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Updated as of 5/26/2013 Stephens Life: A with Late Stage Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease Hello, my name is Stephen Trinity. I am a husband, Dad, and until last fall, I was a college... more


Updated posted by Vicki Grover Trinity 7 days ago

If it isn't bad enough having a diagnosis of late-stage neurological Lyme disease along with microplasma babisia and bartonella, which are co-bacterial blood infections, I then found out when I went to the neurologist yesterday that I have a 6mm tumor on the left side behind my right eye. I was really hoping for better news. If you can, please donate. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. Money helps, too. Universe source of all, blessings for everyone. Stephen.


Updated posted by Vicki Grover Trinity 24 days ago

Under the advisement of my doctor and acupuncturist, I am off the Buhner protocol. 34 days and just get worse.My body cannot tolerate any herx reactions anymore or right now as I'm simply too weak and not methylating properly, in spite of multiple steps to reverse the trend for 18mnths. Both medical professionals feel they are causing more harm. So for now I'm on a very bland diet and taking tiny bits of chinese herbal tea while awaiting results of the histoplasmosis test. I really want to live,its just getting harder and harder to win this battle anymore. Please donate everyone! Thank you everyone for helping a brother who is down now.


Updated posted by Vicki Grover Trinity 1 month ago

Today it's been one month on the new Stephen Buhner 5-core herbal protocol. It's made me herx a lot more. Had two really bad days - one was Friday. Bad days are worse than ever - really painful to breath much less move. Those are 10 days on the pain scale. Also waiting test results for IGF-1 and histoplasmosis, also known as Ohio River Valley Disease. Histo is a very deadly infection if left untreated and like Lyme, if I have it, it's likely been for most of my adult life, which means it's systemic at this point and would require heavy duty anti-fungals, likely given intravenously. If the results are positive, I don't know if I can do both treatments at the same time. As always, please donate (as the Buhner protocol isn't covered by insurance) and share and pray for miracles. I sure wish one of these days I could share some positive news as I'm really tired of negative news and feeling so damn sick every single damn day. Thank you.

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Created by Vicki Grover Trinity on November 29, 2012

Updated as of 5/26/2013

Stephens Life: A with Late Stage Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease
Hello, my name is Stephen Trinity. I am a husband, Dad, and until last fall, I was a college student. I had to drop out due to my health. All my life I have tried to be a healthy, active and fit person. An encounter with a neighbor last fall lead me getting tested for Lyme Disease at one of only two doctors in my state, the one just happened to practice in my town. It took a couple of months more of declining health and I finally went to the doctor she recommended. I took the IGENIX blood test and the diagnosis came back as late stage neurological chronic Lyme disease, Borrelia, one of seven different versions of Lyme disease, with two blood borne co-bacterial infections at the same time, Babesia, and Bartonella. The first imitates meningitis on the brain and body the second imitates malaria on the brain and body. The doc believes I may have had this my whole life, ever since I was very little when I was paralyzed with bells palsy and very sick with double pneumonia. I had to learn to walk and speak again. At the very least, my belief is that I have had this for at least 15 years.

My health has been in decline since before 2000 and I have had all kinds of diagnoses, procedures and many surgeries. The Doctor I am now seeing believes my health issues and my surgeries can all be attributed to untreated, undiagnosed Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. My entire body and especially my digestive track and organs and muscles have been ravaged by Lyme for 15 years or longer. I now wear a Kevlar right knee brace to walk and use a cane too.

With the help of donations, I have been able to stay on my treatment regimen, which is oral and intra muscular antibiotic injections. This is very hard on my stomach and internal organs when I am already so inflamed inside. I continue to have herxing symptoms. Since last year, most of days are spent living in nausea, dizziness, very high pain, gritting teeth all day, chest pain, sweats, chills, muscle spasms, shakes, stabbing nerve/skin sensations. I also deal with migraines, blurry vision, and occasional roaring/ringing in the ears, continuous exhaustion, severe constipation and mental brain fog. I am seriously immune system comprised now. I have, however, begun to stabilize and have gained 20 pounds since the onset of my treatment. That being said, I still have a long ways to go.

I am the primary bread winner and now living on a fixed income and have no insurance and have already liquefied all assets. For the first time in my life I am asking the people of the world for a little financial help with medical expenses. I lost all health insurance last September. Without any further treatment, my body will succumb to this infection. My doctor says there is no cure only remission, and that can take years to achieve. I am told three years is very common. If you want an idea of what I am dealing with go on YouTube and watch the documentary “Under Our Skin.” Or just come for a visit! The treatments are expensive, very painful and long; there is no quick turn around.

Your financial help will enable the following:

*Continue receiving intramuscular weekly injections.

*Continue to receive the other various antibiotics I need to fight this disease along with the two co-infections.

*The anti-malarial drug I now need to take monthly, if not twice a month.

*Supplements which are necessary to strengthen my immunity, my body, and vitamins to bring my body levels back in the normal range.

*On-going continuous lab testing including genetic methylation pathway testing which my doctor says is critical to my treatment program.

*Monthly doctors visits which are 100 to 300 a visit, and also to apply intramuscular injections, weekly.

I do have great personal motivators in my 3 year old beautiful daughter and beautiful loving wife of 11 years who has done and endured so much already. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will persevere with the help of the people of the world. I wish everyone in the world peace, good health and happiness in 2013 and beyond. Thank you, Stephen J.Trinity

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Stephen - Sending blessings and healing energy to you!



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Eleanor is in college now, studying music. How's your little girl? love bing




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I will also keep sending to my Facebook friends to try to help out.



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