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Donate towards Kimberly working in for the Streams of Justice initiative. Streams of Justice is an initiative to raise up "justice leaders" in . The term, Streams of Justice," is taken... more


Updated posted by Kimberly Rattley 3 months ago

Hello Friends,

I want to take this final moment in 2013 to say thank you so much for your generosity. Each one of you helped me believe dreams can come true. Going to Uganda through your financial and emotional support was life changing on every level.

Let me encourage those of you that would like to pay it forward through these final hours in 2013 to go to and consider making a donation.

SADO stands for Samaritan Action Development Organization and exists to love, care for orphans,vulnerable children,widows, and support those in need and to empower, assist underprivileged individuals achieve sustainable development, education and autonomy in Uganda.

It's run by Freddie Nyanza, an amazing 27 years father of two, who has dedicated himself to serving the 100 orphans under his care.

I've seen Freddie do more with $100 than I could have ever imagined. I know, that I know, that my monthly donation is directly helping the children.

Let's stay in touch folks. There is a lot of love and life to be had in 2014.

With love,
Kimberly Rattley;


Updated posted by Kimberly Rattley 12 months ago

I'm back! Folks it was amazing. There is so much to share on every level. The people, the work, the climate ( Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa for a reason). It will take me a minute or two to really digest everything. First things first, I recieved the first video from the law students this morning. Take a look.


Updated posted by Kimberly Rattley 13 months ago

Hello Everyone,

Another incredibly full day. I did the filming with the 3rd year law students in the morning, 1st year in the afternoon, and then finished off with leadership presentation skills with social workers. The main theme for everything was on trying to walk with integrity in situations that invite corruption. Not an easy subject or easy task in any culture. The attached picture shows several of the students addressing the issue of land grabbing where the conflict of custom, tradition, and modernization are in active tension.


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Created by Kimberly Rattley on November 26, 2012

Donate towards Kimberly working in for the Streams of Justice initiative. Streams of Justice is an initiative to raise up "justice leaders" in . The term, Streams of Justice," is taken from Hosea, 5:24: Let justice roll down like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream."
In February 2013 Kimberly will leave for 1 week to use drama to train law students from Uganda Christain University on techniques to better communicate with village elders. The students' mission is to inform these elders on various social justice issues such as enforcing land rights, women's and children’s issues, constitutional, criminal and human rights. This work will be turned into videos that will be posted on You Tube for wider distribution.

Your donation will allay the cost of Kimberly's air travel to Uganda and land travel to the training site.

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Arlene & Harry Kiely

12 months ago


We rejoice that the Spirit of compassion, justice and solidarity live in you and the people of Uganda. Our prayers breathe gratitude with you for work in community.



Ms Waldren

13 months ago


I pray that God's mighty guiding hand will show you each step to take and each decision to make as you continue your journey. Blessings



Bill Schreitz

13 months ago


Thank you, Kimberly, for taking on this mission and allowing me to be in some small way a part of the whole.



petey Spencer

13 months ago



Annette Coram

13 months ago


Kim- We continue to be so proud of you. Go out and do good! Travel safe.



Jennie Kristel

13 months ago




14 months ago



Carmalita Howard

14 months ago


To my sister (in Christ). The Lord had equipped you to fulfill your purpose. Blessings!



Cathy Nugent

14 months ago


Many blessings on your journey, Kimberly. You will be bringing such a wealth of talent and skills with you! I am sure those you touch will be enriched by your presence and teaching. - Cathy



Jesaira Glover

14 months ago


God bless you in this endeavor! What an awesome opportunity!


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