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Updated posted by Kerry Lynn Cassidy 19 months ago the shift is happening... be kind be graceful and forgiving... allow life to happen


Created by Kerry Lynn Cassidy on December 4, 2012

Project Light Warrior"¨"¨To all Light Warriors interested:
This site idea was inspired by a young man who approached Project Camelot saying he had researched everything on the web and we were the only ones he would trust to get advice on what to do with his life and how he could implement what he had learned at Project Camelot (ie. fight the darkside and also grow and develop himself)."¨

He was already a successful businessman /entrepreneur who had his own company, was a millionaire and knew he was a target hire for the military black projects. He said he was either going to work for black projects or wanted to know how to, in essence, become a Jedi Light Warrior and work with the Force for good of all. I created the idea for Project Light Warrior in order to give him a program on how to develop himself without joining the military....


Portal for Self Realization & Enlightenment

Project Light Warrior has two aspects:

1.  Portal -- a sort of targeted Facebook format where people in the alternative sector could sell their wares, skills or simply promote their areas of interest: The distinction being a portal leading to their own websites and web stores: Where people of like mind can come together and teach/learn from one another on the road to Enlightenment.

This is envisioned as a wheel within a wheel set up like a spiral leading into various topics and areas of discipline and pursuit.

Building on the foundation and huge following of Project Camelot, this endeavor is based on bringing communities of like minded people together to make the most of connections and synchronicities that are naturally occurring and making MORE possible...

2.  The Project Light Warrior Game -- a journey

Project Light Warrior was also conceived to be a game using the Project Camelot world set up and described in our huge body of work that paints the big picture beyond the Matrix.  

Overview of Project Light Warrior

To begin with I see this as a sort of 'yellow brick road' to becoming a light warrior or Jedi master. We start by creating DESTINATIONS via topics of interest that would then contain areas of expertise such as:

Remote viewing and psi-arts"¨Martial arts"¨Healing"¨Art to navigate and reveal the world, heal etc"¨Dance"¨Music"¨Meditation"¨Physical fitness
Investigations into the unknown
Free energy
Living off the land
Building community
Raising plants, animals and kids
Traveling the world
Time travel "¨and much much more..

Each topic would contain information and links to places in the real world where one can study these areas in more depth... The idea also builds on the original notion contained in the picture of being renaissance man or woman, encouraging one to add or augment their skills/knowledge base in order to become the best you can be in the LIGHT WARRIOR sense of things:

Project Light Warrior would ultimately be a portal to other sites where knowledge, expertise and mentors could be found.

It will grow over time.  The objective would be to create a journey beyond the matrix and a place to develop the necessary skills needed to surmount the matrix in the end.

As the DESTINATIONS ALONG THE ROAD grow... Coming from suggested sites from you... and others we would begin to centralize some of the best sites and local practioners listings into one place:  The Project Light Warrior Portal

The Project Light Warrior Game

In addition, we envisioned a game in the form of a journey... Using the scenario revealed in the Camelot interviews as the background... So that the true matrix behind the matrix is revealed... And the battle for planet earth will become apparent.

Using avatars who journey through a landscape of worlds: going off planet and undersea, and underground.. we would create a playing field where skills can be demonstrated, strategies worked on and meetings can take place.

In reality, we would need a game design team.. We already have volunteers who want to engage creating this: But we need funding to proceed.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
- Founder, Project Light Warrior"¨- Co-Founder Project Camelot

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posted by Nikki Colombo 19 months ago

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Patrick Gabuya

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Hi Kerry, I am the dreamer of this reality, and I dream well for you. Peace and prosperity, safety and happiness. :) Hope all is well.



Philip Anselmo

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