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11/29/12 Hi everyone, Our 14 year old niece, Rica Tabucal, was diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago. About a month ago, she was hospitalized because of an infection. Since there is n... more


Updated posted by Lory Wilson 4 months ago

11/28/13 - Here are 3 more recent photos of Rica. The first set of 3 photos were posted below. If ever you feel generous, Rica still needs help for her expensive medications, laboratory tests, and doctor's visits. As you could see through these recent photos, Rica's health has improved since the surgery last year. But she still has to take all the necessary medications & other things required by her doctor to avoid serious complications with lupus.

Take care everyone - from Rica.



Updated posted by Lory Wilson 4 months ago

11/28/13 - Here is a recent photo of Rica. She could walk now but limping. Walking though is a big milestone for her. Her left leg where she had the surgery about a year ago could not completely bend which is causing the limping. Thanks to all your help. It made a difference in Rica's life. There is no cure for lupus. Rica is still taking the expensive medications and her blood & other laboratory tests are on going. Please continue your prayers that she would stay healthy for a long while.

Rica wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014.



Updated posted by Lory Wilson 13 months ago

Here's the most recent photo of Rica. She can now sit down in a wheel chair with less assistance but still can't walk. She continues her regular visits to the doctor, blood tests, taking her medications, and physical therapy. Rica wants to thank all of you who contributed to her medical expenses. Rica hopes that you will continue to help her pay for her medications and other medical expenses.


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Created by Lory Wilson on November 30, 2012


Hi everyone,

Our 14 year old niece, Rica Tabucal, was diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago.  About a month ago, she was hospitalized because of an infection.  Since there is no health insurance in the Philippines, Rica's parents, Cardo & Aida, were struggling to pay the medical bills.  Some family members contributed money to help her parents so she would be released from the hospital. 

On 11/20/12 until the present, Rica is hospitalized again because of the very swollen and painful left knee that caused her not to be able to walk.  She had such a serious infection on the left knee that she underwent a surgery on 11/22/12.  We sent a good amount of money ($1,500.00).  They used part of the money as a deposit to the hospital so Rica could be admitted  on 11/20/12.  Then before the surgery, the hospital demanded for Rica's parents to add more money to the deposit & they used the rest of the money that we've sent.  In the Philippines, money is required before care is provided to the patient.  Rica's Uncle Manny has also extended some financial help.  But all of our help is not enough.  The medical bills are adding up.  Aida is currently going from organization to organization (government and non-profit) to seek funds.

Because of this financial hardship, we are asking the family members & friends to extend financial help to Rica & her family. Any amount is helpful. Please include Rica in your prayers also.

Thank you,

Jim & Lory Wilson


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Breanna's friend can use our help. thank you so much.

posted by Linda Stevenson 16 months ago

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Hope this will help in Rica's recovery, may God bless and keep her.



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