago

Hey, I'm going to be 15 soon to and I have 2 brothers with Autism and a father and sister with aspergers. I understand completely where your coming from and I wil, when I get more money, i will help help you!!!!! I wish i could meet you in person :)

posted by Isabella Jeffress 14 months ago

Hi Hannah, My name is Rosemary, and I have a daughter, Nicole who is also autistic. She also loves the color green. Nicole loves to make her own jewelery. Nicole is eighteen, and a senior in high school. I am very excited about your business. My husband is a contractor, so we have a lot of experience with small business. We are also hoping that Nicole has a business of her own someday. I was wondering, with National Autism awareness month coming up in April, if you have any t-shirt ideas for this important month. I always wear the colorful autism awareness ribbon the entire month, but would like to have a t-shirt to wear. I think that a lot of people would be interested in buying a t shirt to help promote this important month.

posted by Rosemary Kundrick-Maclean 14 months ago

we are very excited with Hannahs t-shirt project and the media interest!!

posted by Amy Greenberg 15 months ago

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Regina Kramel

8 months ago


Success to you in this worthy endeavor.




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Debra Bonamassa

13 months ago


Good Luck Beautiful, Talented Hannah!

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Rachel Look

13 months ago


I am so proud of you Hannah!!



Dale Farber

13 months ago


Dale Farber-Brill



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13 months ago



Dalit Cohen

14 months ago


So proud of you Hannah!!



Joel Levine

14 months ago


Best of luck with your new business.

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Cara Klein

14 months ago


Awesome idea! Good luck!! Love from the Klein family

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Anthony Ioanna

14 months ago


Great Job Hannah


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