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 I have MS...MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.... so YES ....I am ALSO hurt by this....he was saying HE WOULD'NT HAVE TO WORK.... I was saying I CAN'T WORK....HE HAD MY HOPES UP TOO. more


Created by Cecil Hammack on December 10, 2012

 I have MS...MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.... so YES ....I am ALSO hurt by this....he was saying HE WOULD'NT HAVE TO WORK.... I was saying I CAN'T WORK....HE HAD MY HOPES UP TOO.

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am an 11 Years Survivor of MS Multiple Sclerosis. I was Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the Fall of November 2001. Needless to say 2001 was a Bad Year for all Americans...but I had a double dose of Bad News that year. I was Diagnosed after many disturbing trips to the Emergency Room with what seemed at the time to be life threatening. I was Diagnosed by Dr. Emily Riser of Alabama Neurology Associates...Dr Emily is a renowned Neurologist specializing in Multiple Sclerosis...she is in practice with her husband John Riser who also specializing in MS and other Neurological conditions. I feel I have the best care available today...When I was 1st Diagnosed I started a Once-A-Week injection of a Shot in the Muscle with a drug known as AVONEX and continue it's treatment today. AVONEX is a drug that has proven to slow the progression of the disease. I am very greatful to BIOGEN the producers of this medication...for there support to finding a CURE...and the Financial support given through MS ACTIVE SOURCE. It's because of them that I'm able to afford this treatment which cost around $1300.00 for a 1 month supply. Which brings me to my most troubling issues...I have at this time... I worked up until I couldn't for a major retail store til April of 2011...17 Year overall I wish I was still able to get up and go to work everyday. May of 2012 I received social security disability...and find it difficult living month to month on it. i want be eligible for Medicare until October of 2013... I had to let my Long Term Cobra Health Insurance expire in October because i was unable to pay the monthly $596.00 co pay premium each month...Therefore I am unable to get the medicines needed for my other major medical conditions... I also have High Blood Pressure, High Colesterol , Hypertension, and Diabetes. now I will have to pay out-of-pocket full price for my medications unless I can find other help. So my life has now become a Day-to-Day, Hour-by-Hour struggle as I live with the Daily Pain of MS...and the Holiday's will be hard this year. I very much APPRECIATE any comments or contributions you may be able to give... Let me also say that any support given will not only HELP me but will also benefit the search for CURE for Everyone Involved with Multiple Sclerosis. In closing I invite you to join my Facebook friends and family of supporters on my FACEBOOK PAGE.... www.facebook/cecilhammack

posted by Cecil Hammack 16 months ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?f eature=player_embedded&v=R311m 0rpENI

posted by Cecil Hammack 16 months ago

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