Christmas Eve Changed My Brother's Life

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My Name is Christopher Barbknecht and I live near Albany, NY.  My family was visiting me for Christmas from Indiana.  On Christmas Eve my family and I went to Mount Snow, Vermont for a f... more


Updated posted by Christopher Barbknecht 14 months ago

Noah and Dad arrived at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA for rehabilitation on January 24. Mom is back in Indiana (had to go back to work). Noah is progressing well, and we all know how awesome he is, but Mom sure misses him. It costs quite a bit to fly for just a short weekend, so she hasn't made the trip yet. It'll be almost a month before she can make the trip. The house (2 story) needs to be sold and my parents need to find a ranch style home and make modifications to accommodate Noah's extra challenges. Thank you all for your prayers and support.


Created by Christopher Barbknecht on December 27, 2012

My Name is Christopher Barbknecht and I live near Albany, NY.  My family was visiting me for Christmas from Indiana.  On Christmas Eve my family and I went to Mount Snow, Vermont for a family skiing trip.

Here my 15 year old brother suffered a terrible skiing injury and his life was forever changed.  His injuries include multiple facial fractures, a broken neck, broken ribs, double pneumothorax(collapsed lungs), and a spinal fracture at his T8 vertebrate that has left him paralyzed from the breast bone down.

There is a facebook page created to follow his progress and to send thoughts and prayers:

Any donation will go to his treatment and rehabilitaion and home modifications.

If you cannot donate, please keep him and my family in your thoughts and prayers.


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We will be heading home April 3rd, with a Homecoming celebration on April 7th at Yum Yums Yogurt U Make on Maysville Rd from 1-6 pm. If you'd like to meet Noah, try out safe arcery

posted by Sandi Campbell Barbknecht 13 months ago

Hey Noah, I love how well you are doing. Looking forward to seeing you in April. Trying my best to help make a difference. Keep up the good and hard work. ONE MORE STEP!

posted by Steve Brewster 14 months ago

If you are following Prayers for Noah on Facebook ( cht) you will be delighted to see that Noah is starting to post his own status and comments, including how he was injured in the skiing accident.

posted by Sandi Campbell Barbknecht 14 months ago

Thanks Lexie. Noah IS at Shepherd Center. Noah's dad is already staying there with him, but the 30 days is running out fast.

posted by Sandi Campbell Barbknecht 15 months ago

Sheherd Center has people that will help. They offer housing for at least 30 days free of charge for the family. please go to this linki for a ton of help: patient-and-family-guide/famil y-housing

posted by Lexie Yarbrough 15 months ago

Hey Noah!!! You dont know me and I dont know you but I am a HUGE Norwell sports fan and have MANY teenage friends and oh by the way Im 52 yrs old:} lol lol lol One of my kids thats now in college...his name is NOAH:} This will remind me to pray for you and your family. GOD is with you!!!!!!!!!

posted by Cathy Springer 15 months ago

Though I do not know Noah, I am familiar with your brothers situation. My wife was in a car accident back in 2007. The wreck left her with a c5/c6 spinal fracture, leaving her paralyzed from the shoulders down with very limited arm movement and no hand movement. They are many organizations that will help with funds and rehab. As you will find there is not to many places that focus specifically on SCI's (spinal cord injuries) My wife and I are willing to help in any way we can. We have some connections in the SCI world but not alot. If there is anything we can do or and info we can share, or if you even just need someone to talk to man, We got you. You can contact me at and we can exchange info. Prayers to u and your family and let your brother know " It could have been worse and with strength, prayer, time and 100% focused therapy he will walk again.

posted by John Weimer 15 months ago

Sending prayers for you and the family for a speedy recovery, God Bless.

posted by Karen Rock 15 months ago

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posted by Richard Rayl 15 months ago

Thank you for setting this up Christopher! Ever since this happened, I've felt the need to do something in addition to my prayers. Your family is so dear to me.

posted by Cheryl Smith 16 months ago

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Our family is praying for yours.



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Noah is in my prayers. God is Great


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